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I am writing this in a hotel in Lanai, Hawaii! I actually colored all of this strip on the plane ride to Hawaii, as well. See what I do for you, dear readers. This also meant that the night before we left for our awesome vacation I totally put off packing in order to draw the lineart for this strip, because I wouldn’t be able to scan in at the hotel so it had to be drawn before we left so I could color it before Friday blah blah blah technical jargon.

ANYWAY! It should be pretty obvious from this strip that Chapel isn’t a huge Miley Cyrus fan, either. Interestingly, this was actually the very first strip where I established Chapel as being a Lady Gaga fan. I drew the original version of this strip about 2 years ago, and if I remember correctly, the inspiration came from hearing my mom sing Lady Gaga while unloading the dishwasher! Since I listen to music ALL THE TIME when I’m working, especially when I’m doing boring chores and need a motivating song, I included it in this strip.

What are your motivation songs? I may put up a playlist of my picks sometime, because I listen to a lot of music! See you next week!
I usally listen to Skrillex or Deadmau5 or something like that... XD
8/9/12 reply
The Call by Regina Spektor. Was in the second Narnia movie near the end and during the credits. Of course I had to download the whole album to get that one song on iTunes, UGH. Other songs are good dance music though. I like to dance.
6/23/12 reply
one of my motivation songs is 'don't stop believing' by Journey. Which i guess says a lot about my personality.
12/22/11 reply
Heh,this comic is great! :D

As for what I usually listen to, its usually Michael Jackson, lol. I do like some pop, but my favorite genre is classic rock! XD
12/21/11 reply
uh... Emma? I think you might have forgotten to color chapel's right ponytail holder in the second panel....? No offence or anything...... just pointing it out..............
12/19/11 reply
I usually listen to music while I do dishes too, since I also hate dishwashing. In my opinion, Miley Cyrus went straight downhill after she left Disney Channel, but what I REALLY can't stand is Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. *shudders*

I have to say, you put a lot of work into the background and all the dirty dishes. That would have driven me nuts.
12/19/11 reply
I listen to You'll Never Be Alone, the themesong to Wild Arms 2. It always makes me teary eyed. For action adventure writing I perfer Jam Project's GONG or Skill, or Super Driver from the Haruhi Suzumiya OST.
12/19/11 reply
Those are great musical picks! I love reading about everyone's musical tastes. Also, I've heard that Haruhi Suzumiya is a good anime, but I've never seen any of it. Should I try watching it?
12/20/11 reply
The light novels are better. Try downloading the fan-translations from the internet.
Haruhi is great fun and I'm pretty sure you'll like it, knowing from what I know of your tastes.
Stikibunn 12/23/11 reply
Hi! I like this strip! It's so funny! Great job!
Katherine 12/18/11 reply
Thanks so much! I had a lot of fun with it.
12/20/11 reply
I was singing a russian "Black cat (Черный кот)" by Bravo (Браво) all night long while writing my coursework an year ago :)
//youtube link for the song /watch?v=ljbPsAfC2IA
Me! 12/17/11 reply
That's an awesome song! I've never listened to russian music before, but my dad and I blasted it in the hotel room in Hawaii! Thanks for linking to that.
12/20/11 reply
During the day, i lissien to AM talk radio shows, they are by far better to hear than any of the pop music these days. Although politics might be a bit much for you Miss Emma right now at your age.

as for my music tastes, i have been into Celtic music, Jazz, classic rock, sound tracks, and a mix of others.
12/17/11 reply
Interesting musical tastes! Talk radio shows are neat, but I don't listen to them an awful lot. 99% of the time I listen to music I'm working, so a talk show would distract me too much!
12/20/11 reply
In what i do, i can listen and work at the same time. but cheer up, many of the talk shows put their daily shows out on mp3s podcasts for others to hear later.
12/24/11 reply
I'm younger than emma and i love politics! And, I didn't think anything was on AM anymore.. Oh well... just britain then.
8/9/12 reply
ha ha................ My response to hearing Miley Cyrus or Bieber is putting my hands over my ears and screaming. LOUD. That gets a positive response called Changing The Station.
Love it!
12/16/11 reply
i don't really listen to pop.
12/18/11 reply
YES!!!! another person who hasn't gotten caught up in the vortex of pop music yet... no offense to anyone but in my opinion pop music is ABSOLUTELY EVIL!!!!
12/19/11 reply
Most of my friends listen to pop music, but I don't! Well, I listen to some jpop, but I don't think that really counts.
12/20/11 reply
I've never heard jpop, but it really scares me that the Beatles were once pop music......
12/20/11 reply
hey, pop isn't SO bad...i listen to it some with my friend.
12/23/11 reply
I know, I know......... only one of my friends loves it and she can't get enough of it so...... maybe I'm just pop-musiced out, even though I never liked it in the first place anyway.
12/23/11 reply
................not that there's anything wrong with it.
12/24/11 reply
Oh and 'party in the USA' and 'born this way' rhyme...
1/1/12 reply
I meant BEAVER instead of Bieber, sorry.
Also, 'World Will Know' from Newsies is now PERPETUALLY STUCK IN MY HEAD.
5/31/12 reply
So here I am, doing dishes woe is me. maybe I could just let em soak for a while. Com I have homework. You do not. stupid pots. this is disgusting. okay okay so I dont have homework. maybe if I hum a little song. Somewhere, over the rainbow
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