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I have LEGENDARY bedhead when I wake up. Seriously, my parents used to joke it was a “rat nest” back there when I woke up! When I was younger, I hated combing my hair, so it would often stay a disaster for the entire school day. On picture day, one of the teachers would take pity on me and do something wacky to my hair. For my application to PreK, my parents included the photo shown here and called it “Bedhead and Shadows: A Case Study, Journal of Applied Shadowgrams” Nowadays, my hair’s much straighter instead of the flyaway curls it used to be, but it can still be a doozy to handle once I wake up. If I couldn’t find a comb/brush in the morning, like Chapel can’t find hers here, I don’t know what I’d do! Resort to using a hedgehog, perhaps…but don’t worry, Chapel isn’t hurting Rupert here at all!

The hair bows and the backpack are seen in a prior strip. Be the first to name it! What other details are there in this week’s background? Provide guesses in the comments.

Answers next week!
Lcomment plain
Really love trying to figure out all the incredible details you put in this - and so many others. Some I just don't get - but that is my age showing. Still it is a lot of fun to just enter your teen world. Keep 'em coming.
kc 8/17/12 reply
I love this comic, and I love the Hairspray movie poster in the back of this particular piece.

I also adore One Piece ;)
Katchan 7/26/12 reply
I forgot what the strip was called, but isn't it the one where she's guessing the surprise her parents are going to give her, and then she kind of freaks out because she says that whatever she gets won't live up to her expectations?
Miss L.S.P 7/25/12 reply
I got a letter from Stone Soup the other day. They want me to be a book reviewer!!!
Lily 7/24/12 reply
That sounds amazing! I'm no good reviewing myself, I think.
CJ 7/24/12 reply
I was pretty sure I'd seen that hat in a previous comic, but I went back and looked through all of them and could not find it.
blaidd gwael 7/22/12 reply
It's similar to other hats I've drawn before, but not identical.
Emma 7/22/12 reply
Nice strip!
Couldn't she just use that comb that's been sitting in front of her the whole time?
Sasha 7/22/12 reply
That's her mom's comb, so Chapel probably doesn't want to use it...
Emma 7/22/12 reply
what is she doing with her mom's comb anyway is she does not want to use it?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/22/12 reply
Emma, I left a comment on "Good Ol Chapel Brown" Would you please look at it?
Ellie 7/21/12 reply
See, now what if you received an email every time someone commented?

You would always know if someone commented and where they commented (if the email told you).

