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Re-reading Chapel from scratch, stealing time from work. Sometimes long stretches of text gets to you....

Girl got different loves, no? For Chapel, it's hats. For me, it's earrings and skirts; for my sister-in-law, it's shoes.

I know it's late to ask, but I wonder: "What prompted Sam and Lia to name their daughter Chapel? What's the history behind it? Or what's her story?"

Stay healthy and well, Girl. We all love you.
DarkwingLady 3/18/16
My friend showed me this.. I'm sooo excited to read the whole thing can't wait!!!😆
Sorry major glitch! My name is actually panaloverxx9
What's wrong with dogs on bicycles?
Awesome and anonymous 5/18/15
Dear Emma,

Hello, fellow writer/illustrator. I thought this was a great beginning to a probably amazing webcomic (I have only read the first two episodes or whatever you call them).

I heard about you via the Stone Soup website as I go on it frequently. A video, called “Painting a Stone Soup Illustration”, is on there. I watched it and thought you were really good. I myself have submitted two stories to Stone Soup, one was not accepted but the other I am waiting to hear back from.

I love to read, write, and doodle. I mostly draw people as I am not that good at drawing other things. I write fantasties and adventures, some friendships and others I don’t know what to call them! I hope we can chat soon, though I am much younger than you.
Sofia 10/30/13
Hi Sofia, thank you for writing this comment! I'm really happy you found my work through Stone Soup, I still treasure my days of writing for the magazine. I hope you hear back about your story soon! I would love to see some of your drawings and stories. If you want to email them to me, you can click on the "contact me" on the about page and we can chat more! Thanks again!
 Emma  11/7/13
That is so cute! I mean, "No dogs on bicycles"!
Izzy (Isabella) 10/12/13
I'm really glad you like it! I thought this was a nice, subtle introduction to Chapel's character.
 Emma  11/7/13
hey, 99 comments!! this means I'm # 100!!! Wooo!
Bubbleing Mud Heads 3/24/13
YES! Thank you for your 100th comment!!
 Emma  3/24/13
Hmmm... I'm liking this comic already!
Bubbleing Mud Heads 3/24/13
Thank you so much, I'm glad you like my comic so far -- and I hope you keep reading and commenting!!
 Emma  3/24/13
this is like a peak into the future right because chapel at this point in her story does not have rupert ,hasn't met fred, nor has she even heard of lady gaga
rowan rhed 3/10/13
Yes...it's a little bit of subtle foreshadowing and a way to get readers acquainted with Chapel.
 Emma  3/10/13
What happened to the original beginning? I liked it better
Izzy 2/21/13
The original beginning is still there, this is just an added introduction strip!
 Emma  2/21/13
I think that that is sooo funny!! I like monopoly too.
Yukibear 2/11/13
Thank you! Monopoly is very slow to me, though...
 Emma  3/8/13
This so funny! I love how Chapel competes with Fred and how she changes the sign to no dogs on bicycles allowed. Did you really go to a camp called Westwood Loop?
Stoat girl 2/8/13
I didn't! It doesn't exist...
 Emma  3/8/13
Hey I found your comic through nc comicon and I love it. I have already read the first collection. And I love one piece and doctor who!!
Fox 11/26/12
Wow, I'm so glad you like it!!! Thank you for reading, I hope you keep enjoying my comics!
 Emma  11/27/12
SCARED for LIFE... That sounds like what I would say!
Clockwork Wombat 10/11/12
Ha ha!
 Emma  11/27/12
Oh wait.. it said "scarred". My bad!
Clockwork Wombat 12/2/12
Hi Emma. I have seen your work in Stone Soup and just found out about Chapel through Kiki Magazine. I love your work!!
Sunshine 9/26/12
Thank you SO much! I'm so happy you like it, I hope you keep reading!
 Emma  10/7/12
I’m a big Stone Soup fan and I read one or two of your stories. It was through the Nov./Dec. ’11 issue that I learnt of this website. It sounds very interesting! If I sign up for your Chapel newsletter, does that mean that I get to see your regular Friday comics on my e-mail? I plan to keep coming here! Keep up the great artwork!
Sahir. 9/27/13
When are you going to have the Chapel drawing contest? Please answer, you haven't commented in a while.
Ellie 6/24/12
The info for the contest is now posted on the Chapel facebook page! The deadline is October 14th!
 Emma  10/7/12
Just wondering, why do you have free shipping for your Chapel items? I love it, but don't you have to pay to ship things out?
Ellie 6/19/12
EMMA! You haven't commented in a long time!
Ellie 6/21/12
I'm sorry, it's very hard to keep up with raising my puppy AND answering every single comment on this site! Yes, it does cost a small amount to ship things, but it's a courtesy I provide in exchange for you purchasing my work! :)
 Emma  6/21/12
Can we send "fan mail" to your P.O. Box? I love Chapel!
Sallie 6/18/12
Oh my gosh, I would absolutely ADORE that! My P.O. Box number is on the "Contact Us" button below, feel free to send whatever you'd like -- getting anything in the mail from my readers would be FANTASTIC!
 Emma  6/18/12
Awesome! Expect a letter soon!
Sallie 6/18/12
Ooh! I'll send something too!
Ellie 6/19/12
Me three!
coco 6/20/12
Oo kewl!
Clockwork Wombat 10/11/12
Is there any way that we can preview the Chapel newsletter before we sign up for it? I want to see what it is like.
Sallie 6/18/12
Hmm...I'll have to think of a way I can get you a preview! If you'd like, you can shoot me an email, and I can forward you the latest issue of the newsletter so you can get a taste for what it's like!
 Emma  6/18/12
If you don't mind me asking, how did you create your comic book online?? i really want to make a comic book, but I can't find a format. Did you use Microsoft Word? Is there a certain website you use??
Maddy 6/18/12
Maddy 6/18/12
I didn't create my comic book online, and I'm sorry to say that there aren't any pre-made formats or websites I would recommend. Nobody uses Microsoft Word for their comics -- they most often use professional image editing programs such as Photoshop CS5, which is what I use. Of course, you can easily draw your comics all on paper as well. If you want more detailled tips, you can always send me an email!
 Emma  6/18/12
My dad has photoshop on his computer. How do you get photoshop cs5?
coco 6/20/12
Coco, are you a girl or boy?
Ellie 6/21/12
Photoshop CS5 is just a version of Photoshop -- he may have that version, or another one, it doesn't make a difference!
 Emma  6/21/12
Hi Emma! I am a 10 year old writer, and my dream is to publish a book. How old were you when you published your first book? By the way you are so talented. Also, I LOVE STONE SOUP!!!!
Kenzie 6/13/12
I've self-published various books -- at age 14 and 15, respectively. Self-publishing is the way to go in my opinion, as getting a publisher is a very difficult and arduous process at any age, but more so at a younger one. I got published in magazines starting at age 11, however, and continuing through to the present time period -- I've been published in about 25+ magazines multiple times so far.

