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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

The kernel of this idea came from one of the original Chapel greeting cards I drew in the fall of 8th grade for my 8th grade graduation project. In it, Child Chapel had no background and a smaller wishlist – I exaggerated it here to further the humor of her myriad Christmas demands. The inside of the card originally had Chapel in the present day realizing her parents were Santa all along, but I decided that for the comic, this version was much sweeter!
katara7222 7/29/13
I'm glad you think so!! :)
 Emma  8/4/13
That sounds like me. For Christmas I want a Macbook, an iPad, an iPhone, an iPod touch, a puppy, blah blah blah. Oh, and more Easy Bake Oven refills, they are EXPENSIVE!
ilovepie81 3/6/13
Ha ha! So many desires!
 Emma  3/8/13
That is one looooooong lists :)
Trix 12/27/12
Yes, it really is!
 Emma  1/4/13
Aw! Adorably funny.
Chloe 12/27/12
Thank you so much -- I'm glad you like it!
 Emma  1/4/13
I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Thanks for the continued laughs.

P.S. Definitely find Invader Zim - fantastic cartoon.
Max_Writer 12/26/12
OMG YES!!! I am a lifelong fan of Zim.
also, awesome comic this week. i fell over saying AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.
Clockwork Wombat 12/26/12
Haha I watched that episode this morning

P.S I was wonderng why that turkey was there.
CrazyChick 12/27/12
I still missed a lot of Rikki's work on the show (Invader Zim) he was one of the artists and the voice of Gir, but he and his wife (Tavisha) also do comics, and while i havent spoken to them in years, i still count them as dear friends. with that i share their current project: and encourage anyone who was a fan of invader zim to go to their local comic stores and look for Super Information Highjinks: Reality Check! as well as Ranklechick and his three-legged cat. both of which were adapted into 'tankoban' size a while back. the current project focuses on the lives of their cats and misadventures so please, go check them out too!
DaAmron 1/3/13
Thank you so much!! I'm glad you like the comic. :)
 Emma  3/8/13
Merry Christmas Eve everyone! (and those who don't celebrate, I say Happy Holidays to you)
Miss L.S.P 12/24/12
Yes, Happy Holidays!!
 Emma  1/4/13
If, at this age, I had been as adorable as Chapel, life would have been perfect. :D
Emily14 12/23/12
Ha ha! Same here!!
 Emma  1/4/13
Is a hedgehog on that looooooooooooooooooooong list, by any chance?
Novelist-In-Training 12/22/12
Nope! As I wrote below, Chapel only found out that hedgehogs could be kept as pets in the "Elegance of the Hedgehog" arc back in Season One!
 Emma  12/23/12
Aww! SO cute! i love chapels minnie pigtails!
coco 12/22/12
Thank you!! I purposefully drew her pigtails kind of stubby and tiny, and also a little uneven because she isn't old enough to know how to do them properly! I'm glad you noticed them!
 Emma  12/23/12
coco 12/26/12
And a hippo and a rhino and a parakeet and a mole and a mouse and some gerbils and a show horse and a farm and some lambs and a few [hundred] doggies and a snake and some lizards and a canary and a llama....

The Christmas list of an animal lover.
Riv 12/22/12
Ha ha!! Of course! When I was little, I always wished for a dog, even though I knew it was hopeless because of my dad's allergies...but now I have a hypoallergenic puppy, so maybe wishing for a dog all those years paid off in the end!
 Emma  12/22/12
Sooooo cute

