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In panel 3, Chapel and her newfound friends are discussing Lady Mary Crawley, one of the main characters from Downton Abbey, which I will keep mentioning in these commentaries until you all watch it! It’s one of my favorite period dramas ever, and Season 3 starts airing in the UK in less than two weeks! I am SO EXCITED. To set the mood, I listened to the Season 2 soundtrack while drawing most of this week’s strip.

The background in this strip is based somewhat from a corset shop from the Dickens Faire that I attend in San Francisco. Chapel and her friends are eating fish and chips, which is the staple food of Dickens fairs. They’re supposed to be eaten with vinegar, but I prefer ketchup (blasphemy, I know!) which is what Chapel’s friends have in this panel.

Do you attend any fairs or conventions where you feel like you’re with family? Tell me more!
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