THE CHAPEL CHRONICLES are the adventures of the stylish Chapel Smith, her hedgehog sidekick Rupert, her brother Barnaby, and the trials and tribulations of being a hat-obsessed preteen. Come join in with Chapel’s weekly adventures as she navigates her geeky and mainstream obsessions, the joys of chores, family moments, and gaming battles against her babysitter/arch-nemesis, Fred. Updates every Friday at midnight PST!
AUTHOR Hi, I’m Emma T Capps! I’m 17 years old and I like to make comics, dresses, and friends. Since I started The Chapel Chronicles three years ago, I’ve had opportunities to exhibit and publish my work all over. In July 2013, I had a special installment of The Chapel Chronicles published in Dark Horse Presents #25, which was a highlight in my comics career so far – Chapel in the same pages as Buffy, who’d have thought?
I’ve been teaching comic book workshops at 826 Valencia, a San Francisco nonprofit writing and tutoring center, for three years running. The first time I taught there, only ONE student showed up, and I vowed to never teach again. But I perservered, and what I’m most proud of in teaching is raising the percentage of female comic students from 20% to over 50%. I’ve also been fortunate to teach at the Charles Schulz Museum, where I was the Cartoonist-in-Residence for July 2012. Teaching is one of my favorite ways to spread the comics love, along with exhibiting at comic conventions like NYC’s MoCCA Fest and San Francisco’s Alternative Press Expo. Please come say hello at one of these conventions or email me at!
I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I’m currently being homeschooled for high school. You can usually find me overdressing for everything and hanging out at tea shops with a bottle of ink.
Here are some of my published stories and illustrations from Cicada, Creative Kids, Stone Soup Magazine, and more.
Note: I reply back to your comments under the nickname “Emma,” so if you leave a comment anywhere on the site, please come check back a day or two later for my reply! I love befriending my readers, so feel free to chat with me! Or, you can just email me directly!

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Cast of The Chapel Chronicles Click on each icon will take you to a notable strip for that character.
Chapel Smith: the stylish and geeky protagonist with many obsessions. Adores hats, games, and avoiding her chores. Known for her signature red hair and little black dress, Chapel always steals the show.
Rupert: Chapel’s beloved hedgehog sidekick who accompanies her on many adventures! Also known by his full name, Sir Rupert Tennyson Bollingsworth the First.
Barnaby Smith: Chapel’s 18-year-old brother who shares many of her interests. Currently attends Dartmouth College, but comes home for the summer to work in the same hospital as his mother.
Fred Johnson: Chapel’s babysitter and arch-nemesis when playing games. A mysterious figure…what secrets could he be hiding?
Dr. Lia Smith: Chapel’s mom, and source of many joys and frustrations. A Harvard-educated doctor, she has no qualms with inventing outlandish punishments when Chapel or Barnaby go astray.
Mr. Sam Smith: Chapel’s dad, an attorney who plays poker weekly with his buddies, including Fred.
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