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My dad once fainted when he saw a bit of blood on the bandages when I had my wisdom teeth removed. This from the man who when I get bloody knees or elbow scrapes blithely says, “proof you had an adventure kiddo.” My mom only slapped him once or twice because the nurses came in and got him all rigged up to machines. I was really scared for him and after three hours of waiting for his blood pressure to go back above 100, we both got what we wanted. To just go home.

Also, I’ve put up some new sketches on my tumblr. Go check it out by clicking above! And if you want to ask me (or Chapel!) a question, you can do so by clicking on the “ASK!” button at the top of the tumblr blog itself.
Your mom must have had a lot to handle that day. I feel sorry for her!
Jam 6/23/12
I'm not that bad, but I do pass out when it come to too much blood and needles.
maldar 12/8/11
is chapel's mom really a doctor?
Ginny Weasley fan 11/18/11
(blink) i can't believe i missed that. good point GW fan. Miss Emma, is your mother a real doctor or is that just the comic?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/19/11
Ha ha, I hope I didn't make it too hard to miss! That's just in the comic, in real life my mom's an intellectual property lawyer. But some other aspects of Chapel's mom's personality are inspired by my mom!
Emma 11/19/11
Yep, she is! I haven't really talked about her that much but I'm hoping to include her in the comic more in the future.
Emma 11/19/11
Forget the smelling salts-- fetch the ice! lol

The first story I read of yours was "Seventeen Across" in Stone Soup. (By the way, I've always wondered-- what was the answer to the crossword puzzle?) I started really following your work when I watched a video on the Stone Soup website of you painting an illustration, and it got me interested. And, after reading much of your blog, you also got me interested in the... what's it called? Scholastic Alliance for Young Writers and Artists. (Great job, by the way! I'm planning on submitting a book that I'm in the process of editing. I've probably edited it ten thousand times.)

I just love reading about young authors like me. This comment's probably getting a little lengthy, so I'll wrap it up. :)
Emily 11/18/11
No worries about the length of the comment, I love it! I'm SO glad it seems like a lot of people have come here from Stone Soup, and I'm glad you liked my video! I'm going to make a similar video really soon that shows the process I use to make these Chapel strips! And good luck at the Art & Writing Awards. I'd be really interested in reading your book sometime! I'm actually turning one of the books I've written into a graphic novel, which you'll be able to read pretty soon. Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting!
Emma 11/19/11
Oh, that sounds neat, I'll be sure to watch it. What gave you the idea for all the Chapel stuff? Or was it just one of those super-random ideas that everyone gets? Haha. A couple years ago I made (NO idea where I got the idea) a little comic book called "Joe and Pierre". Recently I started working on it again, and I'm hoping to make them WAY better than they were when I first started working on them.
Emily13 11/19/11
Chapel started out as a random doodle, and then I expanded her into my line of comic strips and greeting cards!
Emma 11/19/11
So wonderful! This is one of my favorites yet.
Dean 11/14/11
Aww, thank you so much! I'm glad you like this comic -- I'm really proud of how it turned out!
Emma 11/14/11
Ginny Weasley fan 11/12/11
I know, right? Must be pretty painful for Chapel's dad!
Emma 11/12/11
yeah. and Chapel too, it looks like.
Ginny Weasley fan 11/12/11
Yup. I wanted to make her look pretty crappy in this strip because that's how people look when they get out of surgery!
Emma 11/13/11
this is a redo with color?
kevix 11/12/11
A redo with color? Um, no, I'm not sure what you mean.
Emma 11/12/11
I had my wisdom teeth taken out years after i had my braces taken off. It was down right strange. When i got into the dentist chair, the last think i remember was they were giving me some "gas" to wipe the pain away. that was the LAST thing i remember of that day. it felt like a movie cut to the next day when my memories kicked back on and i was back home on my couch, 3 Micky D's large chocolate shakes (2 of them finished, i guess by me) playing my PSone with a REALLY sore jaw but other wise fine.

For the life of me, i completely lost all my memories for 24 hours! I was told i was fully awake and such, but i don't know what i did then! it is really scary what dentist can do to people.

thankfully that was before Youtube was around or it could have been even more embarassing.

lastly, did you mom really slap your dad for petty things that he does Emma?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/12/11
She only slapped him to wake him up.
Emma 11/12/11

i assume smelling salts were not on hand at that time.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/13/11
on another idea. does your dad (or his side of the family) have heart problems? now that i think about it, his fainting might now have anything to do with his seeing blood. i hope he's seen a doctor about it. I am also assuming that your dad is in his late 30's mid 40's now.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/13/11
Nope, he's ancient, he's in his late 50's. And there's no history of heart problems.
Emma 11/13/11
well, that is some what better, but not by much. I will still recommend that he goes to his cardiologist and/or neurologist ASAP if he hasn't done so already. he could have had a defibrillation problem or even a minor stroke. but i was not there and i am just guessing right now from what you have told me.