You wouldn't necessarily have to do anything about it and you could set up a mail rule to filter them all to a folder. If you wanted to reset the count on the folder without looking at each email you could simply select the entire folder and click mark as read. You could even set it up so that you only get a message if they leave a new comment entirely or reply to one of yours, so that when a couple of people end up commenting back and forth, on something that doesn't really involve you, you don't get a million emails.
blaidd gwael 7/21/12 reply
I DO actually receive an email whenever anyone comments on the website, that way if there's one made during school I can respond to it later.
Emma 7/22/12 reply
That is such a common feature i would have been surprised if you didn't (it would be kinda ridiculous if you didn't), but you still had to tell them that you had responded :)
blaidd gwael 7/23/12 reply
I would love to have that feature on my site... Is it done with HTML? If so, could I maybe see the code?
werekitty13 7/25/12 reply
You need a little bit more than just html to do emails. I assume you have some form of commenting on your site if you want that feature. How is your commenting handled?
blaidd gwael 7/26/12 reply
Yes, I responded to it!
Emma 7/22/12 reply
Emma, when are you going to
Do another livestream? Just wondering..
Miss L.S.P 7/21/12 reply
I've been planning to do it for a while, but weekends tend to be the best time for everyone, and since it's summer I've been doing my comic during the week! I'll try to start drawing the strips on weekends again, so I can livestream -- I'll let you guys know!
Emma 7/21/12 reply
Okay, thanks!
Miss L.S.P 7/21/12 reply
On an unrelated note: I was looking at pictures from Comic Con, and saw at least 5 different people dressed as the TARDIS. Looks like you're a trend-setter!
GillWeary 7/20/12 reply
Ha ha, well I'm certainly not the first to come up with the idea, but I'm happy you thought of me when you saw it! Dang, I wish I could be at comic-con...
Emma 7/21/12 reply
Cute! I have exciting news! I got a letter from Stone Soup!! They didn't except my story, BUT, they want me to be an illustrater for them!!
7/20/12 reply
Great! That's so cool!
Miss L.S.P 7/20/12 reply
I mean the illustrator thing
Miss L.S.P 7/20/12 reply
That's amazing, I'm so happy for you! I hope you have a blast being an illustrator -- I certainly did (and remember to be patient, it may be up to a year or more before they send you an assignment -- that's what they did for me). Congrats!!!
Emma 7/20/12 reply
I was thinking about how you have the optional email box for leaving a comment and as far as I can tell all you use that for is to send a thanks for commenting email to the person. Maybe you could alert people if someone replies to a comment they left.
blaidd gwael 7/20/12 reply
I've been trying to hound down my dad to put in that exact feature, actually! Maybe now, he'll listen...
Emma 7/20/12 reply
Well, I hope so. :) I know I would certainly like that feature.
blaidd gwael 7/20/12 reply
No offence to Chapel, but Rupert has to be my favorite character!
Cara 7/20/12 reply
Chapel doesn't take offense! Rupert is adorable, of course!
Emma 7/20/12 reply
um, Miss Emma, is chapel generating a black aura in panel 1, 2, and 4 or what? this just seems off to me. O_o
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/20/12 reply
The shadows cast by the hair seem to be odd, like they are maybe on the wall behind her even though the rest of the shadows seem to be in the other direction.
blaidd gwael 7/20/12 reply
I did that on purpose, just to provide a bit more depth -- but I don't think that's what Taxil's referring to.
Emma 7/20/12 reply
Alright, well it was my best guess, but if there was an actual issue with it earlier than that is probably more likely.
blaidd gwael 7/20/12 reply
well, now the image is diffrent than it was this morning. it looks like it's correct now. it odd still, i wonder how did it happen.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/21/12 reply
That is strange! The image was up on the website with a mistake for about 10 minutes at 11 pm PST before I fixed it, so you shouldn't have been online when it was like that...who knows, at least it's correct now!
Emma 7/21/12 reply
(slow grin) i guess i'm rather lucky in a strange way.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/22/12 reply
I've occasionally seen some weird glitches in images, when they are a compressed format and downloaded over a slow internet connection, where they end up with black lines or sections that are not actually in the image, but the data ends up corrupted by transfer in just the right way to mess it up.
blaidd gwael 7/21/12 reply
Hmm, what are you referring to? When we first put the strip up on the site at midnight there was a mistake where dark lines accidentally appeared around Chapel in the file, but that should be gone now.
Emma 7/20/12 reply
Is it "Dental Woes" ????
Ellie 7/20/12 reply
Nope, that's just the backpack! There's a different strip where both feature in...
Emma 7/20/12 reply
Omg that's so adorible too cute
Yarin 7/20/12 reply
I'm glad you think so! Yeah, it's the CUTEST thing, isn't it?
Emma 7/20/12 reply
Lol, I love how Rupert's always just sitting around wherever's convenient watching what's happening, haha. He's just so *cute*.

Emily14 7/20/12 reply
poor Rupert does not seem to like being a brush AT ALL.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/20/12 reply
No, he's not!
Emma 7/20/12 reply
Rupert is ADORABLE....plus he's so stoic and unattached at first and then it's sort of "oh now what's she doing with me..."
Emma 7/20/12 reply
He's so cute, oh my gosh! I love Rupert <333333
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 7/20/12 reply
I noticed that too. <3 GREAT movie. Goes really well with Chapel's personality.
Riv 7/20/12 reply
I haven't actually seen the movie, was it good? I only saw the original play version!
Emma 7/20/12 reply
I LOVE Rupert too, he's the best! And I'm SO glad you noticed the Hairspray poster. I love that musical, I saw it on broadway! Plus, I picked that poster in particular because it fits in ironically with Chapel's hair troubles.
Emma 7/20/12 reply
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