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Some classic books that focus on boys might have turned out quite differently if the protagonists were girls instead! I’m sure this is something that Chapel would wonder about. In her hypothetical Lady of the Flies, Chapel would definitely be a high-ranking member of the little island society. After all, who else could do a milkmaid braid updo while simultaneously reading a work of classic literature?
The family business!
Paragrin 2/1/14
 Emma  2/7/14
Lord of the Flies was actually a criticism of another book. Pre-war, this guy called J. M Ballentyne wrote a book called 'The Coral Island', where three white English boys get marooned on an island and fight with pirates and natives, but basically they themselves are stinking perfect. Coral Island boils down to 'upper classes=amazing, lower classes and black savages= basically both morally corrupt and horrible'. It's not a very nice book. Then the WW's happened and Golding, for various reasons, decided to write a book that ripped apart all these pre-war assumptions of an elite morally superior class, which he did with Lord of the Flies. It's about equality. It's pointing out that doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, given your own freedom of choice, you have the same capacity for goodness or evil as everyone else.
Moose 10/1/13
Wow, I had no idea of any of that! Thanks for giving a little historical context there, it's very fascinating.
 Emma  10/3/13
LOTF is certainly depressing, then again, William Golding was writing an allegory about human nature and how thin the veneer of society really is in primitive conditions. Let's not have 'Catcher In The Rye' on the reading list; now that's really depressing.
XMinusOne 9/25/13
Yes, of course! Chapel knows this, which is why she's just joking around. I do have to say, however, that I think that depressing literature is frequently touted as being much "deeper" than a lot of things that are happy or hopeful.
 Emma  9/26/13
I loooooove the final hair do! It's so...
Izzy 9/22/13
Thank you! I love my short hair, but I sometimes I wish I could do cool hairdos like Chapel can.
 Emma  9/26/13
Emma: I have pretty short hair too. I get how you feel. I'm thinking of growing it.
Izzy 9/30/13
I've never read Lord of the Flies, but I've heard about it... sounds creepy.
Bonzelle 9/21/13
Me nether, but I'm thinking of reading it. An all girls version would be better, though!
Izzy 9/22/13
read it first before thinking of an all girls version. you might not want to see that kind of version.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/23/13
I don't think an all girls version could be any worse than the original.
 Emma  9/26/13
I don't know -- it would be interesting to see how it would turn out!
 Emma  9/26/13
Yes, it's very creepy.
 Emma  9/26/13
OMG, Emma! I loove this site!!! The comics are awesome!
Izzy 9/21/13
Thanks, I'm so glad you like it!
 Emma  9/26/13
Ohh I ADORE her hair. I LOVE it when she does her hair differently!
Emily15 9/20/13
Me too! I've shown different hairstyles before, but never really had Chapel DOING the hairstyles in a comic, so I wanted to show that here.
 Emma  9/20/13
can you keep chapel's hair this way in the next strip then Miss Emma?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/21/13
There were girls in my middle and high schools that seemed to be friends who beat the crap out of each other more often and more viciously than guys who hated each other.

Frankly, I think it would've turned out the same with girls, probably almost exactly the same, just with the names changed. Simon becomes Simone, Jack becomes Jackie... that sort of thing.

Also, the title refers to a title for one of the demons in Judeo-Christian mythology: Beezlebub, the Lord of the Flies. It's meant to symbolize the potential darkness and savagery in mankind. (I prefer to believe in Rousseau's conclusion that man is inherently good, but society corrupts many of us, but still...) And remember, this book takes place during WWII. The idea seemed more-or-less to be that the darkness the kids were being hidden from ended up catching up to them anyway.
Totz the Plaid 9/20/13
Chapel's just joking around, I don't think she really believes it would turn out TOO different with girls. Interesting backstory on the WWII history, as well!
 Emma  9/20/13
Indeed! At least, I assume it's WWII since it's never clearly stated in the novel, but there were wartime evacuations of children during it.

Still, the symbolism of trying to keep kids from a war, but the violence catching up to them anyway is quite striking.
Totz the Plaid 9/21/13
in the opening of the recent live action "Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe" movie. you get to see a VERY accurate rendition of what the Luftwaffe's blitz (bombing) of London. The complete horror, fear, and so much death that was unleased on the families in England. They fully believed that England was going to die. The evacuated the children out to the contrey side (at least) and even over to here in the U.S.A. in a deperate hope and prayer that they will LIVE as their parents (men AND women) put their lives on the line to stop the hell that was the Nazis.

That part of the film was so heart breaking to me to watch it. even knowing that in real life past, it was so much worse.
some of those children did not have parents to return to after the war. think on that for awhile. then go give your parents a hug.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/23/13
I feel like chapels statement is true lol not to be rude to any boy readers though
Julie 9/20/13
I'm really enjoying all the discussion this comic is provoking!! Chapel may be being sarcastic, but she'd still be interested to hear everyone's opinions.
 Emma  9/20/13
This is great, as always. I hope you continue Chapel and Barnaby's book club. I'd love to see her take on a few other books.
Andy 9/20/13
Yes, don't worry, there will definitely be a couple more book club strips at the least! I'm glad you enjoy them.
 Emma  9/20/13
I find Chapel's idea very amusing but probably very true.
Riv 9/20/13
And her expression in the last panel is priceless.
Riv 9/20/13
I'm really happy you think so -- I'm proud of how it turned out!!
 Emma  9/20/13
I'm glad you agree with Chapel! It would be interesting to see a "Lady of the Flies" version realized.
 Emma  9/20/13
That's so funny- I kept thinking the same thing when I first read Lord of the Flies.
One of the creepiest books I've ever encountered.
Maria F 9/20/13
I'm glad you had the same thought! You would probably fit right in at the Treehouse Book Club.
 Emma  9/20/13
I Love her hair 0.0
Miss L.S.P 9/20/13
Me too! It almost makes me wish my hair was longer...
 Emma  9/20/13
you could always grow it out you know Miss Emma. i have commented on this some time ago.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/21/13
Oh man, I would totally read an all girl remake of Lord of the Flies.
Rachel 9/20/13
Me too, especially if Chapel were in it!
 Emma  9/20/13
after knowing the cruelties girls and women do to each other, it would be a truly disterbing remake. as savage Chapel is not a chapel i would reconize.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/21/13
Rachel, totally!
Izzy 9/21/13
No! Nobody should fund a remake! The original film is as good as it gets!

Whats next for the book club? Capote? Steinbeck? Kerouac? Gatsby?
Sam Tweedle 9/20/13
You'll just have to wait and see what books Chapel and Barnaby will go for next! Otherwise it'd be spoilers!!!
 Emma  9/20/13
... and by day 3, it would devolve into a dictatorship. from my exprience it does not matter the gender, but the NATURE of people that will show good or evil. and young children devoid of strong adult presence will often slide to the dark side.

i have seen this for my self far too often.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/20/13
Often, but not always.

Although an all-girl version would be interesting, I think I side with the idea that it'd be just as horrific, or possibly worse, than the original.

But it would only be a good book, if written by a woman. I wouldn't want a man trying to imagine how girls would react in a similar situation.

And I never want to see a revision with a mixed gender cast. :(
Lex-Kat 10/30/15
Interesting point, Taxil!
 Emma  9/20/13
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