If you want tips on publishing your work, feel free to email me! You can click the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the page and I'll get back to you right away. :D
 Emma  6/13/12
Thanks so much! I'm going to send some of my writing to Stone Soup also!
Kenzie 6/13/12
Hey Emma!! Are you making a season three of the chapel chronicles?
Lily 6/18/12
Yes! Season Three is the season we're currently in -- there is a book of Seasons 1 and 2, and Season 3 just began!
 Emma  6/18/12
Awesome! Also, please have another Chapel drawing contest! I was a bit late for the one you had a while ago.
Maddy 6/18/12
Oops! I saw the comment that was made on "Super Hero of Scrubs" I'm totally interested!
Maddy 6/18/12
Also, is any of your work available at book stores? i.e. Barnes & Noble
Kenzie 6/13/12
There are small comic stores that carry my work, but no Barnes and Noble type stores yet!
 Emma  6/13/12
I'll probably order your volume 1 book later this week! By the way, i love free shipping!!!!
Kenzie 6/13/12
Oh, thank you so much! It's so flattering to hear that you're going to buy it! Also, I hope you keep commenting on my comics -- there will be a new one in two days, because there's a new one on this website every Friday!
 Emma  6/13/12
Woopie!!! 1 quick question... How do you get ideas for comics??? I want to start a comic book, but i'm terrible at thinking of funny things to say. Also, i just realized that on my computer my name came up as ella. Ooopps! I wonder what i did??
Kenzie 6/13/12
Sorry for the late response! Unfortunately, it's hard for me to give tips on coming up with ideas for comics because I never have trouble with that. The best advice I can give you is read comic books you think are funny and listen to people in your life that you think are funny, and try to imitate the way they structure jokes! Not the jokes themselves, of course, but think about how they make things funny. Let me know if that helps!
 Emma  6/18/12
You could also create a graphic novel. That doesn't have to be funny!
coco 6/20/12
Good advice!
Ellie 6/21/12
You took the dogs on bicycles from your Postcards poem, right?
Miss L.S.P 5/12/12
Yes, I did! I'm surprised you caught that!
 Emma  10/7/12
When did you start your comics?
Andrea 4/12/12
I started them in March 2011 -- well, that's when I started Chapel, but I've been drawing comics for a long time before that!
 Emma  10/7/12
I love the Chapel vs. Fred comics. They are soooo funny!
Thank you so much! Chapel vs. Fred IS a particularly funny chapter...
 Emma  10/7/12
out of all your chapel cartoons which is you favorite Emma?
Ginny Weasley fan 11/19/11
I can't pick a favorite!
 Emma  11/19/11
Hi! You are an awesome artist, cartoonist and writer!!!!I love Chapel! Great job!
Thank you SO much! I'm glad you like Chapel and my other work!
 Emma  11/14/11
You are really really good! I get Stone Soup and I have seen your illustrations they are wonderful!
Kelsey 3/26/12
Thank you so much, Kelsey!
 Emma  10/7/12
Hi! I just want to say that I love your Chapel comics! You are an amazing artist and writer! I found out about you through Stone Soup. Keep up the good work! =)
Katherine 11/12/11
Oh, thanks so much! I'm flabbergasted by how many people came here from Stone Soup. I hope you keep reading!
 Emma  11/13/11
I will!!!=)
Katherine 11/13/11
Yay! A new strip gets published every Friday, so you can check back then!
 Emma  11/13/11
Ok! Thank you so much!
Katherine 11/13/11
No problem, and thanks for reading!
 Emma  11/13/11
You're welcome! :)
Katherine 11/13/11
If you don't mind me asking, how long have you had this website?
I've had it since March, but the design is a lot more polished now!
 Emma  11/14/11
That's cool!
Katherine 11/18/11
Do you still get stone soup? I know it's probably not exactly your age level, but do you?
coco 4/20/12
Yes, I still do!
 Emma  10/7/12
Emma, I'm so glad you continued your wonderful short stories and illustrations online! To be honest, i think you are the best teen writer ever.
webkinz fan no.1 11/10/11
Oh my gosh THANK YOU!!! This just turned my whole day around. The fact that you took the time to read my work and leave such a wonderful comment really means SO much to me. You have no idea! :)
 Emma  11/11/11
So Chapel Smith likes Lady Gaga? That's a pity, but expected for one so young. I suggest for her to try out Sarah Brightman, especially her album "Dive". Sarah can out sing Gaga 10 times! Also i suggest for her to try out the band "Nightwish", they are also very good too.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/7/11
For the record, I (personally) really dislike Lady Gaga! I'll definitely look into some of the other artists you've recommended.
 Emma  11/7/11
Who's Lady Gaga??????????
webkinz fan no.1 11/10/11
A popular current singer who dresses up in the most outlandish costumes. I don't really like her, but Chapel (and my mom and most of my friends) do.
 Emma  11/11/11
She's all right. I mean I'm not HUGE fan but one or two of her songs are ok. Her outfits on the other hand...My goodness, the are crazy sometimes!
coco 4/20/12
Lady gaga would actually look pretty if she wore appropriate clothes... And a little less make-up.
Kenzie 6/13/12
Chapel's dress is like her icon. like charlie brown's zigzag shirt in Peanuts!
Ginny Weasley fan 11/4/11
Yep! I wanted to give her a signature look that harkened back to classic newspaper strip characters like Charlie Brown.
 Emma  11/4/11
Sauce 10/14/11
Why meh?
 Emma  10/17/11
and why sauce?
not saying it's bad....can you imagine a world without sauce?!?!?!
The mysterious "sauce" commentator will forever elude us...
 Emma  1/17/12

