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My mother and I rarely go grocery shopping, but when we do, we go CRAZY over the tiniest things (San Pelegrino water! Mini-toasts! The good type of raisin bread!) while my dad will be off on the sidelines, tut-tutting at our simple delight. While he’s not as pooh-poohey as Chapel’s dad is in this strip, he can never QUITE comprehend our immense love for simple supermarket finds. The two of us rarely go to the supermarket, especially my mom, so when we do go, we get really excited about all the food. Pistachios! Dried bananas! Odwalla juices! Two different kinds of apples! And the best one, ALL DIFFERENT TYPES OF CHEESE.

Anyway, do you guys ever have this experience? What are simple things that you get overly excited about, be it supermarket finds or anything else? Let me know in the comments, let’s share our stories of simple delights!
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I laughed out loud at "Oh my god, we must smell ALL OF THEM"
Jam 7/6/12 reply
I'm just wondering... where are you Emma?!? You haven't really commented for a while! I'm kinda worried :(
Miss L.S.P 4/6/12 reply
I get excited mostly about things that aren't too simple. All of your comics are awesome, Emma!!!!
Blarber123 4/5/12 reply
I don't know if it's just me, but Chapel seems to look as if she's getting either OLDER or more MATURE! I just thought...
Miss L.S.P 4/3/12 reply
Oh yeah and plus did Chapel's mom ever find her reading glasses?
Miss L.S.P 4/3/12 reply
i think that was a ruse to fool chapel.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 4/4/12 reply
Miss L.S.P 4/4/12 reply
it worked.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 4/5/12 reply
that's very true...
Miss L.S.P 4/5/12 reply
one has to grow older....

but one does not have to grow up. >)
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 4/4/12 reply
Miss L.S.P 4/4/12 reply
This pretty much sums me up! I squee over random, insignificant things (at the grocery store or elsewhere), and every else says, "Erm, that's nice!"

Something that get's me overly-excited? The website writtenkitten (dot) net. For every 100 words you write, you get a new picture of a kitten. HOURS of entertainment, plus it makes writing papers so much more enjoyable.
Keito 4/3/12 reply
I never heard of WrittenKitten before... that's BRILLIANT! Thanks for sharing! :D
alphatroll 4/4/12 reply
I agree that it sounds so cool I might have to try it one day!
Miss L.S.P 4/5/12 reply
Have you read the Hunger Games? I feel you would love it.
Andrea 4/2/12 reply
I believe she has and she does love it! Right Emma?
Miss L.S.P 4/2/12 reply
Only 2 kinds of apples? Here in australia we have 10 types. Royal Gala, Jonathan, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Jonagold, Fuji, Braeburn, Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Jazz,and Sundowner. all of these are grown locally and stored for year-round consuption but the best time to buy them is in late summer early autumn. Some varieties grow even in winter. I used to love going over to the valley where the apple orchards are and visiting all the different growers.
Stikibunn 4/1/12 reply
Yeah, I saw the "two different kinds of apples" and thought "so?" xD I guess we're spoiled for choice!

My favourites are Pink Ladies :3 Or Royal Gala...
Kiwifruit 4/1/12 reply
gimmie a golden delicious and i'll be happy. I'm surprised none of you have tried a crab apple before.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 4/2/12 reply
I have... but I hated it.
Andrea 4/2/12 reply
I've heard of it, but haven't tried one... how are they?
Miss L.S.P 4/2/12 reply
They can be a hit or miss taste wise if you eat them as they are. but you can cook them and they can be better than other wise.

i believe it's how the crab apple is grown can effect it's taste.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 4/2/12 reply
oh, okay..
Miss L.S.P 4/3/12 reply
Crab Apple shrub/trees (depends on how old they are) can grow where other apple trees don't do so well. they are tough to kill and will grow back from cutting down to the stump.

Your tastes will vary, but the deer (and other wild animals) love crab apples. so they can be used as feed and bait for them as well.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 4/3/12 reply
wow! okay..
Miss L.S.P 4/3/12 reply
When i was a little kid, my grandma use to take me and my brother though the blue ridge parkway and other areas in the fall. she showed us abandoned and wild growing apple trees were at. We picked crab apples, granny smiths, and delicious apples till we filled the car trunk and was tight fit in the back.

