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My parents and I always joke that our 5 month old puppy, Sunny, seems to be asleep for about 75% of her day. Considering that her life consists of walks, getting petted, and eating, we have no idea what there is in her life to tucker her out constantly! My friends’ cats do this as well – is it just a pet thing? Honestly, I wish I could get enough time in my day to laze about just like dogs and cats do – it seems like an idyllic existence! (Actually, I don’t think I would like it that much, because I wouldn’t get to draw cartoons that way). Anyway, I wanted to do a comic where Chapel is also faced with this perplexing pet behavior and then is forced to confront the idea that her concept of a “stressful life” is nothing compared to that of an adult. I’m sure the adult Chapelites can attest to that!

Do your pets sleep a lot too? I don’t know why, but I find this phenomenon really hilarious for some reason, just seeing pets tuckered out everywhere…Sunny, for example, loves to sleep in hilariously awkward positions – with one half of her body draped over my arm, for example, or with her head propped up on my graphics tablet as I’m coloring a Chapel comic!
Puppies - and kittens - and all baby mammals, in fact, sleep most of the time. It's their jobs! They're actually expending a lot of energy in sheer growing. As for adult cats, at least - cats normally spend about 20 hours a day sleeping, and 4 hours or so awake (and sometimes for part of those 4 hours they're tearing around like crazy). It's normal for predators - i.e., dogs and cats - to spend most of their time conserving their energy, since they are designed to expend it in intense, but short, bursts while hunting. Even if they only hunt your shoes.
IvyKllr 8/6/13
Interesting, I had no idea! Thanks for the great factoid!
 Emma  9/20/13
Omg I love marina and the diamonds
Dawnflower8 11/18/12
ME TOO! I want to go to one of her concerts soon...her music is amazing!
 Emma  3/8/13
You got a dog? I thought your dad was allergic. She is adorable. My own dog is Bailey. She's 11 but still feisty. I was told she was a border collie but she looks more like a terrier - I love her so much.
Max_Writer 10/21/12
My dad is allergic, so we got a hypoallergenic breed! Bailey sounds adorable, oh my goodness.
 Emma  11/1/12
Yes. My cat sleeps about 100 hours straight, eats, goes to the litterbox, bothers us for a while, then goes back to sleep.
Lucy extensively enjoys sleeping on my school binder - something I cannot get away with not having at school any given day, with or without cat fur.
Me again.
Ginny Weasley fan 10/13/12
Oh, that sounds adorable! Your cat must be a total sweetheart!
 Emma  11/1/12
 Emma  11/1/12
Clockwork Wombat 10/4/12
Thank you!
 Emma  11/1/12
is that a downton abbey poster?
In panel one?
Ginny Weasley fan 10/13/12
Yep, it is!
 Emma  11/1/12
ohhh! Rupert is so cute. And so is your puppy! I'm so glad we get to see a picture of her.
By the way Emma, I just finished reading The True Meaning of Smekday and I thought it was hilarious!:) Now I'm really excited for the movie....even if they completely change the plot, Dreamworks has never let me down.
Ava 9/20/12
I'm so glad you liked the book, wow!!! I really hope they don't change the plot though, I think it's perfect just as it is...
 Emma  11/1/12
My dog Stretches out when she sleeps but she doesn't stay in one position for to long
Emme Reese 9/20/12
Ah, I see!!
 Emma  11/1/12
Oh my lord, what is WRONG with me! how could i have been so BLIND!

i just realized a good chunk of the actors that are in Downtown Abby are also working in my beloved TV show "Game of thrones"!! AND I JUST REALIZED THIS A FEW MOMENTS AGO!

now i HAVE to find the time to watch downtown abby because of this. (sigh)
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/19/12
Downton Abbey is really great! My mother tried watching Game of Thrones, but wasn't too crazy about it. However, I know lots of people who DO love it!
 Emma  9/19/12
Did someone say Downton Abbey?
I can't believe the US won't get season three until 2013!!
Ginny Weasley fan 10/13/12
oh yeah and your dog is adorable along with her name
Miss L.S.P 9/18/12
Thank you! Isn't she the cutest?
 Emma  9/19/12
Of course! I really wish I could have a dog!
Miss L.S.P 9/21/12
I see Chapel has been reading "Where'd you go Bernadette" ;)
coco 9/18/12
Also, one of my cats sleeps with a pillow under his head! It's one of those ones that is meant for your neck..
coco 9/18/12
Oh my gosh, that's adorable!
 Emma  9/19/12
AWW THAT'S SOO CUTE!! I wish my cat would do that. It would be better than sleeping on my homework.
Ginny Weasley fan 10/13/12
Yup, she has been! Or maybe her mom's the one who's been reading it...
 Emma  9/19/12
So when are you gonna have that Chapel drawing contest?
Ellie 9/17/12
It's going to start on next Monday! I will have a post with all the relevant info going up on the Chapel facebook page (I will link it here as well) so please wait until then to draw anything, because there are specific rules about how it must be done. The contest will last more than 2 weeks so that everyone has time to submit!
 Emma  9/19/12
O cool, mebe I will enter (and finally make
use of my tablet)
doodlefox 9/20/12
So what is happening in February that is circled on Chapel's calendar? I thought it might be the return of Downton Abbey, but that is January 6.
Dean 9/17/12
It's her mom's calendar, so it could be anything! Maybe a birthday, or Valentine's day...
 Emma  9/19/12
Ginny Weasley fan 10/13/12
I know that my two (cats) spend a lot of time sleeping and like to do so all over the place. The more inconvenient it is for my roomies the better. My yellow tabby has developed a fondness for John's underthings (the clean ones, thank god) which are all in various shades of black and gray.
The gray and white tuxedo, on the other hand, likes it when I'm having a lazy day. He likes to crawl under the covers with me and curl up behind my knees, especially if it's raining. It is not uncommon to hear me refer to them as "fat and lazy."
Marikalay 9/17/12
Aww, that's so cute! I love cats so much, yours sound completely darling!
 Emma  9/19/12
I've filed my taxes once, and my Mom has done it the rest of the time (And to clarify, she's a CPA with 20+ years experience.) So when I do get money back, I'll take her out for a nice dinner somewhere as appreciation instead (Yay bonding!)

