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My mom and I once named a visiting cat Giles, after the “Buffy” character, so I gave Rupert his first name. The other references: Luke is from Star Wars, Ron is from HP, Starbuck is from Battlestar Galactica, Jean-Luc is from Star Trek, Crichton is from Farscape, and the Doctor is from Doctor Who. I thought they were pretty obvious, but my mom said I had to list them. Ugh. Parents. By the way, while I like a lot of the TV shows Chapel owns, Doctor Who is my favorite. But only with the 10th Doctor, thank you. None of this Matt Smith junk for me.
I love Doctor Who!!!! And Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!
8/23/12 reply
Ikr? Matt smith killed Doctor who. End of.
8/8/12 reply
Snider: There are some things I can just smell. It's like a sixth sense.
Giles: Actually, that would be one of the five...
CJ 7/12/12 reply
Seriously: watch everything I love (minus a few i've never heard of)
CJ 7/12/12 reply
Amen to no Matt Smith. I won't allow doctors that don't have eyebrows.
Kanna maru 7/5/12 reply
He has eyebrows... they're just very fair-haired and pretty thin.
Totz the Plaid 7/6/12 reply
They're too fair-haired and thin. D:

But joking aside, I'm sure he's a fabulous Doctor, XD
I wouldn't know cause I haven't finished seasons David Tennet and Rose yet.
7/9/12 reply
CJ 7/12/12 reply
I got all the others, but I assumed "Starbuck" was in reference to "Moby Dick"...

Also, ONLY Ten? What's wrong with William Hartnell? ...or Patrick Troughton? ...or Jon Pertwee? What about Tom Baker? And Peter Davison? And Sylvester McCoy? How about Christopher Eccleston?

