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Shoutout to the two women at my favorite café whose arugula-themed conversation inspired this strip.
Am I the only one who noticed the brilliant cafe name?
Liv 6/11/14
Thank you, I'm glad you noticed it!
 Emma  7/2/14
hmmmm... they might have a diffucut time getting out of this one maybe they could fix it or run i like the fix it idea however
horeses45 4/10/14
Well, you can see next week...
 Emma  4/13/14
um maybe they should hike out of there nobody understands......
horeses45 4/10/14
Still, it's a nice cafe!
 Emma  4/13/14
Sadly, that "only eating locally sourced food" is often worse for the environment than letting it be shipped to you.

If you're going to do that, you have to change what you eat to stuff that's native to the area, not stuff that needs special treatment to grow where you live.

On a more positive note, I'd DEFINITELY watch "Gordon Ramsay's Arugala-pocalypse!"
Totz the Plaid 4/5/14
Ooh, I'd never thought about that with local plants...it makes sense though. "Food" for thought!
 Emma  4/13/14
Meh, I'm happy consuming a little bit of everything. I like to keep it simple and just enjoy de flavor (or cooking) experience.
Eduardo Cabreado 3/31/14
I like that philosophy!
 Emma  4/2/14
Miss L.S.P 3/31/14
Ha ha...yes...
 Emma  4/2/14
And on a lighter note.....I love Chapel and Barnaby's faces in panel three. The art of Chapel seems so simple, but lately its gotten more and more sophisticated. The last two weeks have really been a triumph artistically.
Sam Tweedle 3/30/14
Thank you! I always keep Chapel very toned down from my normal art style (in terms of detail and realism) but I do like to have more detail sometimes.
 Emma  3/30/14
it has improved, but Miss Emma needs to work on drawing noses.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/30/14
I purposefully keep the noses simple in Chapel...if you look at my illustration blog, you can see I usually draw much more realistic noses ;)
 Emma  3/30/14
Your noses are perfect. Your subtle artistic changes are noticed and adored. Some people just seem to have a little to much to say this week.
Sam Tweedle 3/30/14
good, this strip has gotten me thinking that you Miss Emma was starting to have anime style influence your artwork.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/31/14
Here is a bit of a raw nerve to me. Vegetarians, Vegans, and the elitist airs of food snobs who want to show off by what they eat. I work with charities that give food to the needy, poor and the hungry on a constant basis. There are millions alone in our nation that are hungry. For people who willingly choose to not eat something (or TO eat something) and then proclaim their way of eating is superior over others infuriates me. the poor and desperate DON'T HAVE A CHOICE! you either eat those plants and meat or you starve to death/suffer from serious malnutrition.

I will also make a true confession here. Miss Emma, when i was a child, my family was poor and my parents worked themselves to the bone to earn a better life later on. but still, there were times i too went hungry and i had no choice about it. Miss Emma, i believe you are lucky that your parents are good and well off so that you did not have to suffer from hunger like i had to. count your blessings and do not squander what you have.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/30/14
Whoa, take a breath, and remember you are coming off a bit too strong for a story that is meant to amuse.
I've been hungry too; when hurt and unable to work, and forced to live on a budget of $4400 in the space of a year, a whole lot of things get thrown by the wayside, and a whole lot of ramen gets eaten, since I enjoyed living indoors, and needed to buy necessary medication, you know, to continue being alive.

On the other hand, there ARE the people that judge (and I do not believe Emma to be one), but remember; those are people who would likely be unable to survive the hard times we've been through.

And hey, it has built character, right?
Miles 3/30/14
It has. That is why i work with local charities that help provide food to the needy. It was not Chapel in this comic that hit my nerve, but that lady that is being over heard. Sadly, i know of a number of those types of people where i live at that Chapel and Barnaby are quietly mocking. I agree with what they are doing and i did smile at that.

I just got upset because i care so much about this.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/30/14
It's a worthwhile cause Taxil!
 Emma  4/2/14
Yes, I'm very lucky for what I have and I remind myself that everyday.
 Emma  4/2/14
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