I've owned cats and dogs my whole life (and a tarantula somewhere in there as well), and I've seen that cats sleep a loooot more than dogs. I've seen most of my dogs lounge and run around for a good 12 or 14 hours a day before actually sleeping, where all my cats sleep for a good 16 or 18 hours (roughly)
evilrizwiz 9/16/12
Oh, my mother is an attorney as well! I've been hounding her down to teach me how to invest and do taxes for a while, as they're valuable life skills...Cats are known for sleeping a lot more than dogs, I wonder why it is! Well...they're part-nocturnal, aren't they? I'm not too sure!
 Emma  9/19/12
My sister's cat is a lot like that. He used to have adventures around our property, but now all he does is lay around in our basement sleeping-- and eating, of course. :D He's ridiculously spoiled.
Emily14 9/15/12
Oh gosh, aren't all pets spoiled though? Humans love them to death!
 Emma  9/19/12
That is just precious. All adults will appreciate this strip for eternity.
Riv 9/15/12
Ah ha yes, I hope they will! Even though I'm just a teenager and can't understand adult stressors like taxes yet, I still can understand that I don't understand! ...If that makes sense...
 Emma  9/15/12
the first step towards wisdom is to realize and state that you know that don't know about anything.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/15/12
Yes, Taxil! Well put!
 Emma  9/19/12
It's a predator-thing. If you look at all of the predators in the wild, they spend the vast majority of their time sleeping. It's basically to conserve energy: burn it only while hunting, sleep the rest of the time. Most herbivores spend the major part of their time eating because it takes so much more to get the same amount of energy back. Those omnivores and herbivores who eat more "energy-rich" foods will spend the extra time sleeping.
As for life and stress, yes I can admit that adult-life is alot more stressful, but it's all dependent upon what you have experienced, so as I got older each time it seemed like the stress was the worst it could possibly be. Then hindsight decided it wasn't so bad after all now that I'm older and dealing with more (or different) stresses. All things considered: I'd jump at the chance to live as a hermit somewhere, if I could, but I've always been a very solitary person by nature.
Nefariousdro 9/15/12
Ah, that's very interesting about the predator aspect! That makes a lot of sense in retrospect. See, you learn lots of things in the Chapel comments section!

While I do have stress in my life, I'm constantly thankful that I don't go to high school like most of my friends. In this area especially, they are laden down with insane workloads for a 15 year old and I'm very glad I don't have to do that much busywork.
 Emma  9/15/12
Also dogs and cats get bored just like humans do. As an expert on boredom I know that sleep is a good way to waste several unwanted hours.
Dogs often adjust their sleep patterns to match the times their owners are most active. That way they are most alert and awake when it's playtime or time for walkies. Also the large amounts of sleep means they can sleep lighter and remain active enough to listen and pay attention to any intruders or friends that come near. My family's Jack Russell used to sleepa lot then suddenly wake up when he smelled or heard someone walk past our house
Stikibunn 10/6/12
Sadly, I don't have a pet right know although I wish I did..... by the way, I love Chapel's hat!
Miss L.S.P 9/15/12
I love it too, I think it's a fabulous hat for her! And I didn't have any pets up until 2 months ago, so I understand the feeling...
 Emma  9/19/12
my days are hit or miss, but when i do work, i work my back side off. I don't even get the weekends or hoidays off. I do have freedom from set shifts (aka 9 to 5) but i pay a price for it. Miss Emma, i am sure your parents are paying though the nose in taxes with your family living in the insane state that is CA these days.

