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I had SO MUCH FUN doing this strip. I mean, I got to draw Chapel’s bedroom and Chapel herself with her hair down and no glasses! Also, who doesn’t accidentally end up rocking out when they put on some “calming” music to go to sleep? Not me because I can’t dance! I had to use a reference photo for Chapel’s air guitar pose, which makes for a very embarrassing picture of myself that I now have saved on my computer hard drive.

Also, I have lots of references hidden around Chapel’s room! Can you spot all the homages? Leave a comment below! Also, what songs do you like to rock out to?
In the second panel Chapel looks adorable! Also I love this one so much!
Pandy Pandy 11/16/13
Thank you so much!
 Emma  2/7/14
Is this strip a self portrait?
Dieseldriver 4/8/13
No, it's not at all!
 Emma  4/11/13
Chapel is adorable with her hair down ^__^
Me! 11/26/12
Thank you! I agree!
 Emma  3/8/13
ah-ha a blue book on chapel's bed that has your name on it emma
ashlee 11/12/12
Actually, that's the novel "Emma" by the author Jane Austen! The fact that I have the same name is just a coincidence. It's a classic book, you should try reading it sometime!
 Emma  11/12/12
I've read all the comments, and I swear, no-one's mentioned the Dalek on the nightstand! Very nice :)
PennyPepperPants 6/23/12
Wow, I can't believe you noticed that! GOOD EYE!
 Emma  10/8/12
I love her hair down!
Puppy luver 2/28/12
Thanks, I love it too!
 Emma  10/8/12
I just realized chapel has powerpuff girl hands not a judgment I know how hard hands can be to draw but I'm just saying that's cute
Yarin 1/27/12
Oh, I'm actually pretty good at drawing hands in my more realistic style! I just choose not to draw them with Chapel. :D
 Emma  1/29/12
hi its me again wait have we met yet? time travel you can't keep it straight in your head xD anyway I'm making my own webcomic and would like to ask if chapel and rupert can make a cameo appearance?
Yarin 1/24/12
OF COURSE THEY CAN! I'm very honored! That would be amazing!
 Emma  1/29/12
can't sleep at night Emma? 4 bits of advice that can help you can your parents too.
1: cut back on the caffiene! lord knows we take in too much of it.
2: figure out your ideal amount of sleep. you might not be getting enough or too much bed time.
3: Ditch the I-pod and TVs in your room. trust me on this.
4: Zen out! I know you're still young and have so much energy, you're zipping along at warp 7. but think ahead to tomarrow. you don't want to burn up all that energy and not have it when you need it.

... oh yea.
5: DON'T FEED DAVID TENNANT PEARS! he hates pears! ;-)
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 1/23/12
Um, I don't see how #5 will help us go to sleep..... but, I'll keep that in mind........
Miss L.S.P 1/23/12
I guess someone missed that Dr. Who episode. -_-
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 1/23/12
I didn't, I LOVE that episode! Human Nature/Family of Blood is one of the *best* two-parters in Season 3, in my opinion! :D
 Emma  1/23/12
You are so right it really showed tennants acting skills plus Harry Lloyd was exellent as son of mine
Yarin 1/24/12
The "Rage of the Time Lord" was to me made of 180% pure AWESOME!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 1/24/12
Just 20% cooler and we're at 200% needs ponies
Yarin 1/27/12
to quote fluttershy, "yay"
Dr Taxil Necrobane 1/27/12
Oh, you're an MLP fan? Awesome!
 Emma  1/29/12
I will admit that i am a "brony". The new MLP are some of the best i have seen in ages (outside of japan anyway)
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 1/29/12
You're right! Son of Mine was just so wonderfully *creepy*
 Emma  1/29/12
I agree, but it was sad about John Smith was actually a person. Also, I don't remember anything to do w/ pears.
Clockwork Wombat 10/15/12
Yes, i guess you are right.....
Miss L.S.P 1/24/12
.....but mainly because I actually don't WATCH it very much! I know..... I watch Harry Potter though and Doctor Who? Well, I've only watched 1 and one half of an episode and with the new doctor, who eats fish sticks in custard ( i think!) Blah!!!!
Miss L.S.P 1/25/12
Ah, you have to watch the David Tennant era of Doctor Who! It's fabulous!
 Emma  2/7/12
To quote Matt Smith at in the famous Food Sequence :

"Well, of course you're not scared! I mean, look at you! Box falls out of sky, man falls out of box, man eats fish custard, and you just sit there." XD I still think the Shoe Sequence in season three is funnier, though.
Clockwork Wombat 10/15/12
I really don't need help getting to sleep, but thank you anyway!
 Emma  1/23/12
I see the EMMA book, the Lady Gaga poster and the Star Trek poster (though I'm not sure ST has anything to do with anything else). I also see the top hat, but only caught that after reading the comments.

I, too, am guilty of dancing alone (strongly stress: ALONE) in my room while music is playing. And I use the word "dancing" very loosely.