its alex
i love your art!!!!!!!!!
hi again
alexandrafuillfuillwatson 8/12/11
Watson! FUILL! Hello once again, comrade! :)
 Emma  10/17/11
a) a creative artist
b) a talented author
c) an animal-lover, owner of 2+ pets
d) a science geek
e) a popstar in disguise
f) both a and b
g) c and b
PLEASE ANSWER!!! (Others can answer too. Oh, and I'm All of Above but d and e)
wacko#1 1/16/12
I'm a, (somewhat) b, and c.
Ginny Weasley fan 1/22/12
Actually really all of the above exept d and e.
Ginny Weasley fan 3/20/12
All of the above exept D and E. I guess I could say same as Ginny Weasly fan.
coco 4/20/12
I'm probably a,b,c,and i guess 1/2 of d.
butterflyer 5/28/12
sorry! i wrote the first one and did not see it.
butterflyer 5/28/12
I'm b. That's pretty much it. Sort of a, i guess.
Kenzie 6/13/12
I'm i guess a,b,c and sort of half g.
butterflyer 5/28/12
ignore the comment above.
butterflyer 5/28/12
I'm a, b, c (well, I am an animal lover, but I can't have pets because my dad's allergic), f, and g! Oh, and obviously e, of course :P
 Emma  1/22/12
All of the above.
EvilyAdorable😈 6/9/15
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