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Red Shirt Crew
Review: Dark Horse Presents #25 by Matthew Bryant

The author/artist is, however, pretty impressive. Emma T. Capps is only 15 years old, and this comic is from the style of her webcomic of the same name... Read more...

Heart of Gold
The Comic Book World’s Next Big Thing: Emma Capps by Kate Pavao

Oh, she’s just a published illustrator with her own comic book series at 16 years old…no big deal. Meet Emma T. Capps, the brains behind The Chapel Chronicles... Read more...

Comic Bastards

Well for the most part that’s everything. If I didn’t talk about a story it’s probably because it wasn’t very good with the exception of Emma T Capps story which is just one page. Read more...

Unleash The Fan Boy
Dark Horse Presents # 25 Review by Zac Boone

Fifteen year old Emma T Capps delivers a promising story with “The Chapel Chronicles.” It’s light, easy-going, and understated, but for all that the double twist is surprisingly amusing. Read more...

Best Shots Advance Reviews: MARA, DARK HORSE PRESENTS, More by The Best Shots Team

There couldn’t be a more perfect example of Dark Horse’s ability to pick up future talent than the one-page story by 15-year-old Emma T Capps. Read more...


When teenager Emma Capps began drawing the webcomic The Chapel Chronicles, her original intent was to post a few short, four-panel comics for her friends to read. Now, two years later, Emma has readers that include comics legend Scott McCloud and the staff at Dark Horse Comics... Read more...

MoCCA Fest Report by Vincent Zurzolo

Most impressive for me was an articulate and thoughtful young lady named Emma T. Capps. At only sixteen... Read more...

Beaufort Books
Hey Kids, Comics! by Michael

She’s been developing her skills as a writer and illustrator for years now, getting work published in Stone Soup, Cicada, and Creative Kids as far back as 2009. Read more...

DHC To Publish 15 Year-Old Cartoonist in DARK HORSE PRESENTS by Vaneta Rogers

For teenager Emma T. Capps, the June release of Dark Horse Presents #25 represents more than just an exciting anniversary issue of the anthology comic.
The comic will include one of Capps' original comics, making the 15-year-old the youngest cartoonist ever published by Dark Horse. Read more...

January 2013
Los Gatos Patch
Draw Me A Story: A Century of Children’s Book Illustration and Storytelling in Pictures

Emma T. Capps, 15, was at the pre-opening reception and is the only non-adult artist in the exhibit. She’s intelligent, confident and obviously very passionate about her art: comics. Read more...

December 2012
Mission Local
826 Valencia Alum Gives Back, One Comic at a Time, by Erica Hellerstein

With her sleek bob, slight frame and funky patterned sneakers, 15-year-old Emma T. Capps looks like she just hopped off the pages of a comic book. Even her last name — short, sassy and perfectly animated with bubble letters — seems destined for the funnies. Read more...

National Examiner
The Chapel Chronicles is an entertaining look into the life of a young girl, by Robert Sodaro

Emma T. Capps is a pretty a-typical for a teenager; Sure she is bright, energetic, funny, cute and passionate about her entertainment. However, where she differs from most of her peers is that she is also an award-winning cartoonist... Read more...

Artventures in Middleschooling
Skyping in Class, by Janine Campbell

Today was no ordinary day in the classroom. Today we got to Skype with author and illustrator of the web comic series The Chapel Chronicles, Emma T. Capps. Read more...

October/November 2012
Kiki Magazine
The Chronicles of Chapel Chronicles, by Tessa Buchin

Imagine chronicling the the happenings of your daily life: scrabble games, wisdom teeth, pet hedgehogs, babysitters, and, of course, Lady Gaga. Read more...

September 2012
Read Comic Books -- Webcomic of the Week

The Chapel Chronicles is a family-friendly webcomic with a lovely art style and quirky humor. The creator of this comic, Emma T. Capps, at only 15 years old, exhibits immense talent. Read more...

May 2012
Children’s Book and Music Reviews

Cartoonist Emma T Capps is our featured writer/illustrator this month and with good reason: she’s talented, she’s local and she’s fourteen. Read more...

