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Chapel’s hat is an homage to my favorite manga series, One Piece, by Eiichiro Oda. It’s a replica of the one worn by the character Nico Robin. Also, the book Chapel’s reading is Hereville by Barry Deutsch, one of my favorite graphic novels.
OOONNNEEEE PPPIIIEEECCCEEEE!!!! I'm more of a naruto fan, but still... It's hard to get manga in britain... :C
Haisen 8/8/12
I. Love. One Piece.
I took a test once, and apparently the One Piece character is Robin~ (with Ace a close second)
Maybe I need a WorkHat... Ace and Robin both have their special hats, after all.
Kiana 6/28/12
Hereville? When put next to the Smile strip, this strip is proof that Emma/Chapel read all the same graphic novels I read.
Sasha 11/20/11
Yay! Another Smile and Hereville fan!
Emma 11/20/11
I know this sounds out of place-but can anyone tell me what One Piece is?
Ginny Weasley fan 11/9/11
"One Piece" is a manga series about pirates. I know that might sound a little ridiculous, but it's AMAZING, and incredibly well-written and drawn. It's an adventure story of epic proportions, with parts that'll make you sob and parts that'll make you laugh out loud! The world it's set in is fantastically imaginative, and the characters feel like your best friends. It's got something for everyone (I even have my science teacher hooked on it) and you should really try reading it if you get a chance! It's my absolute, all-time favorite manga series, BAR NONE.

Emma 11/9/11
sounds good
Ginny Weasley fan 11/10/11
Emma 11/10/11
I thought that hat looked familiar... though I really haven't read that in a while.
Mary 10/14/11
YES! A fellow One Piece fan! I was hoping there were some of you out there...
Emma (admin) 10/16/11
Oh, we, the old school Anime and Manga (with some Manhwa and Manhua tossed in as well) are here.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/7/11
I've not yet gotten into manhwa and manhua (recommendations, anyone?) but I love One Piece and a bunch of other old-school titles. Miyazaki and Tezuka have been huge inspirations as well!
Emma 11/7/11
Whoo! Tezuka!
Anyway... I don't have any specific manhwa for you but I will recommend you watch Space Battleship Yamato (or "Starblazers" if you can only find the dub)And also Martian Successor Nadesico
Stikibunn 11/9/11
I remember hearing about Nadesico someplace but haven't looked into it. I'll definitely check it out now, along with Yamato! (Sub version though, I can't stand dubs usually)
Emma 11/9/11
Miyazaki? Tezuka? OMG!! LUV THEM
musicmania64 1/9/12
YES! On the subject of mangakas, I also love Oda-sensei of One Piece fame.
Emma 1/9/12
It's a manga about a bunch of ninjas, wwho go on all these missions... I suck at explaining things... XD
Haisen 8/8/12
Recommending: anything by Ken Akamatsu, though it's best if you start at some of his first works and move forward. They seem to build on each other to form the Akamatsuverse. I love them! They are very well thought out.
Frybozu 8/22/12
Just put my younger brother under Chapel's hat and you have a realistic representation of how he does his homework.
LS 8/6/11
Oh, good, there are other people with "work hats" out there! Mine is a fez, a la Doctor Who.
Emma (admin) 10/16/11
My work hat (doubles as my lucky hat) is my official army surplus camo floppy jungle hat. Indianna Jones has his fedora, this is mine.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/7/11
Oooh, neat! I love military hats.
Emma 11/7/11
I have a Travel-hat that I use whenever I go out. Think Gilligan's Hat from Gilligan's Island, but red.
Frybozu 8/22/12
Thank you so much for writing all these Emma. We all really love it!
J 7/30/11
You're welcome! I'm glad people enjoy my comics!
Emma (admin) 10/16/11
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