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You’re never too young in the Smith family for chores!! Which is cuter: child Barnaby holding toddler Chapel, or them twirling each other in the present day? You decide!
It's so cool to see them give their house a makeover! I love that kind of stuff!
Izzy 9/22/13
Me too! I like seeing the backstory behind characters' lives.
 Emma  9/26/13
Aww there both so cute >.<
Julie 8/24/13
Thank you!
 Emma  9/14/13
They are both cute, but I would probably say the younger version. Chapel and Barnaby are such good siblings:)
Bonzelle 8/17/13
I know, I try to portray them that way.
 Emma  9/14/13
Ignore what I said before just going to have chapel riding on the back of a giant Rupert
Dylan 8/5/13
I see...
 Emma  8/5/13
coming out of the tardis
Dylan 8/6/13
I'm back! Now I need to read about a years worth of strips to catch up. And I see the Frisbee has not yet made its way out of the tree yet lol

As far as panels, I'd have to pick panel 3, as I was doing that earlier today with my nephews while looking at biplanes. It was most enjoyable.
(Also, for something amazing, look up Kauru Mori on youtube. She draws an amazing manga, and they have some videos of her drawing on there. I doubt you'll be disappointed.)
evilrizwiz 8/4/13
Yep, the Frisbee's still stuck up there! I'm glad you like panel 3. And I'm ALREADY a huge fan of Kaoru Mori. "Otoyomegatari" is a stunning comic, and Mori's art in general is just amazingly intricate.
 Emma  8/4/13
The amount of detail in the character clothing and expressions is phenomenal. I'm glad I've found another fan of hers!
evilrizwiz 8/5/13
I think both scenes are unique! I think younger chapel and Barnaby is cuter in my opinion. The second scene I think is more special because its probably hard to find a brother-sister relationship going so well at that age
Miss L.S.P 8/4/13
Yay! I'm so happy you like it. I'm really enjoying hearing about which scenes everyone likes.
 Emma  8/4/13
This just makes me smile. It's so cool to get to see how the Smith's house came to be the way it is, with every detail explained. And, I see Chapel has STILL not removed that frisbee! Oh well, it'll probably be blown down in a windstorm someday...
whippedcream 8/3/13
I'm glad you enjoyed these two strips so much!! I really had fun showing the backstory behind the Smiths' house, as it's something that was always more in the background than explained.
 Emma  8/3/13
the frisbee stuck in the tree seems to become a running gag here. I can live with that.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/3/13
Um both also for my webcomic I'm going to turn chapel into an adult and also have her hair since it goes super frizzy turn her into something like this
Dylan 8/3/13
If you're going to use Chapel in your webcomic, I'd prefer if it's only a one-off appearance, and if you could mention the Chapel Chronicles I'd appreciate that! You understand.
 Emma  8/4/13
The link I posted didn't show up just look up Gossamer Looney Tunes
Dylan 8/3/13
link posting is not allowed in here. sorry.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/4/13
We've been trained well.
blaidd drwg 8/4/13
Ha ha!
 Emma  8/4/13
now i want all of ya'll to have a mental image of Chapel's posters as a bunch of various dogs on leashes as Miss Emma and/or Chapel takes out all out on walkies. that is more or less how it is in here.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/5/13
For a second, I mis-understood "posters" as the ones hanging in Chapel's house, not all of you! But yes, that is a very cute mental image.
 Emma  8/5/13
Can't find it
coona 8/7/13
I like how you have made the tree bigger and the grass grow in. I think the updated twirl is best.
teb1013 8/3/13
Thank you! The grass was in pretty poor shape when they showed up, so they've clearly taken good are of it since then.
 Emma  8/4/13
My vote is them twirling each other. You really get a great feel for why they turned out the way they are in the present thanks to this little glimpse of their past selves.
Nefarious Dr. O 8/3/13
Yay, I'm really happy that you picked up on that! I really wanted to show a bit of backstory of how Chapel and Barnaby turned out the way they are.
 Emma  8/4/13
I also really like their relationship with each other. So many times you see siblings portrayed as being in constant rivalry/conflict based relationships, it's nice to see them so close!
Nefarious dr o 8/9/13
Totally agree!
Trix 8/4/13
Ps I love chapels and barnabys face expressions
Trix 8/4/13
Thanks, I'm so glad you like them!!
 Emma  8/4/13
both ages are cute and THAT is a fact Miss Emma! but how did their hair color change over the ten years?

Oh yes, i do have to make note of something that just irks me with this strip... ok, two things.
1) Miss Emma, you placed young Barnaby's ladder ON THE GLASS WINDOW! that would have BROKEN it in a heart beat!
2) Pink paint. i hate it with a low burning hatred.

This is due to my Job. I am not a professional Painter, but at times I have to be one as part of my job. I LOATH both vivid and dark colors on houses! they are so bloody hard to cover up with a new color coat.

what paint ads tell you and what reality is vastly diffrent things, let me tell you.

and the window. well, that is obvious. the kids don't know any better, but it would be humorous if we saw Chapel and Barnaby's folks yelled to get him to stop before there is a disaster.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/3/13
(looks again) AH HA! i found an error Miss Emma, Panel 3. the shadows don't exactly match up. but other wise, it is good.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/4/13
Oh, I did that on purpose, just to sort of make it look like a spotlight was shining near Chapel and Barnaby.
 Emma  8/4/13
the sun is not a spot light Miss Emma.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/5/13
As long as you're picking nits (or fleas or ticks), Dr Taxil, you could also mention that the trees don't seem to have shadows. :-)

Miss Emma, wouldn't an extension ladder have been more reasonable than two ladders only about 4 feet different in height?
KilleenWizard 8/5/13
Since they just moved there, they probably didn't expect to need any fancier hardware than 2 different ladders...plus, I like to imagine that Chapel's dad was painting simultaneously on the other ladder, because otherwise it would go too slowly.
 Emma  8/5/13
Well, it's not actually been ten years, it's been seven. Your hair gets darker as you get older, so I wanted to slightly reflect that with Chapel and her brother. And yes, Barnaby wouldn't know any better about the ladder!
 Emma  8/4/13
My first time posting. This comic is fun to read! Anyway, some hair darkening is due to not being out in the sun as much, once school starts. As for the ladder, it's probably up high enough not to break the glass. What's with the color palette (or whatever it's called) on the ground?
KilleenWizard 8/5/13
It was on the ground because Barnaby wouldn't be able to juggle it AND the brushes safely once he was up there.
 Emma  8/5/13
Indeed, I had very pale blond hair until somewhere around first grade. Now it's brown. I love that Chapel's hair got darker too. :)
RowAn 8/6/13
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