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Chapel has obviously gotten way better at washing plates since Season Two’s “Doing the Dishes” disaster! But then again, it’s easy to wash dishes if you have a great brother to help you out. Let me ask you, readers – which parent would you pick to go with, Chapel’s dad or Chapel’s mom?
I think she's going to go visit Barnaby.
Peanutsfreak 6/1/14
He works at the hospital too, though, so that wouldn't work.
 Emma  6/1/14
:D LOL I would go to the hospital.
ilovepie81 2/19/14
Me too.
 Emma  2/22/14
Coona 2/9/14
I'm sorry, there's no reference in this comic...
 Emma  2/16/14
sorry I watch hetalia and well that thing about switzerland well its something we do in the fandom
Coona 2/23/14
One of the great and terrible things about having one parent who works at home and another who works at my school is that every day is "take your daughter to work day".
Kathleen 1/20/14
Oh wow! Both my parents work from home part of the week (and I'm homeschooled) so I'm with them ALL the time.
 Emma  1/21/14
I can't stand the smell of hospitals, so...
Silver 1/18/14
I TOTALLY agree!!
Isabella 1/18/14
You're so right! It smells medicinal.
 Emma  1/21/14
I would go with Chapel's mum,
the hospital =)
katara 1/14/14
Let's see what happens tomorrow...I'm loving reading everyone's responses!
 Emma  1/16/14
What I want to know is if Chapel's Mom is a doctor and her father is a lawyer, why can't they afford a dishwasher. :D

I'm really lucky. I stop in and visit my parents at work often. My Mom runs a daycare, and now that my father is retired he works at the daycare too. I love stopping by during my lunch or when I am running errands for my own job and seeing my parents and the kids. Its the only place I know where you get lots of hugs at work.
Sam Tweedle 1/13/14
Maybe they believe in washing things by hand! Aw, that's so great that you can visit your parents regularly. There's a small daycare in my town run out of an old house on one of the suburban streets, and it's so cute to walk by when the kids are getting picked up. Hugs abound!
 Emma  1/16/14
They have a dishwasher. In fact they have two! Barnaby and Chapel!
Perhaps dad is a nonprofit attorney.
It seems likely the house in which they live is an older style that isn't plumbed out for a dishwasher.

Or, maybe they have one, and just don't use it.
In my apartment, I have a dishwasher, and don't use it. There's not really much point if only two of us have supper, I may need the pots and pans I use to cook sooner than a full load of dishes can accumulate in the dishwasher, and it's a waste to just run it mostly empty. If I am serving a large meal, and feeding lots of people, only then is it worthwhile to use a dishwasher. Perhaps they feel the same way?

Plus having to do chores builds character and responsibility.
Miles 1/19/14
Plumbing probably isn't a problem; what's more likely a problem in an older house is space to put it. Given space, you could get a portable, which connects to faucet.
KilleenWizard 2/4/14
I always chose my dad, because I would work and get paid for it. Of course, later in life that worked out far less well for me; the other workers would think just because I was the bosses son, I skated, when in actuality I was paid less and expected to work twice as hard as everyone, simply because I was my dad's son. I had to set an example.
Miles 1/12/14
What an interesting answer!! That must have been a great learning experience for you.
 Emma  1/12/14
I might go to the law firm....
Miss L.S.P 1/11/14
Nice choice! We'll have to see how it pans out next week...
 Emma  1/12/14
Yeah, I wonder what Chapel would pick.. What would you choose, Emma?
Miss L.S.P 1/12/14
I would just run in and not go at all!
Emma 1/19/14
It will be neither I think!
Emma 1/19/14
Well, obviously the above commentator isn't me. I'm not sure what I would pick!
 Emma  1/20/14
I think she should just pray that the doctor will come rescue her!
dangerkiwi 1/11/14
I'm on my way! (takes off on my TARDUS)
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 1/11/14
Ha ha!
 Emma  1/12/14
Ha ha -- that'd be the BEST case scenario!
 Emma  1/12/14
This is a Morton's fork choice for Chapel! if she goes with her mom to the hospital, she'll be exposed to bloody gore with the results of violence and accidents. but if she goes to the law firm, she'll see institutionalized and diabolical evil with the way the law is twisted. good thing Chapel chose the 3rd option!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 1/11/14
Well, I wouldn't assume such a catastrophe would happen! Chapel's mom wouldn't be involved in disaster response, and her dad isn't a court lawyer.
 Emma  1/12/14
Chapel's mother works in a public hospital, right? then she's likely worked/working the ER. then the bloody gore will be there. it's all a part of the job.

and the lawyer? well, it's self explaining.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 1/12/14
I see...
 Emma  1/12/14
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