Also, thought you'd like to know that I went back and read all the previous Chapel comics. So I am officially caught up on all the strips above. ;)
Emily13 1/22/12
Oh wow, that takes dedication to catch up on all the strips! Thank you so much! And yes, you caught quite a few of the references. And I agree with using the word "dancing" very loosely -- I'm possibly the world's worst dancer!
 Emma  1/22/12
You're welcome!

What's the other book on the bed? I can't quite make out what it says...
Emily13 1/22/12
It's a manga volume from the series "One Piece" by Eiichiro Oda!
 Emma  1/22/12
awesome, as always
how is her iPod floating in the air in panel 3?

loved it.
Since she's moving, the iPod is being jerked around! And thank you :D
 Emma  1/22/12
.... and then the I-pod hits something and breaks. right? >)
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 1/23/12
Nope! :D
 Emma  1/23/12
I just looove your Chapel comix! Actually, I first got the link to the site from Stone in the description for your illustration of "Working for Sparkle," I know because I've seen the drawing in Stone Soup.
The A 1/22/12
Awwww, thank you so much! And thanks for letting me know how you found my comics, it's very helpful!
 Emma  1/22/12
Emma, you're just awesome ;) I don't watch Dr. Who (I only know David Tennant from the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie XD) and I have NO IDEA what a TARDIS is, so I only recognize the Lady Gaga poster and Star Trek poster. You rock, girl!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 1/21/12
Oh is that who the Star Trek guy's supposed to be? (Well I only know him from Hamlet, so you're ahead of me.)
Sasha 1/21/12
No, ha ha! The Star Trek guy is the character Spock. David Tennant plays the main character from Doctor Who! The TARDIS is the time machine from that show! :D It's my favorite TV show, and if you like David Tennant, you should totally watch it, even though he's not in it anymore!
 Emma  1/22/12
Oh my Gryffindor! I didn't think you'd actually respond, Emma! Haha, anyone who's gotten multiple stories in Stone Soup is a celebrity to me ;) Hey- I GUESS THAT MEANS YOU! Yeah, it does ;) You rock, I love your style of both writing and drawing, and NEVER EVER STOP DRAWING EVEEEEEEEEERR!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 1/22/12
WOW, that is such an amazing comment! You totally made my day. And of course I'd respond, I love making new friends and chatting with my readers! (I don't consider myself a celebrity by any means, ha ha!) ANYWAY, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I won't ever stop drawing, so don't worry! :D
 Emma  1/22/12
Oh Gryffindor you are SO EXTREMELY WELCOME! And yes, if you have comics in stores nationwide, I'd consider you kinda famous. Well, to me anyway ;)
You know what? I think, at sometime tonight, I'll pull out "Seventeen Across" and rewad it for the fifteen billionth time, just for old time's sake ;)
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 1/22/12
CRAP I meant reread! Ugh, when people I think are awesome respond to me I get so flustered!!!! :DDDDD
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 1/22/12
Buying and reading all the harry potter books when they were first brought to print in the USA (reading them front to back sometimes with in 48 hours of getting them) = Cover price of book

watching Star Trek TNG when it was brand new on TV = not much in way of energy bill or cabal TV

Seeing the explosion of SQUEE! from the young ones who are now getting what was so good about the good shows and books I was into years ago. PRICELESS!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 1/23/12
Nice to know! :D
 Emma  1/23/12
I should know this, but David Tennant played Barty Crouch, right?

Awesome nickname by the way :)
Ginny Weasley fan 1/22/12
haha, yes. I am so overly obsessed with that series...there's a hangout room in my house totally devoted to Harry Potter (and a bit of Hunger Games as well).
TEAM PEETA ROCKS! And Fred and George Weasley are my SOULMATES <33333333333
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 1/22/12
Oh, I almost forgot! You were right, David Tennant does play Barty Crouch, but he plays Barty Crouch JR!!!!
Same thing, whatever :)
I don't even know why I wrote this. I guess I'm just bored and I don't wanna read my social studies book.
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 1/22/12
Ugh, social studies...guess what I'm procrastinating from right now? Yup...
 Emma  1/22/12
OH the evil social studies.... precious time devoted to Cortes and Fray Marcos and such. Life is short and who really cares anyway, in my opinion?
Ginny Weasley fan 1/24/12
Ahhh I actually like social studies, though.
 Emma  2/7/12
First of all A HANGOUT ROOM DEVOTED TO HARRY POTTER AND THE HUNGER GAMES? Can I come live with you please? Secondly, Team Peeta for LIFE.
 Emma  1/22/12
You are my new best friend :D
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 1/22/12
OMG!!!! That rocks!!! You are so LUCKY!!!
Miss L.S.P 1/23/12
Haha thanks! I still need to decorate the walls with something other than Harry and Hunger Games posters...paint maybe? ;) I have this TV stand that has ALL of my souvenirs from the Wizarding World on it, my three wands (Willow, Fred's, and George's), my bookshelf is full of every book or magazine I have that has to do with HP (15 total I think...), and some trading cards. Oh, and I have the Harry Potter Spells app <3
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 1/24/12
Wow, you are REALLY serious about this which is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!
Miss L.S.P 1/24/12
Haha thanks! You're my new bestie too ;)
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 1/24/12
Yay! ;p
Miss L.S.P 1/24/12
My friend read the Hunger Games so I know exactly who Peeta Mellark is, and I honestly think he is a bit weird, no offense.
We have a 4 room apartment so (sadly) there will under no circumstances be a HP room in the near future...
But I try best I can by putting pictures of the characters all over the walls! ☺
Ginny Weasley fan 1/24/12
Peeta Mellark is pure love put into a boy <3
But Fred and George are better <33333333
Well, everything that I've read.
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 1/24/12
So true, so true.....
Miss L.S.P 1/24/12
Fred and George PWN Peeta. I kinda liked Hunger Games, but I got bored halfway through Catching Fire and I agree w/ your screen name.
Clockwork Wombat 10/15/12
Yep, he does play Barty Crouch! :D
 Emma  1/22/12
Hi Emma! I've been reading Chapel for quite a while now but this is my first time commenting. I absolutely love your work ☺
I have also seen your work in Stone Soup, which is great!
Keep writing Chapel comics!

