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Will Chapel ever win against Fred? After so many losses? Guess not today!

I chose “Williams” for the name of Chapel’s unseen underling/adviser as it’s a suitably period-drama-esque name, like Thomas from Downton Abbey. Honestly, I don’t know how Dickens and other writers think up such antiquated and convoluted names for their characters! Though I’m not really one to talk – “Chapel Smith” is just as quirky of a name as “Esther Somerson” from Bleak House or “Marie Melmotte” from The Way We Live Now, an excellent series I just finished watching with my parents.

The photograph in the background of panel 4 reads “Sam Smith, Winner, National Poker Semi-finals, 1993.” Even though Fred won at their Guys’ Poker Night, it looks like Chapel’s father Sam was quite a champ back in the day! Unfortunately Chapel doesn’t seem to have picked up his board-game prowess…

If you missed my doodle earlier this week, Chapel and Rupert wished you a sparkly 4th of July!
What are some magazines that pay if they publish your work?
Me 7/12/12
There are very few magazines for teens that pay for your work, sorry! It's better for the exposure, is all.
Emma 7/22/12
I know about Stone Soup, is that the only one??
Me 7/24/12
CJ 7/12/12
Sorry, I'm not quite sure I understand...
Emma 7/22/12
Aw poor Chapel. I hate it when I repeatedly lose games, but to the same person? She must be mighty frustrated...
Emily14 7/8/12
Yeah, Chapel must be driven up the wall by Fred! My family's super competitive about games, so I hate losing as well -- but I've never lost to the same person so many times, at different games!
Emma 7/9/12
i have that game
Oh, you do as well? It's a great game!
Emma 7/9/12
I just noticed the Keep Calm and Scrabble on poster. It reminds me of a sign in my summer camp cafeteria that says Keep Calm and Clean Up.
Ginny Weasley fan 7/7/12
I have two Keep Calm shirts and a Keep Calm and Carry On poster!!!!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 7/7/12
which ones are they?
Keep Calm and ______ _______
Ava 7/8/12
That's so cool! Which Keep Calms do you have?
Emma 7/9/12
On my shirts? Well, one's Keep Calm and May the Odds Be In Your Favor, and the other one's (oh em gee everyone's gonna go "SIGH") Keep Calm and Love 1D.
*cue gasps*
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 7/9/12
The same poster was in the Poker strips too! And that's a fantastic sign for your cafeteria, oh my gosh.
Emma 7/9/12
Oh, I had a feeling.. Poor Chapel seems to never win a board game!!
Ginny Weasley fan 7/7/12
Actually now I think about it, I never win a board game!!
Ginny Weasley fan 7/7/12
You're just like Chapel then! That's a shame though...
Emma 7/9/12
I'm SO happy you like the new layout, I worked really hard on it! And Chapel really needs a break doesn't she? She NEVER wins!
Emma 7/9/12
What is the website for creative kids?
Ellie 7/7/12
Just search: creative kids (dot com)
coco 7/8/12
Uhh, that website doesn't exist. I finally found out that it is ckmagazine (dot) com
Ellie 7/12/12
very awesome settlers of cattan rocks
Yarin 7/7/12
Yay, thank you! And you're so right, Catan is a great board game!
Emma 7/9/12
Oh my gosh, I didn't see the new layout and font and stuff until now! It's awesome and really cute.
Sasha 7/7/12
Yay, thank you! I think it's a million times better than the old one...
Emma 7/9/12
ANNNNnnnd Fred wins again. here is an important lession from me to you chapel. Practice! Practice! Practice! if you are to win at a game, you have to play it inside and out till you know it. noobs to a game are just not likely to win until they get some time in on it.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/7/12
Oh, but then there is that weird thing called "beginner's luck". . . so common an anomaly that is has a well known name.
blaidd gwael 7/7/12
poor chapel seems to be devoid of such a thing as "beginner's luck" when Fred is around.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/7/12
Chapel does practice though, and it's obvious she thinks through things really well...I think Fred is just too experienced for her!
Emma 7/9/12
Do you have any recommendations for where to send stories illustrations poems etc? I know about Stone Soup, but are there any other magazines?
Chili 7/7/12
Sure, here are some options: Creative Kids, Skipping Stones, Cicada, New Moon Girls, and Teen Ink! All of these are great magazines worth checking out!
Emma 7/9/12
My friend said that you were having a "who can draw chapel the best contest". WHEN DOES IT START????
Chili 7/6/12
I haven't really decided yet, nor have I officially announced it! People were just interested in the idea...
Emma 7/6/12
Oh cool! That's a great idea!!
Ginny Weasley fan 7/7/12
Oh, and for those who missed it, I posted a special July 4 doodle yesterday! Please click the "back" button beneath today's strip to see it!
Emma 7/6/12
Ugh! Chapel just HAS to win a game against Fred at some point!
Miss L.S.P 7/6/12
I think that'll be when the Apocalypse happens...
Emma 7/6/12
If that is so, then why are there 4 scary guys on horses heading to your place carrying a chess set? O_o
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/7/12
Miss L.S.P 7/7/12
Yay, new comic! Awesome!
Epic Chapel face in the third panel LOL XD
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 7/6/12
I'm glad you like it! Yeah, Chapel's imaginations can get really melodramatic, right?
Emma 7/6/12
Yeah it really can.
Ginny Weasley fan 7/7/12
I wonder if chapel can be that melodramatic outside her imagination as well? if so, she could have a shot at being a stage actor in plays.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/7/12
As a writer let me give a kinda creepy tip...
Cemeteries. Visit cemeteries, specifically old ones. Most of my characters are named after and based on tidbits of information I've gotten from graves. The most interesting are gravestones for whole families. Name everyone on your fictional character's family after the first names on that stone then use a second name from the stone to the left, right, or opposite row! If writing historical fiction try and find someone from that era's grave to get the name right. If that fails use a name from the bible, John, James, Paul, David, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Rachel, Esther... ect. These names were very common throughout the last 400 years.
Stikibunn 7/6/12
Funny thing about that list of James you gave. . . My Dad's name is in that list and my first name is followed by my last in that list.
Hm auto correct is not being friendly. HoPefully everyone can figure out that by James I meant names.
Ah, okay! We all understand autocorrect issues :)
Emma 7/6/12
That's a strange coincidence!
Emma 7/6/12
That's an interesting observation!
Ginny Weasley fan 7/7/12
awww Chapel's face in the third panel! :(
I also love the way the sun looks in that first one. Great job!
Ava 7/6/12
I'm glad you like it! And yeah, Chapel's crying her Dramatic Shoujo Tear in the third panel!
Emma 7/6/12
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