Identity Discovery
Check out The Chapel Chronicles

To start off with, WOW. For a 15 year old, this girl really has things worked out. The above picture is of the folder I received with everything for me to review. Read more...

Comic Book Resources

Emma Capps is a pretty typical webcartoonist except for one thing: she hasn't graduated from high school yet. Her series "The Chapel Chronicles" is an all-ages strip that tells of the adventures and fantastic imaginings of Chapel Smith, a Lady Gaga-obsessed 11 year-old with a fondness for elaborate headwear and a pet hedgehog named Rupert who tends to sit on top of her head. Read more...

Mom Does Reviews
The Chapel Chronicles Review and Giveaway

I was so excited to find out that The Chapel Chronicles were coming right to my house! The only problem was that my 9 year-old son decided that he “needed” to read the comics first. Read more...

PBS - It's My Life Blog
Meet teen comic artist Emma Capps

...14-year-old Emma Capps loves to write and draw comics too, and her works of art have appeared in national magazines... Read more...

Building Carpenters
The Chapel Chronicles ~ Review and Giveaway ~

Emma T Capps. Not someone you have heard of? Maybe not, but I am sure you will some day. What makes me say this? Well, she has talent. At the age of 14 she is already an award winning cartoonist, author, and artist in addition to being published in multiple trade magazines... Read more...

Winter 2012
Atom Magazine by Brendan Nystedt
Atom talks to Emma T. Capps

What were you doing when you were 14? Fretting over your pre-algebra homework? Playing Pokemon on your Gam Boy Color? Meet Emma T Capps... Read more...

Geek Mom by Nicole Wakelin
The Chapel Chronicles Web Comic by 14-year-old Emma T. Capps

Emma has been featured in publications like Stone Soup and Creative Kids, but the work that really got my attention was her weekly web comic called The Chapel Chronicles. Read more...

And, you can also listen to the interview from the podcast

USA Today -- Pop Candy
Comics: Emma Capps draws a moving T-giving scene

You'll wanna grab the Kleenex for this one, guys -- it's a tearjerker. Longtime Pop Candy reader Zack S. just told me about a very special drawing he commissioned by teen artist Emma Capps. Read more...

The Daily Journal by Heather Murtagh
Exploring life with Chapel

Let’s make one thing clear: Chapel Smith has very little in common with her creator Emma Capps. Read more...

Comics Bulletin by Penny Kenny
A Web Comic Wonder and Some Archie Selections

This is a collection of several episodes from the Chapel Chronicles web comic, a funny, smart four panel strip that is something like a cross between Pat Brady's Rose is Rose and Jimmy Gownley's Amelia Rules! Read more...

High-Low by Rob Clough
The Comics of Emma T. Capps

What makes it worth reading is Capps' obsession with detail: adding eye pops, taking jokes to strange places (like popping into Alice's Adventures In Wonderland at one point) and even her artist's comments below each piece. Read more...

Poopsheet Foundation

It’s not often you see a professional looking, highly polished press packet arrive on your doorstep from an award-winning 14 year old cartoonist. Read more...

Poopsheet Foundation
JAM DAYS by Emma T Capps

Jam Days is a smaller digest-sized affair that is an original piece intended for print, not reprints of her infamous webcomic The Chapel Chronicles, so naturally I was even more interested in this “true” mini-comic than what I’d seen before. Read more...

Optical Sloth
Capps, Emma T. – Jam Days

Comics folk who are older than 14, you need to step up your game. Emma is coming to steal your job! Well, not really, as there’s more than enough room for all kinds of people to make comics. Read more...

An Interview with Emma T. Capps
By Shaenon K. Garrity

Fourteen-year-old Emma T. Capps launched her online comic strip The Chapel Chronicles, about an outspoken 11-year-old girl named Chapel, this March. I spoke to her at her table at this year's Alternative Press Expo. Read more...

The Chapel Chronicles

Hi. The Chapel Chronicles is a Web comics series created and drawn by 14-year-old cartoonist Emma T. Capps. It features a witch-like eleven year-old girl called Chapel trying to cope with the modern life of a tween, as seen through the eyes of a teenager. Read more...