we had fried apples and more for weeks. those were good times.. and good memories....^^
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 4/4/12 reply
^^ that's so sweet! I've never had fried apples before either... oh well, I guess I'm missing out on quite a few things...
Miss L.S.P 4/4/12 reply
real fried apples (not just the stuff you can get from a store), if cooked right tastes great. if you want to cook your own, there are lots of recipe for them out there. you shouldn't have problem finding them.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 4/5/12 reply
great! :D
Miss L.S.P 4/5/12 reply
I like to fry stuff - mainly strawberries. (they're better than they sound.) Maybe I'll try apples sometime.
Ginny Weasley fan 5/20/12 reply
"Yeah, you didn't have to stoop so low
Have your friends collect your records and then change your number
I guess that I don't need that, though
Now you're just somebody that I used to know..."
-Gotye ft. Kimbra, "Somebody That I Used to Know"
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 3/31/12 reply
"Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe...
-Taylor Swift, "Safe & Sound"
this song makes me sob every time so beautiful :"(
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 3/31/12 reply
OMG! I love Taylor Swift! I don't know that song though... I also LOVE " Somebody that I used to know" !!!!
Miss L.S.P 4/1/12 reply
I could spend ages smelling hand soaps. Great strip!
Sasha 3/31/12 reply
OH MY GOSH I do that soo much!!
Things I get really excited about:
- All things Harry Potter
- Kittens
- Tamagotchis
It will go ON AND ON AND ONNN.
-soap samples. i'm serious. Beat only by all things HP.
Ginny Weasley fan 3/31/12 reply
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 3/31/12 reply
Oh, I forgot to mention this!!!! It shows how overly obsessed with HP I am.
Our school is having pajama day tomorrow as part of Spirit Week. It's Harry Potter themed. I usually wear my dad's t-shirts because they're so big. So a few months ago, I took one of his plain t - shirts and fabric markers, and wrote down every Harry Potter character I could think of. (Which is maybe like 150 or something.) And I'll wear that shirt tomorrow!
Ginny Weasley fan 4/1/12 reply
Oh my GAWD, you are fantastically Ah-MAZ-ING
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 4/1/12 reply
My gosh! I totally agree that that is pretty awesome!
Miss L.S.P 4/1/12 reply
Thanks..... It was actually a bit odd because everyone kept saying, 'Do you have Dobby? How about Bellatrix?' and so on. but it was mostly fun.
Ginny Weasley fan 4/2/12 reply
Well, I assume that you did have them, yes? I mean, you can't miss out on Bellatrix or Dobby right? But, if you did that's okay...
Miss L.S.P 4/2/12 reply
I'm ashamed to admit that I don't have Dobby. But I do have Bellatrix!

wanna hear another hilarious Spirit Week story?

Tomorrow we're supposed to do wacky things. So I made this foot tall cardboard snowy owl saying HOOT. And then on the back I wrote, 'Anyone have a name for this guy? I do. HEDWIG.'
As you can tell I'm doing loads of HP stuff...
Ginny Weasley fan 4/2/12 reply
haha! that's cool! Oh and don't feel ashamed... Dobby wasn't a super MAJOR character anyway.... as long as you got Harry, Ron and Hermione, I think we're all good...
Miss L.S.P 4/3/12 reply
Actually, Dobby is pretty major...but IT'S OK YOU ARE TOO AWESOME GWFAN!!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 4/3/12 reply
well, yeah, I guess you could say... but yes, let's push that aside.. you ARE pretty awesome to do that GW fan! :)
Miss L.S.P 4/3/12 reply
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 4/3/12 reply
Oh, also I counted and its only 70, but that's not including the Black family tree on the back ...... (winks)
Ginny Weasley fan 4/2/12 reply
ooo, you've got a little shop!
I love little shops! :)

I have to admit to being easily distracted by such things myself.
3/31/12 reply
It's funny that Chapel's mom can get so excited over soaps and tell her daughter that they MUST SMELL ALL OF THEM! :D
Miss L.S.P 3/31/12 reply
Every time I see soaps on a table at a grocery store I have to smell at least one :)
Coco 3/31/12 reply
AWESOME Emma! I saw you draw it on the livestream! The result is amazing! I especially LOVE the variety of the different colors for the soap! The shading is amazing! Haha! I love to go shopping for food! I feel so excited to see all that food! Yum! Haha!
Katherine 3/30/12 reply
I totally agree on it looking awesome, well, all of you comics look awesome.... I really also love that expression in the 3rd panel! :)
Miss L.S.P 3/31/12 reply
Thanks so much! I love the 3rd panel expression as well!
Emma 3/31/12 reply
-Chapel goes back to blissful three-year-old state of mind and raves about the wonderful mini-toasts-
Emily14 4/2/12 reply
Yes, this was the one I drew on the livestream! I'm so glad you liked the shading and the colors, this strip was complicated to do but still really fun!
Emma 3/31/12 reply
great comic i'm so that way to
Yarin 3/30/12 reply
You too? XD
Emma 3/31/12 reply
I'm easily amused too-- maybe a bit TOO easily, perhaps? Haha!

