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Published Works
Stone Soup — September/October 2009
Skipping Stones — November/December 2009
Plant A Thimble
Stone Soup — January/February 2010
Iguana — July/August 2010
Stone Soup — July/August 2010
Seventeen Across
Stone Soup — November/December 2010
Still Life
Creative Kids — Winter 2010-2011
Merit Award from California in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards — 2011
Nebula Dreams
Merit Award from California in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards — 2011
Window Seat
Creative Kids — Winter 2011-2012 (painted in 2009)
Parrot Girl
Cicada — July/August 2012
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Hi Emma,
just wanted to let you know that you've been a really big inspiration to me. I've been following your work for a few years now, ever since I discovered your writing in the Stone Soup archives. You are a great writer and a great artist, and I admire your spirit and your determination in creating and selling your comics. It is very uplifting to realize that there are other young writers and artists out there, who aren't afraid to do what they love and present it to the world.
Thank you.
Ella 7/28/15
Omg Emma!!! I am a huge fan of your Stone Soup stories and illustrations!
Why do I feel as if you wrote a story about gifts/seashells/globe/new neighbors? I really don't remember the name of it, but I think that it had your name on it....

P.S. It was in Stone Soup
Sarah Carly 12/12/12
Have all your works you've submitted to Stone Soup been accepted?
coco 7/8/12
Not all, that's why Stone Soup says to keep trying!
 Emma  9/27/12
Emma, I'm surprised! Your so good! They should publish all your work!
Izzy 9/30/13
i especially like plant a thimble
Ginny Weasley fan 11/6/11
Thank you!
 Emma  11/6/11
How much money have you made from Stone Soup?
Mr. K.P. 9/30/11
I haven't added it all up, but I definitely made upwards of $200.
 Emma  10/17/11
nice job
Mr. K.P. 9/9/11
Thank you!
 Emma  10/17/11
what are recomendations 4 magazine if u r older than 14
Mr. K.P. 9/9/11
That's a tough one! I'm trying to find some myself, actually. A lot of magazines that used to accept submissions from teens now don't, but there are still a couple places. Teen Ink, Cicada, and Creative Kids are all good ones.
 Emma  10/17/11
I've thought about submitting to Creative Kids and Skipping Stones. I looked at Teen Ink too, but I don't know much about it. Have you ever been published in Teen Ink?
Emily13 11/19/11
I haven't actually submitted anything to Teen Ink yet, because not a lot of my work jives with what they look for, they like more emotional angst-y stuff. If that's your thing then DEFINITELY go for it! I'd also try submitting to Creative Kids and Skipping Stones, too. All 3 of them are super great!
 Emma  11/19/11
You know, I noticed that too. Like drama or whatever. It actually looks sort of weird, but then again I've never really read anything from it.
Emily13 11/19/11
You should go check it out in order to gauge what kinds of work they look for!
 Emma  11/19/11
I have been published in Teen Ink ( and agree with Emma that they are looking for writing that is emotionally driven and writers who will take on challenging topics. However, even if that is not you, I'd still go for it and see what they take. They have a wide range of topics and they don't always stick to the ones they are known for.

And Emma, your newest poems are lovely. And Postcards! I remember when we did that in EPGY. Yours is still just as amazing as I remembered. Keep writing!
Amelia 12/10/11
Wha?! I knew a decent number of people were subscribers to Skipping Stones, but I didn't know they were this big. I donated a few hours of my time to them for.. something. The people I met there were really nice, and the magazine was really informative (Yay learning!) It's great to hear that others out of the state like it so much!
evilrizwiz 8/10/12
Thank you this is super helpful! I am your #1 fan Emma. If you find any more could you email them to me? :D
Sunny 12/27/11
Here is my email
Sunny 12/27/11
I got it! I'll try to send you a list of magazines soon.
 Emma  12/27/11
Good points all around. Truly aprpeciated.
Thanks a lot for reading and commenting!
 Emma  10/17/11
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