Colin Baker, Paul McGann and Matt Smith all have great things about them, too, even if their runs have been the weakest overall...
Totz the Plaid 7/5/12 reply
I have a cat named Doyle, and I'm pretty sure that's from Buffy!
5/9/12 reply
7/23/12 reply
I think 'D'Argo' would be a good name for a hedgehog. Just sayin'
3/30/12 reply
Agreed!! I mean, both D'Argo and a hedgehog have long flippy tongues, and lots of spines/tentacles from their head.
I once owned two goldfish, an orange one names Crichton and a black one I named Aeryn. Massively big Farscape fan here! :)
PennyPepperPants 6/23/12 reply
Why why WHY did you not name him SONIC THE HEDGEHOG?
3/6/12 reply
Me, my entire family, and my two best friends (who I taught to like the show), are all Tenth fans. No-one's ever gonna replace him, no matter what anyone says.
Morgan 2/20/12 reply
As the proud owner of three fish named Doctor, Amy and Rory, I understand the reference. Wish I had a hedgie too!
12/7/11 reply
I didnt like Smith at first. He was so.... different. After watching Tennat give his last five words, i felt like i could never love the Doctor again. But, after a few episodes into series 5, i started to warm up to him. I'll admit that the season was a bit shaky, and that i didn't like all the episodes in it (for some reason the Atraxi really bugged me), but I think it was the Pandorica arc that made me like Smith. Series six was amazing and by far my favorite, but Tennant will always be my favorite incarnation.
Iconoclasm 12/4/11 reply
matt smith is david tennant, of course, but i can't blame the doctor who the mistakes of moffat. he's a good writer when it comes to single episodes or two parters, but he can't run a series.
Nicole 11/14/11 reply
YES that's exactly what I think about Moffat! I loved his episodes before he was the head writer, but now there are plot holes galore. That in combination with Matt Smith's acting makes me not like the new series! But hey, that's just my opinion!
11/14/11 reply
That's EXACTLY what I've been thinking for TWO SEASONS and couldn't put into words!
Morgan 2/20/12 reply
The Tenth Doctor IS the best Doctor. Don't let anyone tell you any different ;)
Nicole 11/11/11 reply
FINALLY someone who agrees with me!
11/11/11 reply
when i was a young kid, i had a mated pair of cats, named princess (female) and Pauper (male). ...wait, you don't like Matt Smith? Miss Emma, i am disappointed in you. How can you say that if you have not seen him in episode "the eleventh hour". THAT was one of the BEST Dr. Who episode ever!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/8/11 reply
Nope, sorry, I really don't like Matt Smith. And don't jump to conclusions -- I saw the Eleventh Hour and I hated it! I didn't think the writing OR the acting was good at all, although I do want to try fish sticks and custard.
11/8/11 reply
I don't think the eleventh hour wasn't the best, even though my friends think I am crazy and rave a bout it- all day long
annie 12/24/11 reply
It was a good episode, but it was completely NOT the best. I hate it when people think that an episode is "the best" just because it was funny, or saw a lot of action. There are far more important things about an episode than that, and I think Moffat has used them far too much over the last few seasons.
Morgan 2/20/12 reply
Also, I like the Tenth Doctor the best.
Morgan 2/20/12 reply
Rupert is sooooo cute! But I also liked the name Ron, says the obsessive HP fan.
11/4/11 reply
HP for the win! I love the books SO MUCH, but Rupert seemed to fit him more than Ron. Still, HP is the BEST.
11/4/11 reply
11/4/11 reply
Honestly, they really are pretty obvious. I want a cat just so I can name it Cthulhu, but now I might need a few more animals to complete this list. Giles is especially awesome. :)
10/4/11 reply
Cthulhu the cat is PERFECT. And they are obvious, right? Or at least obvious to my readers...
10/16/11 reply
I actually missed Crichton, I thought you were talking about the thriller author Michael Crichton. He wrote near future science fiction that could get a little freaky, if only because it could happen in the next 5 years or so. Prey scared me, but it is a very, very good book if you like thinking about nanotech. I think the author is dead now though, so I'm not sure why he came to mind.
Gray 10/17/11 reply
The only Michael Crichton book I've read is Jurassic Park, which I adored (that being said, I've always loved dinosaurs, which probably helped). I'll definitely have to add Prey to my "to-read" list, it sounds quite interesting!
10/17/11 reply
Tom Baker was the best Doctor, but that's ancient history (like me). I need to show my sons this comic.
8/30/11 reply
Tom Baker is my mom's favorite too, and I'm actually knitting myself a Tom Baker scarf right now! Admittedly, I haven't seen enough episodes from the Classic series. I really should get on that.
10/16/11 reply
Seriously.... you'll love Tom Baker. I'm not a fan of a some of the old Doctor Who but Tom Baker is the best... Romana and Sarah Jane (May she rest in peace) are the ultimate companions better then Rose Tyler, Better then Amy Pond, Better then Donna even (possibly better then Susan I'm not sure but Susan's awesome on accounta I imagine her as Susan Sto Helit in Discworld)
Stikibunn 11/9/11 reply
Any mention of Susan Sto Helit makes that officially the best comment ever! I love Discworld SO MUCH and Susan is one of my favorite characters, hands down. And I guess I've got to check out some Tom Baker now...
11/9/11 reply
Susan Sto Helit is Death's Grandaughter. Susan is The Doctor's.... coincidence?
11/9/11 reply
Ooh, I'd never made that connection before! Although it could just be that Susan was a popular name at the time.
11/9/11 reply
Eh. I still like Rose the best, but that's just me. I completely honor that decision, and the Forth was a VERY good Doctor, from what little I've seen of him. I just didn't really like how all the companions back then seemed like they were there just to get saved, or for comic relief. Then again, I haven't seen very much of the old series, so maybe I'm not one to talk. :)
Morgan 2/20/12 reply
Awww, but Matt Smith is awesome in a totally different way!
8/29/11 reply
I know everyone says that, and I really should give him another shot...but there's just something off-putting about it. I guess I'm still in David Tennant Withdrawal.
10/16/11 reply
I love all the Doctors, even the ones from the very beginning. Who wouldn't like people who are smarter and more compassionate than any human? That being said, each one of them, including Tennant, had their annoying behaviors. I think that's part of what the series is revealing - you have this very complex, human-like creature, that amasses more experience (and thus more opportunities to grow and change) than any human. However, this growth really just emphasizes certain characteristics and deemphasizes others. If he's showing flaws (rather than hiding them, like David Tennant did) you still have to feel for him. Deeply troubled, Matt Smith obscures his virtues by showing his vices, but they're the same virtues and vices. As for the plot (the only hole in which I can see is River Song's approach to meeting Amy and Rory the first time), it plays with time travel in a way that is more realistic, perhaps, than the relatively linear plots of many of the prior seasons. Even an early episode like "The Three Doctors" doesn't reveal the extremely confusing nature of plots that take place across timelines.
11/28/11 reply
Hi Emma! We are Suji and Ajay. We love Dr Who too! Enjoying your comics. We just learned about your site and will visit again!
8/28/11 reply
Thanks! Great to hear from fellow Whovians, and I hope you continue reading about Chapel's exploits!
10/16/11 reply
Ron from HP is played by Rupert Grint :)
8/27/11 reply
I didn't even notice that coincidence until now!
10/16/11 reply
Love it!!!
8/27/11 reply
10/16/11 reply
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