Wide World of Webcomics: 14 Year-Old Prodigy EMMA CAPPS

Emma Capps is a relatively new entry to the world of online comics, but she’s already earned high praise from the likes of Scholastic Books and Scott McCloud – and she hasn’t even started high school yet. Read more...

San Mateo Times
An eighth-grade project has spawned a comic-art business for Emma Capps of San Carlos.

For the project at The Nueva School in Hillsborough, students did something involving their life passion and shared it with one another. For Emma, that was drawing comic strips and making greeting cards. Read more...

National Examiner
Webcomic Friday: Chapel Chronicles

This week's #WebComicFriday pick comes from an unlikely source. Her name is Emma T. Capps, and she's 14 years old. Yet, she's managed to create a sweet, adorable character named Chapel Smith. Chapel is described as "A zany girl", and is the star of the weekly Chapel Chronicles. Chapel has a wild imagination, and her wit is often thwarted by her babysitter, Fred. Read more...

USA Today -- Pop Candy
Read the 'Chronicles' of a teen cartoonist

Emma Capps and I have a lot in common: We both like Neil Gaiman. We work online. We miss David Tennant as the 10th Doctor. One big difference: Emma is 14 years old. Read more...

Encyclopedia of
Stanford Trees,
Shrubs, and Vines
Prunus cerasifera. CHERRY PLUM. Asia ROSACEAE (Rose family)

Emma T Capps has written and illustrated an account of gathering cherry plum fruit "Jam Days," which also includes a recipe for cherry plum jam:

This is probably the most obscure and interesting reference to my comic art, Jam Days. The story involves gathering cherry plum fruit from local trees in my hometown of San Carlos, but I also noticed many cherry plum trees at Stanford University last summer while attending EPGY.

Drawn and Quarterly
MoCCA 2011 (Drinks on Gary Groth)

Now this little girl was the cutest, sweetest person at the show with the best rehearsed pitch EVER. She came up, introduced herself as Emma T. Capps, explained to me that she is a 14 year old cartoonist who had the Gold Medal at the 2011 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. She then asked if she could give me a submission of comics, buttons and postcards. As if the poise and moxie aren't enough, she is a damn fine cartoonist in her own right. We will be hearing much more from Emma.

Bleeding Cool
That Was The MoCCA Weekend That Was

Across from the BCR table was Emma T. Capps, a 14-year-old whose “Jam Days” won the Gold Medal at the 2011 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Her foreshortening skills alone are enough to guarantee that she’s got a future as an artist, and she self-promotes with the energy and verve only a young teenager can.

National Examiner
The Chapel Chronicles

Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of attending the annual MoCCA Festival (the eclectic comicbook convention that supports the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in New York City) is the appearance of youthful, energetic, entertaining, and incredibly talented newcomers to the field. We were reminded of this when we crossed paths with Emma T. Capps, a 14-year old, award-winning author, artist, and creator of The Chapel Chronicles, an on-line & print comic that details the wildly silly antics of an 11-year old girl named Chapel Smith..... Read more

826 Valencia News
826 Valencia Past 826 Valencia student Emma T. Capps, age fourteen, will be exhibiting at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art's annual "MoCCA Fest" in New York City on April 9 and 10, 2011. She will be selling her comic book Jam Days, which won a Gold Medal in the 2011 National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, as well as other products from her weekly web comic The Chapel Chronicles. We couldn't be more proud of Emma Capps's beautiful, whimsical work, and we are beyond flattered that she has decided to donate all the profits from selling her products at MoCCA Fest to 826 Valencia... read more

San Mateo Times
San Mateo Times An eighth-grader at The Nueva School in Hillsborough, Emma won the Gold Medal at the 2011 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for her comic strip, "Jam Days."

The competition attracted 185,000 submissions in 30 categories, including poetry, humor, journalism, film and animation. Renowned artists, authors and educators judged the students' works, which were rated on originality, technical skill and the emergence of personal vision or voice.

Emma has also designed a line of 25 greeting cards in English and Spanish for a school project and will be selling them along with her comic and cartoon art, donating the profits to 826 Valencia, the charity that is nearest to her heart and where she was introduced to her art teacher, Dan Archer... read more

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