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I really like this comic in particular because it encapsulates Chapel and Barnaby’s cute sibling relationship. In a lot of comics, particularly gag-oriented newspaper strips, sibling relationships are defined only by the petty squabbles that seem to erupt between the siblings almost constantly. Of course not all siblings get along in real life, but one of my goals in introducing Barnaby into the strip was to highlight a sibling relationship that was a healthy and positive one! Despite being seven years older than Chapel and quite different than she is in some ways, they still love and support each other – and you can tell that from just the second panel of this comic alone! So, any older brothers out there, I hope you take after Barnaby in how you treat your younger siblings!

Chapel and Barnaby, however, are so caught up watching the scenery that they’re completely slacking off while their parents work hard to unload the supplies from the car. Oops!

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