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I drew this strip when I was supposed to be writing an essay. Enough said.
Thus is practically the story of my life
Emma 8/11/13
Ha ha, sorry to hear it!
 Emma  9/20/13
Her faces are so funny! I love how she spends an hour and fifteen minutes feeling guilty and internet, and only fifteen minutes doing homework. Trololololol. XD
Rainee 5/28/13
Yes...not a great breakdown of time!
 Emma  7/27/13
Once again....adult, still do this all the time. XD
TsunamiJane 2/25/13
I suppose it's common among everyone...
 Emma  3/8/13
haha! I love irony!
Clockwork Wombat 10/12/12
Me too!
 Emma  3/8/13
oh no.
lala 10/6/12
I know, right!
 Emma  3/8/13
I should be paying attention to my math teacher, but instead I'm reading Chapel
Jraaki 10/3/12
Oh dear...in class?
 Emma  3/8/13
I love irony :]
Clockwork Wombat 9/27/12
I'm glad!
 Emma  3/8/13
I cut out the first and third chapel, just stick to Minecraft, TES:Oblivion and tinterwebz. Nuff said.
Haisen 8/8/12
Everyone has their own obsessions...
 Emma  3/8/13
I read this strip while I was supposed to be writing an essay! Serendipitous.
Moh 4/20/12
Oh, what a funny coincidence.
 Emma  3/8/13
I am soo like Chapel doing homework. One minute I'm writing an essay, the next I'm daydreaming about my favorite book.
musicmania64 1/9/12
Oh yesss...same here....
 Emma  1/9/12
Aren't we all, a little bit?
Sarah 9/17/12
During school, since I usually understand most of the material and then get bored, I do three things, respectively: plot H'ween costume (in January), think about Sherlock, try to look evil while thinking, end up doing Sherlock thinking pose (hands folded under nose).
Clockwork Wombat 1/19/13
At this very moment I should be doing an essay on whether David Lloyd George failed in his endeavours to secure a peace without grievances at Versailles 1919. I know your pain :)
Joseph Sheppard 1/8/12
Ha ha! That sounds like a very tough essay to write...To be honest, I normally really enjoy my essay assignments, but I still procrastinate once in a while!
 Emma  1/8/12
Don't get me wrong, I love History as much as the next chap, but historians seem to have a knack for writing in the most complex and mind-numbing way I've ever seen! Was reading this one book about Italian Fascism and each page must have had about 20-30 '-isms', half of which I swear the writer made up!
Joseph Sheppard 1/9/12
Thankfully, i am at the point in my life i am well beyond any homework what so ever. But i do remember those days when my old Nintendo (later Super Nintendo) sent out that siren call to me when i should have done my homework. Some things never change.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/7/11
For me it's the Internet all the way! Like right now. I should be reading Plato's "Republic," but instead I'm answering comments. I have no regrets.
 Emma  11/7/11
I have been known to read chapel comics while I am supposed to be doing math homework.
Ginny Weasley fan 11/4/11
Ha ha ha...I have been known to reply to people's comments on my Chapel comics when I'm supposed to be writing an essay...like right now...
 Emma  11/5/11
a fellow person with weekend homework!
Ginny Weasley fan 11/5/11
Yay, I'm not the only one to endure the pain.
 Emma  11/5/11
oh, I'm supposed to be doing weekend homework right now!
Ginny Weasley fan 11/5/11
apologises for overuse of the word 'oh'... I do that a lot.
Ginny Weasley fan 11/22/11
I didn't notice any overuse! :)
 Emma  11/22/11
chapel should not do her homework right next to the funny times!
Ginny Weasley fan 11/4/11
I know, it's dangerous! A ticking time bomb of distraction...
 Emma  11/4/11
good way of putting it!
Ginny Weasley fan 11/4/11
I love it! chapel is so cute
Thanks so much! :)
 Emma  10/16/11
Once again we see a window into existence as a kid/preteen. ^_^
LS 8/6/11
Oh, come on, I know adults do this too! Right? Right? Right...?
 Emma  10/16/11
Ginny Weasley fan 11/6/11
I might be engaging in this activity RIGHT NOW... >.>

Ashley 8/5/11
Oh, the wonders of procrastination...
 Emma  10/16/11
Ah, The Funny Times. Dave Barry, Matt Groening. 2 hours of laughs a month
Anne 6/9/11
Definitely! My parents and I always fight over who gets to read it first.
 Emma  10/16/11
15 minutes HOMEWORK. Yes! Miss Productivity! scribble scribble 45 Minutes Internet Just check a few emails – ooh, Huffington post! 30 minutes GUILT Im such a horrible timewaster. I never get anything done. Repeat indefinitely Hey, is that a Funny Times?
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