Aw, wow! Thank you SO much for reading my comics, and I'm really glad you chose to comment, because I love chatting with people! Is Stone Soup where you first found out about my work? I'd love to know!
 Emma  1/22/12
I love chapel with her hair down too...
She shouldn't put her glasses on her pillow, it doesn't end well. Trust me.

Also, what song is she listening to?
Ginny Weasley fan 1/21/12
OH MY...

Ginny Weasley fan 1/21/12
Yes, it is! I'm glad you caught that!
 Emma  1/22/12
Something from the Lady Gaga category?
Miss L.S.P 1/21/12
You're probably right.... ☺
Ginny Weasley fan 1/22/12
Is that a TARDIS on her table? :)
Cameron 1/21/12
Yes, it is! I'm glad you spotted it!
 Emma  1/22/12
Oh! I see your name on that blue book in the first two panels! I also see the Star Trek poster and the Lady Gaga poster.... I also honestly think that Chapel looks really nice with her hair down...
Miss L.S.P 1/21/12
Well, "Emma" is actually a book by Jane Austen. And doesn't she? I had LOTS of fun drawing her with her hair loose!
 Emma  1/22/12
Oh! Sorry, I am totally not an expert on Jane Austen, but ask me something about Harry Potter and I might have the answer... I'm more into that kind of stuff.......
Miss L.S.P 1/22/12
I also just want to say that it is TOTALLY AWESOME that we have so many Harry Potter fans here....... Harry Potter ROCKS!!!!
Miss L.S.P 1/23/12
Yes, Harry Potter *is* great...I've been reading the books since I was 4, and I went to every single movie on opening night! :D
 Emma  1/23/12
Are you kidding me? You are SO LUCKY! I only got into them last December and have read it three times total since then ;) OBSESSION ALERT! Anyway, I went to the last movie on opening night and just went to the Wizarding World in Orlando! IT WAS AWESOME! Butterbeer = TO DIE FOR!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 1/23/12
Really? You are really lucky! First, a room devoted to Harry Potter and you also get to go to the Wizarding World?!
Miss L.S.P 1/24/12
Obessions ocassionally pay off ;)
Hogsmeade is amazing BEG YOUR PARENTS TO LET YOU GO!
The Forbidden Journey is the most amazing rie I have ever been on in my life.
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 1/24/12
TYPOS! I meant ride, not rie. oops.
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 1/24/12
Wow. My sister was an ENORMOUS fan of HP when I was little, but I thought the movies sucked and I have always hated trends, so I didn't think much of the books either. If I had the TARDIS, I would go back in time and discuss HP with my past self. When my past self insulted HP, I would shake my head sadly and say, "How wrong I am, my friend." ;]
Clockwork Wombat 10/15/12
:) Awesome strip. I know I end up rocking out in my room...in daylight AND nighttime. *sheepish* I recognize Lady Gaga and Emma (Jane Austen FTW) for certain.
Paige 1/21/12
YAY! And Jane Austen is the best! Thank you so much for commenting :D
 Emma  1/22/12
vampire4 1/22/12
vampire4 1/22/12
OH MY GOSH! Thank you so much! You are the absolute sweetest! <3 That really brightens my day to hear!
 Emma  2/5/12
I cant sleep I guess Ill list to my iPod. I LOVE this song. I must Dance. AIR GUIIIIIIIITAR GUITAR Im so cool! Chapel what are doing? Its 3AM! Mom this isnt what it looks like, Im SLEEP air guitaring! Okay and Im SLEEP-telling you your iPod is confiscated
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