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In this comic, I wanted to pay homage to the classic film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Seeing as Audrey Hepburn was a classic film star and hat connoisseur, I think Chapel would be a huge fan of her elegant and iconic style. The opening scene of the movie is so classic that Chapel would definitely imagine herself staring longingly through the hat store windows…
I love Chapel's outfit! Her hair is so stylish. I wish I knew how to do that with my hair!
bonzelle 8/25/13
Thank you so much!! It's based off the hair-do from "Breakfast at Tiffany's," which I wish I could do as well!
 Emma  9/20/13
Oh, Chapel! All those hats, and you never went inside?!
IvyKllr 8/6/13
She knew she'd be too tempted by hats out of her price range.
 Emma  9/20/13
Did you read the original short novel?
No, but I've been meaning to!
 Emma  7/27/13
I'm named after Audrey Hepburn! :)
AudreyTheDisneyGirl 6/14/13
Wow, that's amazing!
 Emma  6/20/13
Ooooh! I LOVE vintage stuff!

P.S. Emma we have the same haircut! LOL!
AudreyTheDisneyGirl 6/14/13
Vintage stuff can be really interesting. And that's neat that our haircuts are the same!
 Emma  6/20/13
I love how the first 3 panels are kind of shadowy and mysterious!
Emily15 5/28/13
Thank you! I wanted it to be that way not only to influence the plot of the comic but also to call to mind the original movie.
 Emma  5/28/13
I have three cats. My cat Fred was named after a line from this movie:

Holly: You remind me of my brother Fred. May I call you Fred?

Paul: Sure...

For the rest of the film she calls Paul Vojak "Fred darling" or "darling Fred." Her manager, played by Martin Balsam, calls him "Fred baby." This is where my cat Fred got his name.

"Breakfast at Tiffanies" is one of my favorite short novels (Truman Capote is one of my heroes). The original book was based on his friendship with Marilyn Monroe, and while the movie goes away from the original text a lot, I still love the movie anyways. Loved the Audrey Hepburn homage. Very nice. If you haven't seen it you should check Audrey Hepburn out in "Charade" or "The Childrens Hour." Those are my favorite of her films.

Very very classy.
Sam 5/28/13
Wow, what a neat story! I had no idea it was based on Capote's friendship with Monroe, that's really interesting. I haven't watched nearly enough of Hepburn's work, but I love her regardless. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll check those out!!
 Emma  5/28/13
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME and so is Roman Holiday. :D
Clockwork Wombat 5/26/13
I'm so happy you like the comic! I need to watch Roman Holiday...
 Emma  5/27/13
HA! This is SOO something I would do! (Not with hats though, probably. Anything with either books or different types of paper will do).
On a completely different note, I just started watching Doctor Who, and I think they are very good, but I made the mistake of watching the whole of Series Six, including the ones with the Silence... Now I think I may have nightmares for weeks.
Ginny Weasley fan 5/26/13
Ha ha, I guess you marathoned the episodes like Chapel and Barnaby did with Season Two...everyone does it sometimes!! Anyway, I'm glad you like both Doctor Who and this week's comic.
 Emma  5/27/13
I love your comics, they are so cute and hilarious! You are an AMAZING ARTIST! I look forward to your comics every week!
whippedcream 5/26/13
Wow, thank you! If I'm correct, this is the first time you've commented, right? Anyway, I hope you keep reading and commenting, I'd love to chat with you more in the comments section! And thank you for such nice words!!
 Emma  5/27/13
ok you keep outdoing yourself each week . I absolutely adore this comic and Audrey. Shes my idol i love her so much shes amazing and so are you if i had to givee you a one through five star rating youd get a million i just love so much emma once again great work just I'm amazed righ now congrats
bibi 5/25/13
Oh my goodness, thank you!! This is such a sweet comment, I can't believe you like me as much as Audrey Hepburn. Anyway, I'm so happy you like the strip and that you always leave such sweet comments for me!
 Emma  5/27/13
well of course i leave sweet comments for my fave comic and the amazing role model author/illusttrator
bibi 5/28/13
I love that movie and the way you drew Chapel as Audrey Hepburn. She's my calender actually...
I'm so happy! I was afraid there wouldn't be too many Chapel fans who were also Hepburn fans, but I'm really glad that people seem to appreciate the homage.
 Emma  5/27/13
Great work on the shading, perspective, architectural and character rendering in panels one,two and three, Emma. Your artistic talents at such a young age are indeed a pleasure to see every week.
XMinusOne 5/25/13
Thank you so much -- that's so kind of you! I try to really create something nice for you guys every week and I'm glad that everyone seems to be enjoying it.
 Emma  5/27/13
Now I know what chapel will look like in 10 years
Yarin 5/24/13
(takes my sun glasses off) Mother of God.....

If that is true, Miss Emma did you just drop a BIG hint what Chapel will look like in 10+ years? We all know Chapel will be nice and young (and non aging) for awhile yet. but will some time later, will Chapel grow up Miss Emma?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/24/13
No, she won't grow up in the comic. Since I want the comic to be an examination of childhood -- and as a teenager I'm in a good position to write that -- having Chapel grow up in the comic wouldn't fit with the story.
 Emma  5/25/13
Ha ha, I'd actually imagined that's what she might look like as an adult...who knows? It's all up to your guys' imagination!
 Emma  5/25/13
It's as if she had grown one big beautiful rose in her hair! Nice job!
Viv 5/24/13
Thank you! The swirly beehive hairdo is really pretty in the movie.
 Emma  5/24/13
Now Miss Emma, i don't know HOW you got the "old TV screen" effect on the first 3 panels, but it is impressive.

but however, i just can NOT believe that chapel would not be INSIDE that shop trying out those hats.

btw, Chapel's faithfuls out here, have ANY of you done what Chapel's doing in this strip?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/24/13
Yes. I've done that to items I really wanna buy at the mall or such and such.
Viv 5/24/13
Wow, that's so cool! You're really like Chapel, then!
 Emma  5/24/13
Chapel's mom probably didn't want her to go in, as I imagine the hats are rather expensive...and thank you, I'm glad you like the TV effect!
 Emma  5/24/13
I love the image in panel three! It SO beautiful! (As are the others)
Miss L.S.P 5/24/13
Thank you so much! The image of Audrey Hepburn looking through the shop window is iconic, so of course I had to include Chapel's version.
 Emma  5/24/13
Her hair and figure look awesome!
Miss L.S.P 5/24/13
Thank you!! They were super fun to draw!
 Emma  5/25/13
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