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I thumbnailed this strip almost an entire year ago, but serendipitously, I ended up drawing it this week after picking up sewing a little while ago. So far, I’ve made two 60s style skirts from some interesting cloth I bought at my favorite local thrift store. Next up: a dress!

I wanted to have a continuation of last week’s strip highlighting Chapel’s interactions with her dad, instead of her mom. Because Chapel’s dad is shown less than Chapel’s mom, I thought the “Dad of Mystery” gag was apropos. I had a lot of fun drawing the view outside the never-before-seen dining room – Chapel lives on a hill, which is something I’ve only hinted at before in previous comic backgrounds.
I really like Chapel's hair in a bun, it's so stylish!=)
Whoa. Chapel's dad has some talent.
ilovepie81 11/1/13
I know -- he's super skilled!
 Emma  11/2/13
That's so cute!
Izzy 9/22/13
Thank you!!
 Emma  9/26/13
Seamster, Chapel, seamster! I'm very pleased that it was the Dad of Mystery who showed her - although if Dr. Smith is a surgeon, I'd assume that at least her hand-sewing skills must be pretty decent!
IvyKllr 8/6/13
Dr. Smith is just a doctor, not a surgeon, but all the same I imagine she'd come back from work very tired!
 Emma  9/20/13
Ha! Dad of Mystery!!
I'm going to try this again - where does Chapel live?? (Other than on a hill, of course).
Ginny Weasley fan 5/20/13
I've said her address before, but she lives in a made-up town. Not in any particular real world place!
 Emma  5/21/13
I've tried sewing, but I'm pretty bad - my mom owns a sewing machine, but we never really use it. It just sits in her room. :/
Maxine 5/15/13
Aw, that's a shame! There are lots of tutorials online, maybe you could try one if you really want to learn...
 Emma  5/17/13
I really love how pretty her hair looks up :) I know its rally early, but are you planning on going to the New York Comic-Con?
Kirbiti 5/14/13
Thanks, I'm glad you like her hair! No, I'm not planning on going. I do MoCCA Fest in New York on a regular basis, though! Sadly, it already happened this year, but maybe you can catch me there next time.
 Emma  5/14/13
Her hair looks so pretty up!Its a good change of style!

I've always wanted to be able to put my hair up with a pencil, but I don't think its long enough...
Silver 5/14/13
Thanks, I'm so happy you like it! Mine isn't long enough either, but I wouldn't want to grow it out.
 Emma  5/17/13
This is just exactly how I would act if I couldn't sew.
Viv 5/13/13
Ha ha!
 Emma  5/17/13
I love this one it is so funny me and my best friend laughed our heads off
monkey 5/13/13
Aw, thank you! I'm so glad you guys liked it.
 Emma  5/17/13
(comes running in form a distance and skids to a halt near you) I do have such wonderful news for you all! coming this fall will be the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Who! granted it wasn't till the mid 80's i caught onto it, but I was always quite fond of the good Doctor. ... of course I would be fond of mysel-o wait, er, um, just forget i had said that. ANNYWAY! They do have a new season of shows running right now. There is even one where it's all inside my-AHEM, the TARDIS where you get to see the swimming pool and Library inside of it.

Now Miss Emma, you've been busy, i know, but you need to make some time to see the new episodes. Matt Smith is wonderful this time... and David Tennet is coming back to the show.

Now please excuse me, i have a.. Meeting to attend to. Good Day! (runs off and out of sight)
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/12/13
(you are now reading that last post in a British accent in your mind)
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/12/13
When I found out about that for the first time, I fangirled all over the floor. It was messy.
(Tobuscus reference ftw)
Clockwork Wombat 5/15/13
i guess that is the reason for the mop and bucket then. ;-)
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/15/13
' 6/18/13
Yes, I know about this episode. I'll watch it if I have time.
 Emma  5/17/13
I love the "Dad of Mystery" gag, you keep adding more richness to your characters all of the time.
I also love the look on her face as he does his magic. Priceless.
Nefariousdro 5/12/13
Thank you so much! I'm happy you like it. I like to do my worldbuilding in a way where layers and layers are slowly added, so you come to know the characters and their universe slowly over time.
 Emma  5/17/13
Is she back in Catan or does Chapel live in an absolutely gorgeous town?!
Sasha 5/12/13
No, she's not back in Catan! She just lives in a really pretty, woodsy place. I'll show more of it in later strips, don't worry!
 Emma  5/17/13
I can totally see my dad fainting at the sight of blood. But having a mysterious skill at sewing....... not so much.
Missy 5/11/13
Ha ha! Sewing is useful though!
 Emma  5/17/13
Once again you've managed to do a great job.
blaidd drwg 5/11/13
Thank you, I'm so glad!
 Emma  5/17/13
Haha sometimes my dad also surprises me :D
Julie 5/11/13
Don't ALL dads?
 Emma  5/17/13
I, for one, am glad to see Chapel's dad get some postive spot light for once. now if Miss Emma can have some more screen time (such as it is) with both of Chapel's parents i would love to see it. hopefully with out one or the other getting slapsticked.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/10/13
I'm glad you like seeing Chapel's dad! And I don't think Chapel's parents are shown in a negative light. Usually, they have to put up with Chapel being ridiculous, not the other way around.
 Emma  5/10/13
I do remember Chapel's dad passing out when Chapel bled a bit in the dentist office. unless you have a fear of blood, I was a bit dismayed to his reaction. So to me, I was all like ಠ_ಠ, but today, I'm a bit better with him.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/10/13
"Dad Of Mystery" - hilarious! I love how you drew Chapel's hair - her dad's mysterious sewing abilities are rather surprising, considering that time at the supermarket! :)
Simply Me 5/10/13
Yes, I intended them to be surprising both to Chapel and to the audience. And I'm glad you like Chapel's hair -- I'm happy with the result!
 Emma  5/10/13
Woah....I wanna live somewhere like that!
BTW, I'm horrible at sewing...why don't you try candle wicking Emma?
P.S. Pencil in hair? LOL
Viv 5/10/13
Pencil in the hair? yes, i have seen many women do just that
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/10/13
Yes, it's fairly common when you want to put your hair up quickly and easily.
 Emma  5/10/13
Right now, I'm good on crafts with sewing and knitting...
 Emma  5/10/13
I adore Chapel's hair! And I wish you good luck on your dress.
Novelist-In-Training 5/10/13
Thank you so much!! I'm hoping to finish the dress today, once I work on some essays for school.
 Emma  5/10/13
Love chapels hair! And the mysterious skill of sewing that her dad has....AWESOME.
Miss L.S.P 5/10/13
Thank you!! I had fun drawing her hair this week. I figured if it was early in the morning and she was frustrated with the sewing, she might just get fed up with her hair getting in the way and bunch it up with a pencil.
 Emma  5/10/13
it's a pity you don't let your own hair grow out long enough to pin it up the same way Miss Emma.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/10/13
It's not a pity. I like my hair the way it is and don't intend to change it!
 Emma  5/10/13
well you look fine the way you are Miss Emma. However, to me, women with longer hair looks much better.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/10/13
I actually have very short hair and I think it's becoming the style lately! I think either short or long, we're all beautiful
Miss L.S.P 5/11/13
I agree. Why judge people on hairstyle, or any surface feature? There's no reason to. I'd rather get to know the beautiful spirit inside first, understand their struggles and their inspirations, and then try to see them for who they truly are, rather than the mask they put on the outside.
"clap clap clap"
Miss L.S.P 5/15/13
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