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Chapel, Rupert, and the rest of the Chapel Chronicles family all wish you a very happy New Year!!

Every New Year’s Eve, my best friend and I wait until close to midnight and try to make words using sparklers while my dad takes photographs. The sparklers don’t last for long so we can only spell small words like our initials or shapes like hearts. Definitely not the words in this strip! Capturing the effect of lit sparklers is difficult enough, but capturing it in a faux Polaroid is even trickier. In order to get the right effect, I studied a lot of photos of real life people writing words using sparklers. I colored the drawing as normal, then used a special brush to write the lettering and get the proper glow effect. Then I de-saturated all the colors and gave them a sepia tint to look like a real-life Polaroid. When that was done, I added some grainy texture to the whole thing to further make it look like a photograph.

I wanted to have a New Year’s comic that was unconventional, funny, and a little sweet, much like Chapel herself. I hope you all enjoy the onset of 2013!
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