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This is a small strip of one of my favorite new singers, Kyary, also known as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who is a Japanese model, blogger, and singer. She has these songs with amazing psychedelic videos. I really like PonPonPon, Jelly, and Candy Candy. I’m sure Chapel would like Kyary because she wears a collection of incredibly fantastic hats (bows and cakes) and outfits. If she ever comes to the United States, I’m definitely going to one of her concerts! Check out her twitter account, @pamyurin, for cute and crazy photos of Kyary and her dancers. Also, here is a pix of a Kyary stuffed animal my dad bought for me from ebay. Have fun!
MOTHER OF GOD! i remember this one! she is an OK singer i guess. (i am NOT fluent in japanise so i don't know if she is singing alright)

I also watched her candycandy video, and i thought i was having an acid trip from it. @_@
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/22/12
Candy candy isn't that strange of a video! I actually don't think any of them are strange at all...I love her music, I have all of her tracks downloaded.
Emma 8/23/12
If Ava comments on this:
I want to let you know I saw your illustrations in Stone Soup! They were amazing, I was definetly not that talented at 12 :D
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 8/22/12
Which one did she illustrate?
coco 8/23/12
I haven't received my Stone Soup yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing them!
Emma 8/23/12
Kyary sounds just like the Japanese version of Lady Gaga!
Ellie 8/22/12
No, no. You are probably not familiar with J-pop. It's Lady Gaga who is western version of lots and lots J-pop bands.
Elm 8/22/12
Oh, I guess I should start listening to J-pop!
Ellie 8/22/12
You should! Kyary's songs are really great in particular! A few other bands I like with a similar sound as Kyary are Perfume and Capsule.
Emma 8/23/12
Yeah, that's quite true! Pop stars in the US who dress strangely are often inspired by Harajuku fashion and culture from Japan...
Emma 8/23/12
No, they have really different styles. Kyary is in the style of Harajuku, which is a region in Japan. Lady Gaga of course is wacky Western style...
Emma 8/23/12
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