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Originally, Chapel’s pose in Panel One was completely different. She was facing away from the camera, which I’ve done a couple times before. My mother and I realized that Chapel’s hair from behind kind of looks like…dare I say it? It looks like a butt. A derriere. A fanny. So, I had to scrap my initial Panel One and re-draw it to the pose you see now.

The background of this comic is inspired by my own family’s laundry room, blue walls and all (but we don’t have tv or movie posters in our house). My parents were a bit befuddled to find me hunched in the laundry room sketching amongst dirty clothes. Last week’s hedgehog-ification contest winner is also hidden somewhere in the background of this strip. Can you find it? Congrats to the lucky winner, I loved your witty idea! Hint: It’s right next to the poster for “The Way We Live Now,” an excellent BBC drama that I finished watching a few weeks ago.
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Boy does this bring back some very old memories, Emma. I can hear your Aunt Tina now - and she would have loved this. Was always a procrastinator myself - so many more interesting things to do in life before chores.
kc 8/17/12 reply
I've been so busy with work lately I've neglected all my webcomics. Come back to find a gorgeous site redesign here! I really like the colour scheme, the pale green is lovely, and allows the bright colours of the comic to stand out beautifully. Did you design it?
Kiwifruit 8/16/12 reply
You always seem to manage to capture the expressions and emotions incredibly well if not perfectly every time.
blaidd gwael 8/13/12 reply
Wow, thank you so much! I stive to draw fitting expressions so I'm glad you appreciate them. :)
Emma 8/14/12 reply
careful - "fanny" has a different meaning in british english usage! your uk and australian fans will be raising their eyebrows...!
peter 8/13/12 reply
Wow, what other meaning does it have?
Emma 8/14/12 reply
Erm...similar ballpark...it's used to refer to a certain area of female anatomy. Not particularly polite ;P But we all know what you mean here :P
Kiwifruit 8/16/12 reply
Just found this webcomic and read it up to date ... I'm finding Chapel and her adventures quite enchanting!

One (minor) quibble, though ... unless Chapel's mother is of the bovine persuasion, "Mommmmmmmmmmm" may be more appropriate than "Moooooooooom".
Kent 8/12/12 reply
I'm so flattered that you read it all! Hmm, I get your point about the Mom, but for me, I always stress the vowel sound when speaking like Chapel's doing. What about other people? How do you pronounce words when you're whining to your parents? ;)
Emma 8/12/12 reply
Written "Moooooom" it might be interpreted as "M-ooh-m" (ooh being a closed central rounded vowel or the ü "umlaut" symbol). I find I've done both "M-ah-m" where ah (near-open central vowel or the short a) sound is the extended sound and "Mom-mm" where the nasal m sound is the extended one.
blaidd gwael 8/13/12 reply
Those aren't perfect replications of the intricacies of the sounds made only the important parts (for example the "M-ah-m" one is sort of a "Mah-uhm" and that isnt perfect either). I realize this is my american english (and more specifically californian english) way of stressing the word. I don't have any idea how or if it is different in british english or australian english ( <- is it actually referred to as such?).
blaidd gwael 8/13/12 reply
In Brit (and Canadian) English, we say 'mum' so the point is moot :D
katchan 8/17/12 reply
Well, yes the vowel SOUND is different, but how would you whine "mum."
Blaidd gwael 8/18/12 reply
Oh, Fred...
Hey, Emma, I don't know if you still get Stone Soup, but my illustrations are in the next issue! I thought I would tell you just so you could keep an eye out...they are for a story called I'm Home.
Ava 8/11/12 reply
Oh wow! I still do receive Stone Soup and will DEFINITELY look out for your illustrations! I'm so glad you told me, because otherwise I might never have known to keep an eye out. I'm excited to see!
Emma 8/12/12 reply
Yay, awesome! :)
Ava 8/16/12 reply
I was wondering, what's the framed photo in the first panel?
Ava 8/16/12 reply
is it Chapel's mom and dad?
Ava 8/16/12 reply
hehe sorry for my extended absence I haven't been checking up here in a while...I blame my new twitter.
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 8/14/12 reply
Yup, Mom knows how to get her daughter to work.
Emily14 8/11/12 reply
Moms ALWAYS know the right thing to say to slyly motivate their children...
Emma 8/12/12 reply
personal exprience i presume?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/13/12 reply
haha. I can't wait to find out the results....
Miss L.S.P 8/11/12 reply
What results?
Emma 8/12/12 reply
I was assuming that you would show us the results in the next strip....
Miss L.S.P 8/14/12 reply
I tried watching that. Couldn't really get into it. The actress who plays Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter (sorry can never remember her real name) is hilarious!
CJ 8/11/12 reply
It gets better as it goes on, you should try it again! And yes, her character is my favorite in the series.
Emma 8/12/12 reply
Wow.. this is the second time this year I've influenced a great web comic. Thank you! -with nervousness-

And I have a feeling that either Fred will beat her, as usual, or he isn't folding laundry at all. That it's a corrupt use of mind games played by her mother to convince her to do chores. -Insert something about past experiences here-

P.S. I was reminded of some friends that went to Kumoricon a few years ago as Sonic/ Rose, and said they were Hedgehogians, so my last comment would be The Hedgehogian Candidate (Manchurian Candidate.)
Can't wait for your post next week!
evilrizwiz 8/10/12 reply
Ah ha, you'll have to see what happens next week then! My lips are sealed, so I can't tell you...! And that's very interesting about Hedgehogians!
Emma 8/12/12 reply
I wouldn't say butt I'd say heart
Yarin 8/10/12 reply
Arg second time in a week I've spelt my nick name wrong
Yarin 8/10/12 reply
Ok nevermind apparently my eyes are really bad without my glasses I'll just stop now
Yarin 8/10/12 reply
It is kinda heart-shaped, as well...but to me it looks more like a but...
Emma 8/10/12 reply
You know, I looked at past comics of Chapel facing backwards, and I don't see how it looks like a butt at all.
Cara 8/10/12 reply
Well, to me it does....perhaps my mind is too scatalogical....
Emma 8/10/12 reply
OMG! for ONCE here is a game Chapel can beat Fred at! thank you Miss Emma, i am laughing so hard right now. i needed that for today. I have Grand Jury duty today, and having a smile on my face helps alot.
Dr Taxil Necrobane 8/10/12 reply
Ah, well I'm SO happy I was able to make you laugh when you have Jury Duty! And we'll have to see what the outcome of next week's strip is...who knows if Chapel will REALLY be the best laundry folder?
Emma 8/10/12 reply
well i would say fred had a head start on the folding. hard to catch up i would say.

Grand Jury Duty came and went. I've been doing it for years, it's still kinda sad in a way. if we didn't have a drug problem, we really wouldn't have much in a way of a crime problem.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/12/12 reply
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