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Oh ho ho…a lot of you were wondering if Chapel’s mom was going to catch her, and it looks like she did! Dr. Smith is super sneaky, though…waiting in Chapel’s room like that! Poor Chapel looks like she’s about to have a heart attack in that last panel…I know I would if I returned to my room in the middle of the night to find my mom there! I originally intended to end this little storyline with last week’s strip, but you guys were having such fun with it that I decided to extend it!

I’m really happy with how this strip turned out. I love slowly showing you guys more and more of Chapel’s house, so in this strip you got to see the area outside her room and then the inside of her door, which wasn’t shown in “The Essence of Air Guitar,” when you first saw her bedroom.

Oh, and don’t ask me why she has curtains draped over the inside of her door! Chapel’s just fabulous like that!
Today is Friday! Why isn't the new comic up yet?
Blarber123 2/10/12
I usually post on Friday afternoons, so please wait an hour or two and it will be up! I promise this week's strip is worth the wait! :D
Emma 2/10/12
i can't wait for it!!!
jackie 2/10/12
Dear Miss Emma, this maybe out of sorts of me, but may i ask a question of you? do you take requests for drawing that you can post here for all to see? A funny thought just passed my mind and i felt like i needed to ask.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/9/12
Hmm...I don't really take requests, but I do take commissions. I probably wouldn't post them here as this space is purely devoted to my Chapel webcomics, but if you chose to commission me I'll probably end up posting it on my tumblr blog.
Emma 2/9/12
Well, if this poor old man can find the money, I'll let you know about making a commission then. in the mean time, i have thought up of a nice little gift that you, Miss Emma, can give to your parent on their wedding anniversary. care to hear about it? i was inspired to this idea after seeing Chapel's parent's wedding picture.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/9/12
Emma, I can't wait for Chapel's bro to be in the picture! What's his name????:
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 2/8/12
His name is Barnaby! And I promise he'll show up in the webcomic one day, although not so soon!
Emma 2/9/12
Aw. Heehee..that name is so perfect for the brother of a girl named Chapel XD
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 2/9/12
Intresting. One of the main characters in "Tiger and Bunny" anime is named that.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/10/12
Haha! Look how much hair that baby in the picture has in the first panel! LOL!
Miss L.S.P 2/8/12
A couple days ago I was thinking that it would be really cool to have a hedgehog as a pet... I still think that. Like, who wouldn't want a hedgehog for a pet?
Miss L.S.P 2/8/12
Yes! I really want one...but they're illegal in California, sadly!
Emma 2/8/12
Awwww.......... I must move! JK!;p
Miss L.S.P 2/8/12
I love how Chapel's eyes are so wide in the last panel!!! Even Rupert's eyes are big!!!
Blarber423 2/8/12
Thanks so much! It was super fun to draw! :D
Emma 2/8/12
Yup, Chapel's about to learn a lesson...

Oh, pff, love the door shades. Would totally do that. LOL
Emily13 2/6/12
YAY! I stuck them in on a whim, and I really like how it turned out!
Emma 2/8/12
Love this!! Hope you enjoyed LA!
Catalin 2/6/12
Thanks so much Catalin!
Emma 2/8/12
Heehee, I love how whenever Chapel's holding something, it just, like, rests on the tip of her stubby hands!Her iPod is balanced on her hand XDDDDD
I think this style is SO ADORABLE, Emma, even though I'm in love with your more realistic style, too.
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 2/5/12
Thanks! I take it you've checked out my tumblr, then, since you know about my more realistic style.
Emma 2/8/12
Yeah, and Stone Soup!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 2/8/12
haha! Your mom is smarter than you think Chapel!
Miss L.S.P 2/5/12
I also love the expressions on Rupert and Chapel's face!
Miss L.S.P 2/5/12
Thanks so much! I had fun with this strip! :D
Emma 2/8/12
hey, chapel kind of looks like her mom!
jackie 2/5/12
and there's a picture of her mom and dad in the first panel!
Miss L.S.P 2/5/12
So.... Chapel looks like her mom and Chapel's brother looks like her dad?
Miss L.S.P 2/8/12
Yep! You got it! :D Although Chapel *does* have her dad's eyes!
Emma 2/8/12
Heh heh, I love the last frame.
"Hello, Chapel..."
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 2/5/12
Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! Chapel's mom is sneakyyyyy...
Emma 2/8/12
Oh dear...
Looks like SOMEONE'S in trouble.......
Ginny Weasley fan 2/5/12
Yeah, that can't end well!
Emma 2/8/12
I'm sorry this strip is late, you guys, I'm currently in LA at a comics workshop taught by the legendary Scott McCloud! It's great fun so far and I'm really learning a lot. I'm so lucky to be here! Wish me well!
Emma 2/5/12
I'm wishing you well! ;)
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 2/6/12
called it. Sorry chapel, you just got pwned by your parents. I will also guess the next page will be her grounding and/or the talk about her obsession over gaga.

also i see Chapel got her hair color and such from her mom.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/5/12
Yep, she did get her looks from her mom! And you did call it!
Emma 2/8/12
I'm a new reader and I gotta say, I love this! The main reason I clicked on the link was due to the fact there was a
TARDIS, and well being a fangirl and all...

Also, random hedgehog/anime related question: Have you heard of an anime called Katekyo Hitman Reborn!? One of the characters is absolutely terrifying, but he gets a hedgehog somewhere down the road.
Pix 2/5/12
yea, that is a long running Shounen title. it wasn't bad at first, but now it is suffering from being drawn out too long.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/5/12
I find that most shounen manga suffer from being drawn out too long except One Piece.
Emma 2/8/12
Emma what songs does Chapel have on her iPod?
Me! 2/26/12
Oh wow, I'm so glad you clicked on our link! Where was it that you found the ad? Just curious! And yes, I have heard of KHR, although I've never watched it! I need to see it now...it's about the mafia, isn't it?
Emma 2/5/12
well it sort of is. it's Japan, they don't have much of a clue how things like the mafia works. on the other hand, i am more inclined to think they perposly made it kinda screwie to start with. where else do you have talking babies out side ads?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/5/12
It is quite possibly the most absurd mafia-based shonen anime ever. If you can make it past the first "Daily Life" arc, I guarantee it'll be worth it. So. Much. Pretty.

Also, the ad was on Dominic Deegan's page.
Pix 2/5/12
JUST the anime? try reading the MANGA of it! it just get worse from there.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/6/12
and in "worse", i mean "Mind Bending" almost warner brothers like wackiness.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/6/12
Yeah... I'm still in the Shimon arc. But basing on the anime, the Daily Life and a few of the filler arcs were the worst bit.
That's the good thing about the manga. Once the DL is over, there is no more filler. Just steadily improving art.
Pix 2/7/12
ah love breaking the fourth wall pinkie pie i'm looking at you i found this site from questionable content great comic as well read it i can just imagine chapel's mom sitting in a chair in the dark waiting for chapel to come back
Yarin 2/7/12
Ahh, thank you so much! I don't think I broke the fourth wall, though...?
Emma 2/8/12
OK Rupert, weve gotten the iPod, Now we need to sneak back to our room. Were almost there and we havent gotten caught. IPOD HEIST SUCCESSFUL! And nobody caught us! Piece of cake. CLICK! Hello Chapel...
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