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Even though Chapel’s schemes don’t always turn out as she’d like, I wanted to use this strip to highlight that she always tries her hardest at whatever she puts her mind to. She never gives up, no matter how many times she might make a mistake. To me, that’s the secret of being good at anything – constantly trying, working hard, and learning from your mistakes. I’m not sure Gordon Ramsay of Hell’s Kitchen would agree with this message, since he tolerates nothing less than perfection!

As an added note, the amazing insect-and-orchid fascinator Chapel is wearing is an actual fascinator designed by the owner of Etsy shop “Fizzy Fascinators.” I found the link to the shop from an article on Rookie Magazine, which is an online magazine for teenage girls, and immediately knew I’d HAVE to draw Chapel wearing the insect fascinator. It’s so Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-esque! I would buy it myself if I had Chapel’s superhuman confidence when it comes to wearing eccentric headpieces.
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