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This, like the Jenga War Strategy strip, is another redrawn strip. I drew the original around Christmas 2009 and Chapel looked quite a bit different. It was actually the first Chapel strip I ever drew and I did it as doodles on a napkin in ballpoint pen without any plan as to where the strip was going! I’ve always liked this as an introduction to Fred and an explanation for why Chapel has such a bone to pick with him, so I’m glad I got to include it as a flashback. If you go back to the very first “Chapel vs. Fred” strip, “The Babysitter Arrives,” you’ll see that Chapel’s dad even references the events of this comic!

Also, in Chapel in Wonderland, Part Two, Fred is the Cheshire Cat with a very good hand of three aces.
Is Fred older than Chapel? If he is by how much? Love the scrabble poster by the way! :)
11/26/11 reply
I had fun with the Scrabble poster as well! And Fred, if you remember, is Chapel's dad's friend. So he's in his 30s/40s!
11/30/11 reply
wait, now i get it. the poster is like 'keep calm and carry on', right?
12/2/11 reply
Yep, I knew I wanted some sort of poster there but I couldn't think of anything, so I went the cliche route.
12/2/11 reply
I love how you showed different parts of it each time so we could read the whole thing. Very smart!
6/23/12 reply
that was a stupid question, of course fred is older...... anyway by how much?
11/27/11 reply
Can't read my, can't read my, nooo you can't read my poker face. (We all knew the lady Gaga reference was coming I just got it out of the way first.)
11/26/11 reply
NOOOO. Actually, how did I NOT see that coming?! XD
11/30/11 reply
Don't feel bad I just found out lady gaga is the one who did that song 2 or 3 weeks ago. Kinda why I knew that.
12/3/11 reply
If i play Poker, i prefer Texas Hold style of Poker. how about you Miss Emma? how good are you at playing it?
11/26/11 reply
I'm fairly good at it, but I don't really play that frequently (unlike most of the games I feature in these strips). I mostly play 5-card draw, which is what Chapel's playing here! Do you play poker often?
11/30/11 reply
well, i don't get to play it much. casinos are banded in my state, but when i do get to head to Los Vagas, or Atlanic City, i play it.
12/1/11 reply
Chapel, I rented you some anime DVDs to watch after your surgery! I have the best parents EVER. Thanks dad! This makes up for your fainting at the dentist. Chobit. From the authors of Sakura. Im so going to love this! Jeez, the heroine is a scantily clad robot. Whats this about her on switch? Sam, what is this rated? CLICK Well, thats an inconvenient spot for an on switch. Sam, did you read ANYTHING about this show before you rented it?
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