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Chapel has, let’s be honest, a rather stilted view of England from getting most of her knowledge of the country from a fare of Doctor Who and BBC period dramas. So her idea of the place is a little bit strange! In panel 1, I drew her in a roughly translated version of one part of the Buckingham Palace gardens. In Panel 2, I wanted to show that there were various other people at the tea party, so to give that sense of a crowd without really “showing” them I took advantage of the height difference and showed Chapel’s full body, but not theirs.

And, of course, Chapel is wearing a fascinator by quintessential English hatmaker Phillip Treacy – the absolute must-have for hobnobbing with the upper crust over afternoon tea.
If that were PIPING HOT tea and my dog, I wouldn't be writing this comment. Need I say more?
ilovepie81 2/27/13
Well, Chapel didn't actually get it on Rupert, she was only ABOUT to!
 Emma  3/8/13
I wish you kept chapel's hands the way they were at the beginning of the web series :( I felt as though they gave chapel more character and cartoony effect...
The main plot of the cartoon always amuses me though! good job with that! Your drawings are always clear and full of color which I love as well.
Nice job!
Jen 11/23/12
I understand what you mean about Chapel's hands -- I too was reluctant to give her hands when I eventually did. I liked the cartoony effect from before, but I finally decided to give her hands so I could more accurately portray things like pouring tea. I decided that the cartoony effect was impeding my ability to show things I wanted to.

I'm so glad you like my comics, though! I really hope you keep commenting -- I'd love to chat with you more as the series continues!
 Emma  11/27/12
Happy Happy Happy thanksgiving! I'm thankful for many things, including all you guys and this web comic!
Miss L.S.P 11/22/12
Aww, that's so sweet! I'm thankful for you, too!
 Emma  11/27/12
Happy Thanksgiving!
Emily14 11/22/12
Thanksgiving is not about stuffing your face, watching football, or the start of the hoilday shopping insanity.

Thanksgiving is also likely not what they taught you in school. It was not about the pilgrims stealing land or being cruel to the natives. (the natives couldn't care less about the pilgrims at the time). They starved for several years until they could get on their feet and knew more about the new land they were on. They did not give thanks to the natives who shared food with them, for they didn't share much and stayed away from the pilgrims.

They were thankful to the God they worshiped for being given a chance to start a new life away from persecution they got from the madness of Europe.

What ever faith you might have, be thankful for what ever family, friends, and/or life you have. In this unstable times we live in, everything can change in a moment's notice. Be thankful for those you hold dear and the life you enjoy. I do, and those in here as Chapel's Faithful count for those i am thankful for.
Dr Taxil Necrobane 11/22/12
Thank you!
 Emma  3/8/13
aww! I love Chapel's pose in the first panel, and the second too. she's so cute!
haha,and the contrast between real-dessert-platter-and- bouquet, and daydream-dessert- platter-and-bouquet.
Ava 11/19/12
Oh, I'm so happy you like that!! I think the contrast between panels 3 and 4 is one of my favorite things about this strip.
 Emma  11/21/12
You forgot the buttons in panel 3!
Evee 11/18/12
I fixed it -- thank you for letting me know!!
 Emma  11/21/12
I really like this one...maybe cause of the hat or just cause its funny. I like pane 1 especially; chapel looks different.Maybe more realistic?
coco 11/17/12
I'm so glad you like it! I think you think it looks different because she's in profile, which I haven't done before.
 Emma  11/17/12
ah yes. :)
coco 11/25/12
I'm British.....if only dessert was always like Chapel's dessert tower!
Missy 11/17/12
Yes, she clearly overestimates how fancy your desserts would be on an everyday basis, ha ha!
 Emma  11/17/12
David Tennant. David Tennant. The only two words I really read in this comic.

Please tell me you love Doctor Who. We will be best friends.
Riv 11/17/12
I do like Doctor Who! I'm surprised you didn't realize that, as it's popped up in many past strips. Glad to hear you're also a fan!
 Emma  11/17/12
Dear Miss Emma, you will just have to accept Matt Smith is the Doctor now. He is doing a fine job with it, you should learn to enjoy his episodes.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/18/12
That or the handful of us in your fan base that are ok with the not-so-new-anymore doctor probably won't stop bringing it up.
blaidd gwael 11/20/12
Ha ha! I'll keep that in mind!
 Emma  11/21/12
I haven't watched it recently, purely because I don't watch much TV at all recently! I will definitely try to love the Smith, though :)
 Emma  11/21/12
Yeah... me too... a bit... sometimes I fantasize about meeting Tennant once I am extremely successful in the acting career, and just saying something like, "Just saying - you were one of my childhood role models."
That would be EPIC.
Clockwork Wombat 11/29/12
Aww now I'm all sad. I thought he really was at Bukingham palace. I love how she says "David Tenant" in the end of Panel 4.
Ceylan 11/17/12
I know, it's a shame she actually wasn't there! And I'm glad you like it!
 Emma  11/17/12
whew! at first i thought chapel had worn another outfit... i was gonna comment about how i hoped chapel stayed who she was and not to keep turning into a human girl....
at least she still wears her black dress!
No, she was only wearing another outfit in her fantasy! In reality, it was just her usual LBD.
 Emma  11/16/12
Princess Beatrice Royal Wedding Hat was one of the most god awful hats I have ever seen. Ever sense, I have just can't take them seriously any more.