My dog (a mix breed mutt) is around 13 years old, and she sleeps quite a lot. she has her own love couch that is her "bed". I don't know how long hedgehogs live, and we really don't how old rupert is really. the older the pet is, the more they tend to sleep.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/14/12
Yes, taxes in California sure are difficult! And I know that older pets tend to sleep more. Even though Chapel adopted him, he was a young hedgehog when she did so, so we can assume he's fairly young.
 Emma  9/14/12
I thought hedgehogs only lived for maybe 3 or 4 years on average, varying between species, but I'm not certain.
blaidd gwael 9/15/12
Yeah, my cats' days consist of eating and sleeping and sometimes being pet if they feel like it.
blaidd gwael 9/14/12
It's a nice life being a cat, isn't it? How many cats do you have?
 Emma  9/14/12
I have 2 cats, several dogs, and some other pets.
blaidd gwael 9/15/12
in my days, i have lived though 2 dogs (still have one of them), 2 cats, a bunch of fish, and 2 big snails.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/15/12
Oh dear, I've reached the current comic. Well, that was a fun day of reading, now it's time to bookmark another comic for future readings.

On the pets sleeping thing, it's every pet ever, I think. My cat will be sleeping, or just laying about, until he knows we're going somewhere, then it's non-stop attention time (but I've got to get to work) Recently, he's taken to using the casters to my desk chair as a pillow for his head. It's quite odd.
White Rice 9/14/12
Wow, I'm so pleased you read through all my archives! It always makes me so happy to hear about people sitting and reading the entire comic from start to finish. OH, but be careful when bookmarking! The website will automatically bookmark it at the specific comic you're looking at, so unless you just bookmark chapelchronicles dot com, you won't ever see the new updates when you go to your bookmark, just the comic you bookmarked it on!

That's so funny about your cat, though! I guess animals do really adore sleeping in strange positions!
 Emma  9/14/12
I can't tell if my fish are sleeping or not. They just kind of float around. But does a hedgehog really need a leash? I can’t image them running away too quickly.
Togarmah 9/14/12
their pretty fast and their spikey
Yarin 9/14/12
Hedgehogs' spikes actually don't hurt, and while they can scoot around quite fast, humans are a lot bigger than they are. ;)
 Emma  9/14/12
Hedgehogs are pretty slow, but still, you can't take one out on a walk outside unless you have a leash -- same for any animal, and you can't train hedgehogs to walk off-leash like you can with dogs.

And I don't know much about sleeping fish -- what kind of fish do you have?
 Emma  9/14/12
My dog does the same!
doodlefox 9/14/12
What kind of dog do you have? I love hearing about people's pets!
 Emma  9/14/12
O jeez not checking

Anyhoo, my dogs an Australian shepard
and shes really cute
doodlefox 9/20/12
In addition to that, I may misspell shtuff
doodlefox 9/20/12
Ninja kitty sleeps when he isn't rough housing with Gyger kitty. Spot kitty just often sleeps when he isn't begging for foods or looking out the window. Ninja would run and play more when he was younger, before he was fixed. I would also take him outside for 'walks'. I would carry him, and he would look around and sniff at things. This was before he discovered crows. Crows freak him right out, and he does his absolute best to avoid them. He is not content being an inside kitty in the new apartment complex, alas, but he also is much too big to go for walks, nor is he any longer inclined. <- Spot and <- Ninja, taken with my 3DS.
Miles 9/14/12
That's so funny that your cat is afraid of crows! Even though I have a dog, I love cats too. Did you know that you can walk some cats on leashes, though? Not all cats like it, but there are some who do, and it's a good form of exercise for them.
 Emma  9/14/12
Ahh, it makes sense I cannot post kitty pics from Flickr. Ahh well.
Miles 9/14/12
Oh, sorry, we have links blocked in the comments section to prevent spambots. Because we don't require one of those cumbersome captcha images or a log-in (to make it easier for people to comment) we then have to program in other security measures.
 Emma  9/14/12
That makes perfect sense. Is it okay if I post pics in the link dot com way for anyone who would like a look at our kitties? I promise nothing inappropriate! Would you liike to see the balls of fur that are Ninja and Spot?
Miles 9/14/12
Of course, I know myself (and I'm sure others) are ALWAYS game to see adorable kitty pics!
 Emma  9/14/12
In this case Ninja: [dot] com/photos/82961566@N03/7946412804/
[dot] com/photos/82961566@N03/7946405618/
and Spot
[dot] com/photos/82961566@N03/7946412902/
Get rid of the spaces and replace [dot] with .
And it looks like you are out of school at the same time I am on Fridays, Emma. =D
Miles 9/14/12
Ahh, in the above add www [dot] flickr. My html fooling skills are less good than I'd anticipating.
Miles 9/14/12
taxes are hard but its hard out here for a hedgie
Yarin 9/14/12
How hard could it be, though? Hedgies can't have that tough of an existence!
 Emma  9/14/12
its a domestic animal thing they dont hunt anymore so they fill that time sleeping
Yarin 9/14/12
Ah, I see! Some animals never hunted much in the wild, anyway...
 Emma  9/14/12
also, cats, atleast, are nocturnal. so they would be more active at night.
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