I bet a hedgehog, though, was NOT on the list
Dawnflower8 12/22/12
Nope! Chapel had never even considered hedgehogs as a pet option until the "Elegance of the Hedgehog" arc back in Season One...
 Emma  12/22/12
She probably had on every animal BUT a hedgehog based on the size of that thing
dawnflower8 12/23/12
Or an electric eel
dawnflower8 12/23/12
True, that could also be on the list...it's Chapel, so who knows?
 Emma  12/23/12
Yeah true LOL
dawnflower8 12/23/12
Yep, exactly!!
 Emma  12/23/12
And a llama there HAS to be a llama on that list
CrazyChick 12/22/12
i wants me a barrel of floss! I wants me two balls of glue…TO BE MY FRIENDS! And I wants to go dancing NAKED and a chair made of cheese and a table made of cheese
Yarin 12/22/12
Is this a reference that I don't know about? It's quite baffling!
 Emma  12/22/12
It's from a show called invader zim it's hilarious. And a llama because everybody needs a llama
CrazyChick 12/22/12
Oh I see!! I've heard of Invader Zim, but never watched it. Is it good?
 Emma  12/22/12
It's Amazing it was the best cartoon ever you should defitnely watch it.
CrazyChick 12/22/12
We wish you a merry jingly We wish you a merry jingly
Yarin 12/23/12
Clockwork Wombat 12/29/12
Ahh no more get this kid away from me!
CrazyChick 12/22/12
Why a llama? That seems like it would be a hard pet for her to keep...
 Emma  12/22/12
Well if she got other farm animals like a horse...
Awwwwwwwww! I absolutely LOVE this one, Chapel is just so adorable!!!
Miss L.S.P 12/21/12
Thank you so much!! Child Chapel is basically the cutest thing to ever exist...I wanted to show in this strip how she's very tiny compared to the furniture in the room, and also how her ponytails are so stubby and tiny and a little uneven since she can't do them properly yet...I love drawing little kid versions of my characters!!
 Emma  12/22/12
Of course! Happy Holidays, everyone!!!
Miss L.S.P 12/22/12
I love the chapel chronicles (yay! I spelled that right)l read about you in Kiki and went online and read all of the strips and I think you are a Genius!:- ) btw have you ever been on glogster(you make blogs/glogs)if you have maybe you could make chapel a glog also when my baby cousin Larson (who has red hair) saw Chapel he totally FREAKED!thanks for being awesome!
Wishful Thinking 12/27/12
merry Christmas! but i am NOT dreaming of a white holiday. in California, it's hopeless
lala 12/21/12
It isn't hopeless everywhere in California :). Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, and a happy holidays to the rest of you. :)
blaidd gwael 12/22/12
Happy holidays!! I love that everyone in the Chapel community is getting into the holiday cheer, it really warms my heart!
 Emma  12/22/12
Oh, you're a California person like me!! There are definitely snowy areas up in the California mountains, but where I live in the bay area, there's never any snow! I've only seen a white Christmas once, when I went to NYC many years ago...
 Emma  12/22/12
No way! You're in the Bay Area?? So am I! I live about 2 hours away from SF :D I won't say exactly where, since this is the Internet, but yeah.
Rizzle 12/23/12
Oh to be 5 again, dreaming and living with no sense of what is possible, and allowable. Keep that special wonder and don't "adapt" to the world of expections.

I've got a brick fireplace now and love it, even if it is getting harder to lug in the locks and clean out the ashes. It is magical.

Love this.

Looking forward to all of your comics to come. Happy Holiday.
kc 12/21/12
I'm so glad you like this strip!! I definitely wanted to capture that 'wonder' of childhood holidays in this one. Our fireplace is a brick fireplace, but we keep it low-maintenance by replacing the traditional wood logs with a gas fireplace instead.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday too -- it is always fantastic to see you comment on my work!!
 Emma  12/22/12
now THIS is adorable. granted, i was NEVER as greedy as Chapel is in this posting. The mantel reminds me of the one i had when i was a kid. wood burning fire places are neet all, but was a pain to clean out. i miss them however.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 12/21/12
We have a fireplace in our house that I believe is designed to be wood burning, but we've long since replaced it with a gas fireplace because wood ones are so tiresome to maintain!!!

And I'm glad you find the comic cute! I never asked for as many gifts as Chapel does here, though. A couple books and art supplies and I was content!
 Emma  12/21/12
Have a merry whatever it is you want to have. ^_^ Looooove the comic, and I've been reading for about a season, I think? Anyway, can't wait for the next one. And the one after that. And the one after that. You can tell where this is going, right?
VampAmber 12/21/12
Have a happy holiday too!!! I'm so excited to hear from you as I don't believe you've commented much before! It's so nice to hear from fans of the comic and I hope you keep reading + commenting. What's your favorite part of The Chapel Chronicles?
 Emma  12/21/12
That was my first comment, in fact. ^_^ As for my favorite part? Can I just say Chapel? She's such a great character. Always funny, always interesting. She reminds me a bit of myself at that age. Except I don't think I was quite that cool.
VampAmber 12/29/12
Awww, happy merry Christmas!
Miles 12/21/12
Merry Christmas to you, too!
 Emma  12/21/12
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