I have stated before what my heritage is. but that is from my dad's side of the family. Yet I am not completely sure from my mom's side. I was told it is mostly German. But recently I have found some evidence that I just MIGHT be descended right from the British royal line. MIGHT.
Dr Taxil Necrobane 11/16/12
I thought that hat looked pretty cool! Some may think it was goofy, but I liked it.

That's pretty interesting heritage! I have some German in me too...my dad's side of the family came over from there on the Mayflower. Other than that, I'm half Italian, from my mom.
 Emma  11/16/12
I hated that hat. ><

well from my dad's side, they came in on the prison ships, debtor boats, and bottom class colonist that landed in Georgia, north and south Carolina. i can't rule out some of my ancestors could have been pirates!
Dr Taxil Necrobane 11/16/12
That's pretty cool! What an interesting heritage!
 Emma  11/16/12
I don't have a very interesting heritage. I think I have Irish on both sides, though.
Clockwork Wombat 12/26/12
Clockwork Wombat 11/16/12
AND IT WAS KEWL!!! Though for me it was more having pub food and lemon curd on toast for tea rather than Chapel's SOARING TOWERS of EXQUISITE COOKIES, but it was still KEWL TO THE MAX!!!!
Clockwork Wombat 11/16/12
Pub crawls are a blast if you can do it. although most of you Chapel's Faithful are probably too young to drink.
Dr Taxil Necrobane 11/16/12
Yes, a GOOD deal of us are too young to drink, including the author! ;)
 Emma  11/16/12
Yeah... And also, no offense (or offence ;]) to pub cooks, but mostly the tikka masala was... not meeting my standards. The steak and kidney pie I had once was TOTALLY EXCELLENT, though.
Clockwork Wombat 11/22/12
That's awesome!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And of course Chapel's dessert tray is hard to top...
 Emma  11/16/12
Wow, that's very cool! Where did you go?
 Emma  11/16/12
I went to London (where I am totally moving after I finish college, 10 years from now), Bath (the place with the Roman stuff) and this little Cotswold village called Church Lench. :)
Clockwork Wombat 11/22/12
HAHAHA Chapel has been doing some pretending here, I gather
Ginny Weasley fan 11/16/12
Yeah, she certainly has...!
 Emma  11/16/12
Me and Chapel have the same view of Britain i learned all i know from PBS dramas and doctor who
CrazyChick 11/16/12
I learned about England from my uncle when he was stationed there during WW2 as well as a family friend who works on a natural gas rig off the British coast line.

my god, they eat brussles sprouts ALL THE TIME THERE!
Dr Taxil Necrobane 11/16/12
Brussels sprouts are tasty!! That's a very interesting story about your uncle, as well.
 Emma  11/16/12
he was in the air force, he helped keep the bombers flying as best as they could. oh the stories i could tell you all....
Dr Taxil Necrobane 11/16/12
My grandfather was also in World War Two! He was in an airplane carrier in the Navy. Because he knew how to type (which was a rarity for men in those days) he mostly got to do secretarial jobs belowdecks, which kept him safe.
 Emma  11/16/12
Carriers were NOT safe. the kamakazes aimed for those more than any others. he was lucky, good, or both.
Dr Taxil Necrobane 11/16/12
Well, he was fine!
 Emma  11/16/12
I agree; her grandfather (my father) wasn't safe. He joined the Navy only after being drafted into the Army (both WWII and Korea) deciding he would be relatively safer in the Navy than on the Army front lines.
Marie, aka Emma's mom 11/28/12
Ha ha! It's probably not necessarily the most accurate view of the country, but what can you do...
 Emma  11/16/12
That is an absolutely beautiful fascinator! Chapel also looks adorable in her pink and green outfit! Great Job!
Miss L.S.P 11/16/12
Thank you! Treacy makes the BEST fascinators, truly! And her outfit IS pretty cute...
 Emma  11/16/12
Totally! :) it was nice seeing you, too!
Miss L.S.P 11/17/12
Emily14 11/16/12
I KNOW! Her outfit here was super fun to draw and design, she's clearly busting out her finest clothes for the occasion!
 Emma  11/16/12
Hope Rupert is ok with hot tea being poured on him
Yarin 11/16/12
He'll be okay, it won't hurt him beyond a little discomfort! Hedgies get hot baths all the time...besides, Chapel will snap out of her daydream now that her mom has called her on it!
 Emma  11/16/12
Hedgies are so cute
Yarin 11/16/12
They are! If you look it up on Youtube, you can actually watch a video of a hedgie getting a bath in the sink. It's adorable!
 Emma  11/16/12
the tea alone will be tough to clean out. poor hedge hog.
Dr Taxil Necrobane 11/16/12
He'll be okay! Not that Chapel should accidentally pour things onto her hedgehog, but at least it won't harm him...
 Emma  11/16/12
We know about your love of tennant but how do you feel about smith also ever watch torch wood?
Yarin 11/16/12
I have seen Torchwood! I have mixed feelings about Smith. I don't really like how his character is written, and I feel like his acting in Dr. Who isn't always top-notch, but I've seen him in other programs and know he can be a good actor. So I'm not sure!
 Emma  11/16/12
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