Gotta admit, that table with the soap... all those colors, and the lovely scents too... I would probably have to be dragged away.
Emily14 3/30/12 reply
Me too. *snicker*
Firecracker 3/30/12 reply
Ahh, you too? I guess all of us are soap-ites, then! XD
Emma 3/31/12 reply
Ginny Weasley fan 3/31/12 reply
Right? It's way too tempting! Soaps are seriously my weakness, brightly colored and sweet smelling ones especially. I could buy 500 of them!
Emma 3/31/12 reply
HEY you were doing this background on the live stream!!!!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 3/30/12 reply
Yep, I was! It took so long, oh my gosh, and I still had changes to it afterwards...
Emma 3/31/12 reply
OMG!!!! It did it on me again!!!!
My comment appeared over in the Christmas comic one just like it did to the first comment I put down for Humidity Horror Story. I am serious, I was here first..... WHAT is wrong :(
I was just asking- thins is the same comic we saw you draw, right Emma?
Miss L.S.P 3/30/12 reply
this, not thins :P
Miss L.S.P 3/30/12 reply
Question: were you looking at any other comics before posting?

How do you get to the site (from a bookmark?, google, etc.)

Thanks, sorry for the bug in website
Webmaster 3/30/12 reply
Well, when I click on the website (from my e-mail), it goes to the Christmas one. I went over here and types what I did in. then, I look at it and it wasn't here! it just appeared over there
Miss L.S.P 3/30/12 reply
Oh, that's just a bug in the email. I'll fix it when I send out the next email, but it'll also probably help if you just go to your browser and typed in chapelchronicles dot com instead.
Emma 3/31/12 reply
Okay, thanks!
Miss L.S.P 3/31/12 reply
panel 3, THAT is the most crazed and deranged look i have yet seen on Chapel. Miss Emma, do you and your mother really get like that when you go shopping? if so, i should really take you two to my local farmer's market...


at the awesome stuff you can find there.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/30/12 reply
I couldn't afford watermelon when I was young and 40 years later, I still smile when I can buy it.
Marie, aka Emma mom 3/30/12 reply
we grow those local here, as well as other melons too. the native grown gensing is a rare treat. For yourself and your husband Mrs. Marie, we make Wines that are getting to be just as good ones over in CA. I do wish i could show you my farmer's market.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/31/12 reply
Oh, and Mrs Marie, you certly don't look 40 to me. I just thought i'll let you know.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 4/1/12 reply
Is there a pix of me somewhere? I avoid cameras.
Marie 4/1/12 reply
I am sure there is many of them, Big Brother government has cameras everywhere. however i have not seen any of the photos myself. I figured after seeing Miss Emma's pic, and she must have got her good looks from you Mrs Marie, it wasn't too hard to guess your appearence.

the key word is GUESS, i hope i am not wrong. anyway, You are very lucky to have a wonderful and loving family Mrs Marie. cherish every moment you have with them, for you have truly been blessed indeed.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 4/2/12 reply
That is so sweet! I am sure Emma would love to know that... wow, you are nice Taxil...
Miss L.S.P 4/3/12 reply
We do have a Farmer's Market, I love it! People from all over the Bay Area come to ours, but it's only in the summer unfortunately. Yes, my mom and I do act like that at the supermarket!
Emma 3/31/12 reply
Do you (and/or your mother) also act like that in other stores Miss Emma as well?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/31/12 reply
"We must smell ALL OF THEM!" Haha, this is me when I shop anywhere nice :3 Oh well, enjoy the simple things in life Emma!
Kiwifruit 3/30/12 reply
Right? It's much better to enjoy the simple things!
Emma 3/31/12 reply
Sometimes, when I'm grocery shopping (if there's no one in the aisle) I sniff the cheeses and see if I can sniff out the one we want, which is usually cheddar. Try it!
4/2/12 reply
um, okay... has anybody ever caught you smelling the cheeses before? :P
Miss L.S.P 4/2/12 reply
Nope! My mom understands my nose needs a "workout" every once in a while, so she's on guard for customers while I sniff away! Everyone, ask your parents if you can attend the next trip to the grocery (if they need some cheese) and sniff the cheeses! Oh, and tell me how it went!!! -Robin
4/2/12 reply
maybe if I ever do try it... it's sound pretty interesting..
Miss L.S.P 4/3/12 reply
CLARE 4/5/12 reply
I forgot to say goodnight to you.
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