I hope he is doing alright now.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/13/11
Wow read through all that you have ( love the halloween one Taris is win all the way i happen to be a ten fan gal my self. ^.^) And i hope to see more of your cute cleverness! with much regards and support!
Nichelle M The Time Traveler 11/12/11
Yay, thank you! It's great to hear that you read through the archives. :) And a fellow Ten fangirl to boot! Awesome.
Emma 11/12/11
How did you find my strip, by the way? Just curious! :)
Emma 11/12/11
i found out by stone soup...sorry if you weren't asking me. btw, you could set 2 records: most things published and best 14-year old author EVER!!!!
miss stupid 11/14/11
AWWW thanks a lot! There are people who've had more Stone Soup things published than I have, though. But still -- that's incredibly flattering!
Emma 11/14/11
ah well i found you Throug Dominic Deegan. and..well i saw the Tardis picture of her and thougt' OMG TARDIS!' and clicked.
Nichelle M The Timetraveler 11/18/11
Oh, that's great! So awesome that fellow Whovians have come from the TARDIS ads. And it's really helpful to know that you liked the ad, so thank you! :D
Emma 11/19/11
Well if i see anything DW related i click and look. im kind of totally wacky for the show. dressed as ten one year for halloween. twas fun, only six people got the costume however...
Nichelle M The Timetraveler 11/22/11
That's better than I did when I dressed as Ten, nobody recognized me! Still, that's awesome that you dressed up as him as well.
Emma 11/22/11
I love the wide-eyed panel. Great work!
Thank you! I especially like that panel as well, I'm sure my expression in the moment was pretty similar!
Emma 11/12/11
emma i wish you were still published on stone soup. you're SOOOOO good at writing. chapel is way different from your other stories. i like chapel though. :)
miss. stupid 11/13/11
Aww, thanks a lot! I had a lot of fun writing and drawing for Stone Soup, and I'm glad that people enjoyed my stories while I could get them published there! Chapel is a lot different from my other stories, but I also have some more story-based projects I'm developing for the future! :)
Emma 11/13/11
awesome! btw great strip and i know this is stupid but i bet i'd faint too. i hate blood!!! it's yucky with a capital Y!!!
miss stupid 11/13/11
Really? Huh, I've never minded blood. I have a pretty strong stomach I guess! My best friend faints not only at blood but just being in a hospital, though!
Emma 11/14/11
I don't mind blood either, but a couple months ago when I had blood drawn? I was a ghost! And a few weeks after that when I had my finger pricked, I almost threw up. (Today I had my blood drawn again, though, and I was fine. Woot woot for getting used to it!) I don't mind seeing blood, but when they're taking MINE?... :P
Emily 11/18/11
I hate seeing your own blood once they've taken it. It's so creepy. I say blood belongs in your body, not in a plastic syringe with a needle on the top....
Ginny Weasley fan 12/24/11
i probably wouldn't go that far, but i do not like the taste of blood, either--my bf actually LIKES it!!!
miss stupid 11/14/11
that was me, btw
miss stupid 11/14/11
I don't really like the taste of blood, either.
Emma 11/14/11
i know, right? that's why i hate loosing teeth!!! once it's over, though, it's awesome.
miss stupid 11/14/11
Oh, I lost all my teeth a LONG time ago, so I don't really remember it! But yeah, whenever I get a bloody nose I taste blood, which is awful!
Emma 11/14/11
when i get bloody noses, i taste bloody boogers. (yuck! i know!)
miss stupid 11/15/11
Same here! :D
Emma 11/15/11
i HATE having bloody noses. :(...
miss stupid :) 11/15/11
so do I.... once I had a bloody nose and there was blood all over me. I freaked out.
Ginny Weasley fan 11/18/11
I get bloody noses all the time, so I guess I'm used to them! One time I was walking home with a HUGE package from the post office and suddenly I had a bloody nose. It covered my entire face, splattered on the UPS box, and got over all my clothes. I looked like I'd been punched in the face!
Emma 11/19/11
uck. one time i had a bloody nose and it trickled around my mouth and down my chin. it looked like i had been drinking blood!
miss stupid 11/20/11
Oh wow.
Emma 11/20/11
do u believe in vampires?
miss stupid 11/20/11
nope, I do Believe in ghosts (i have ran into many of them) and Liches. vampires are over hyped and can not exist in real life. Ghosts and Liches can exist.
Dr Taxil Necrobane 11/30/11
oh...well, don't laugh, okay? but...i am a vamp.
miss stupid 12/11/11
wacko#1 1/16/12
I believe in ghosts too. But liches? They just don't really...... it just doesn't seem possible that they are real, I guess.
Ginny Weasley fan 12/24/11
Lucky you, losing all your teeth. : P
Ginny Weasley fan 2/20/12
Ugh. I hate losing teeth when its happening- but most of all I hate loose teeth. Especially when they're so loose it's really freaking you out. (grips shirt to loose canine and whimpers) Sometimes I wish teeth would just get loose overnight, fall out and be done with it. Then you wouldn't have to deal with all the pain. :(
Ginny Weasley fan 2/20/12
I don't know if I would faint, but I would still freak out. Maybe scream. Yes, so like me....
Ginny Weasley fan 12/24/11
Hi, sweetie, howre you feeling? Im okay, mom. Hi, dad. Hi, honey? Oh, is . . . is that . . . BLOOD?! THUMP! DAD?! Hes fainted! Sam, get it together! SLAP! Im really no longer the center of attention here, am I? Maam, perhaps we should call 911 for your husband? No need, Im a doctor! SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAPITTY SLAP Um. . . Mom? I think you can stop now. Please Chapel, this is the only time I get to legally hit your father. AND THATS FOR EVERY TIME YOU LEFT THE TOILET SEAT UP!
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