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Chapel’s mom is a crafty little bugger, huh? I’ve never had a time (that I can think of) when my parents had to trick me into being motivated. Still, I remember that my childhood best friend’s parents would promise him extra mac ‘n’ cheese if he did his chores, and then not actually give him any extra mac ‘n’ cheese. It’s a cruel world when it comes to motivating your children, especially if they wizen up after one too many tricks.

Have your parents ever lured you into doing something on false pretenses? Tell me your anecdotes and feel free to kvetch below!
Hmm. Let me think about that.
Oh and also, that room Chapel is in? Is it the laundry room?
Me again.
Ginny Weasley fan 10/13/12
Yes, it is the laundry room!
 Emma  11/1/12
She PROBABLY should have seen that coming, haha!

I love the green stars in Chapel's hair, so pretty and different!
Emily14 8/21/12
Thank you so much! And she SHOULD have seen that coming...it's her mom after all!
 Emma  11/1/12
Back in my high school days, my mother sent me to a friends house. I did not have to beg her to let me, which was surprising. When I got home in the evening, my parents had rearranged my furniture, cleaned my room and threw out my rock collection. They found my dairy. They would not admit to reading it, but I bet they did.
Roq 8/20/12
I never kept a dairy when i as young. Having Dyslexia then didn't help either. I did get better later on, but i had to work really hard to over come it.

Now that i am older, i ponder writing an autobiography lately.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/21/12
You should write an autobiography, Taxil. You're a very interesting person!
 Emma  8/23/12
I second that. I too, would love very much to read Dr. Taxil's autobiography! Would even translate it into Indonesian or French, if required!
DarkwingLady 11/3/13
Oh wow, that's harsh! Especially your diary! Your parents sound strict, that's a bit much in my opinion...
 Emma  8/23/12
OK, that is just SNEAKY.

You should clean up your room always, but rearranging furniture, THROWING AWAY ROCK COLLECTION and READING DIARY too...?!

I am nearly speechless!!
DarkwingLady 11/3/13
please update your tumblr! i really wish to see more of your artwork! they are amazing!
I update it as quickly as I have finished drawings (I don't like to put up unfinished sketches) and the current drawing I'm working on is very complicated, so it'll be a while before it's updated. I'm SO glad you like my artwork!
 Emma  8/19/12
Hehehe, although it was a kinda mean trick... I once spent a summer taking care of 3 kids, I was always surprised at how effective it was if I turned everything into a "race" but made sure they would just barely finish ahead of me. I still think they knew what I was doing, but couldn't resist "beating" their older cousin.
Nefariousdro 8/18/12
That's a good trick! Hey, whatever works when it comes to motivating kids, right? Sometimes I think I might have to do that in the cartooning workshops I teach, when kids aren't being very productive...
 Emma  8/18/12
Hi Emma! Are you still considering another Chapel drawing contest?
Ellie 8/17/12
Yes, I just need to figure out a good timeframe for the contest that works for everyone! What would work for you?
 Emma  8/18/12
I can't really say a time, but I would be able to work on it more before school starts or over some weekend.
Ellie 8/18/12
I agree with blaidd.
Ellie 8/20/12
I suppose we could all just draw our versions of chapel and submit them. Then ask her to pick one. If she never holds a contest that is.
blaidd gwael 8/21/12
That's a good idea. What do you think Emma????
Ellie 8/21/12
I mean, I'd rather you hold an actual contest, but if that's not going to work blaidd's idea works.
Ellie 8/21/12
You should have like a week long contest and then it'll be more likely to work for everyone.
blaidd gwael 8/20/12
now this is cruel and funny at the same time. good job Miss Emma.

thankfully i was never suckered like chapel was when i was younger. i knew full well what i was getting into, even if i didn't like it.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/17/12
"Cruel and funny at the same time" well, some things in life are like that, huh? Oh well!
 Emma  8/18/12
Awwww... It would have been nice to see chapel win for a change...
Miss L.S.P 8/17/12
Someday she'll win...SOMEDAY!
 Emma  8/17/12
Probably... do you think it would be on her list of "Stuff I HAVE to do One day"? haha
Miss L.S.P 8/18/12
Now that's just cruel. Heh)
Elm 8/17/12
Difficult life, huh! Poor Chapel...
 Emma  8/17/12
Interesting hair ornament. Green twin star?
But... Chapel's hair looks like tomato аt the last panel)
Elm 8/19/12
oh nooooo!Poor Chapel!
foiled again by her mom.....
Ava 8/17/12
Yup, she can't ever get the best of her mom...!
 Emma  8/17/12
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