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This is another old redrawn strip! This series will have 4 parts, so that’s a month of fun dishes-cleaning nonsense!

I hate doing the dishes. I don’t like getting guck on my hands and I don’t know, I just really, really hate the concept of old food on plates. One time my dad got fed up with my dishes-related squeamishness and literally smooshed my right hand into a piece of garlic chicken. This particular incident was maybe two years ago and I still bring it up from time to time (like right now). YUCK.

Anyway, the background on this strip KILLED me. I was really pressed for time on this strip, especially after a week filled with studying for finals, getting involved in lost cat hunts, gossiping with old people and finding rotting deer cadavers. So what did I do when I was pressed for time on this strip? I gave myself that monstrosity of a background to draw, ink, and color! Still, I think it’s my best background yet, and I’m super proud of how it turned out. So it was all worth it in the end! What do you think of this strip, and what do you expect will happen in part 2? Leave me a comment below, and stay tuned!
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I ran into your strip from an advertisement with Chapel in her Tardis costume. This is such a cute comic, I'm so glad to discover it! Keep up the great work, and woot for Doctor Who fans!!
Hannah 12/14/11 reply
I am suspecting less dishes will be done in part 2 than in part 1.
Da Skipper 12/12/11 reply
And you'd be right! But you'll have to wait until Friday to see what actually happens!
Emma 12/12/11 reply
Heehee, I tend to sing that song while doing boring stuff! (& I don't make it very far beyond that line)
Pneumarian 12/11/11 reply
Yeah, it's a good getting-stuff-done song!
Emma 12/12/11 reply
Did you have to redraw every single backround?!

Wow, that must have taken A LOT of work! Great job though!
12/11/11 reply
No, I'm lazy, so I only drew the background once! I'm probably the world's slowest artist, so it took me long enough just to do it one time around, much less four times.
Emma 12/11/11 reply
I do find your particular phobia amusing Miss Emma. You seem to have no problem in making those dirty dishes, yet you can not bring yourself to clean up the mess you make. Ironic isn't it? in the end, you will one day be living away from your parents and you WILL have to clean your own plates ON YOUR OWN!

Face your fears Miss Emma, face your fears...
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 12/11/11 reply
Yes I am well aware I will one day have to clean plates. On the other hand I may just subsist on cup ramen and never have to clean anything.
Emma 12/11/11 reply
Ha ha! maybe I should consider it...........
Miss L.S.P 12/13/11 reply
Miss Emma, i STRONGLY advice you not to live off cup ramen for any long term. i tried that myself when i was younger and i started to have health problems. A good home cooked meal that is well rounded will save you so much misery later on. the small trade off of cleaning dishes is well worth it.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 12/17/11 reply
I think she will teach Rupert how to do dishes. :D Awesome strip! I love the detail.
Sasha 12/10/11 reply
I'm not so sure how good Rupert would be at doing the dishes, though! And I'm glad you like the strip!
Emma 12/11/11 reply
i love the details! (including the background, but the dishes are really well done.) the only thing my mom makes me clean is the utensils, because she tries to spare me the pain of cleaning while i'm not an adult.
lexdysic 12/10/11 reply
Thank you so much! Yeah, I rarely have to do the dishes, and when I do I mostly just help my parents. So I really don't have to do them much.
Emma 12/11/11 reply
Poor Chapel! I wouldn't want to do that many dishes that are that dirty and gross!
Miss L.S.P 12/10/11 reply
Katherine 12/10/11 reply
Me too!
Katherine 12/10/11 reply
Our kitchen looks like this A LOT.
Emma 12/11/11 reply
Seriously? Maybe that's why you got the background so well. :p
Miss L.S.P 12/12/11 reply
Probably, yeah! :)
Emma 12/12/11 reply
I really like this strip! That's exactly how I feel when I have to do the dishes! Haha! I love the background!It is so well drawn!
Katherine 12/10/11 reply
Thanks so much! I had a lot of fun with this one.
Emma 12/11/11 reply
Isn't that the 'ultra concentrated' dish soap from 33 strips ago? i thought she learned her lesson with that stuff a long time ago......she's using half the bottle.
Ginny Weasley fan 12/10/11 reply
I know, that is a bit strange...............
Miss L.S.P 12/10/11 reply
I'm surprised you picked up on that! It is, in fact, the same dish soap. In this case, she's not using AS much, so it should be okay.
Emma 12/11/11 reply
yeah... once I took one of those little plastic baseball helmets you get ice cream in at ball games and FILLED it with soap. The result was not positive, considering the state of thew bathroom sink after I was finished washing it out.
Ginny Weasley fan 12/12/11 reply
That was me, by the way
Ginny Weasley fan 12/12/11 reply
Plastic baseball helmets? I didn't know those existed....well, considering I've never been to a ball game, I suppose it's hardly surprising.
Emma 12/13/11 reply
ha ha.... well when you have my dad for a father, you sort of get used to him droning about how badly the Mets are doing this year just like you get used to waking up with him blasting his precious jazz music all through the apartment.....
Ginny Weasley fan 12/15/11 reply
HaHa, I was thinking that it was a lot of soap she was using.

I prefer "Singing in the Rain" for my song of choice.

Looks like the number of dishes I had to clean after dinner when I lived in the co-op in college. 20+ people can make a big pile of dishes in a night.
maldar 12/16/11 reply
I also dislike doing dishes... though I'm not that squeamish...
Ali 12/10/11 reply
Oh good, someone else who hates doing dishes! And it's weird that I'm so squeamish, because I'm not squeamish about ANYTHING else!
Emma 12/10/11 reply
I don't have to do the dishes yet because I can't reach into the sink that far....... sadly that is soon to change.
Ginny Weasley fan 12/10/11 reply
i don't have 2 do dishes!!! (or not yet, anyway)
miss stupid 12/11/11 reply
I don't really have to do them...because mostly I can get out of it. I'm pretty terrible when it comes to chores.
Emma 12/11/11 reply
I probably could get out of it too.....that homework excuse would probably work for me.
Ginny Weasley fan 12/13/11 reply
i have 0 chores. who has the most chores? think you have a lot of chores? enter YOUR number of chores in the MOST CHORES contest! (with no prize.)
miss stupid 12/18/11 reply
0 chores!!!!
Ginny Weasley fan 1/2/12 reply
So here I am, doing dishes woe is me. maybe I could just let em soak for a while. Com I have homework. You do not. stupid pots. this is disgusting. okay okay so I dont have homework. maybe if I hum a little song. Somewhere, over the rainbow
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