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This has never happened to me. The closest I’ve ever come to marathoning a TV show was watching 3 episodes of the anime Cardcaptor Sakura in a row, and that was because it was a 3-part season finale and I just couldn’t leave off on a cliffhanger! But it’s pretty easy to imagine a (slightly toned-down) version of this strip’s events happening in real life.

Okay, confession time: I haven’t seen past the beginning of Buffy season 2. I know, I know! I do plan on watching all 7 seasons, it’s just hard to find the time. Because I haven’t seen all of it, I got my mom to give me a recap of what happens in the various seasons, and I included those things in the strip. She’s a HUGE Buffy fan and even owns a Buffy doll (or “figurine” as she calls it) and an Angel puppet. She also will shoot out funny one-liners, bask in everyone’s praise at her extreme wittiness, and only LATER admit they’re just Buffy quotes. Well, I didn’t really realize at the time that I’ve now spoiled for myself what happens in the ENTIRE SHOW. Um, well, I hope none of you were planning on watching Buffy! Should this strip have a spoiler warning…?

This was a really fun one to color because I got to play around with trying to visually show the transition between night and day. It was also pretty challenging to have the blue glow from the TV in the last panel, as colored lighting isn’t something I do very often. It took a lot of work to get it to look right, and I’m really happy with how the final strip turned out!

The Chapel Chronicles does not endorse 6-day-long TV-watching sessions.
I havn't seen past it either... Reaaaly must get back to watching i-
Haisen 8/9/12
Haisen 8/9/12
I can't even continue to read your note: you never saw the beginning of Season 2? I mean, I own all seasons so I don't really have an excuse for not watching them all but come on? Really? Also (much to my displeasure) I lost the first disk of season 6 which has Once More With Feeling on it! So sad :(
CJ 7/13/12
I love Once More With Feeling!! Its my favorite episode in that season
Mika 8/23/12
I have never marathoned Buffy, but I may have marathoned Cardcaptor Sakura (non-dubbed) >.> ...
(sigh) Buffy turned into a disaster in the end story wise. instead of Buffy, try out Firefly.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/8/11
I tried Firefly but Netflix's streaming had such terrible sound quality I couldn't understand it. My mom likes it though.
Emma 11/8/11
Go get Firefly on DVD and watch it that way, it's SO MUCH better. The watch Serenity after you watch the TV shows. Also, tell your parents to dump Netflix ASAP. they are price gouging people.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/8/11
Hey, we like Netflix!
Emma 11/8/11
Ginny Weasley fan 11/9/11
Firefly is made out of awesome.
Chad L 4/19/12
Real funny
Daniel 11/5/11
Thanks so much!
Emma 11/5/11
I like the effect you put on her hair. It really shows how long she was watching TV! And the closest I have come to marathoning was watching movies until 2 in the morning.
Ginny Weasley fan 11/4/11
Thanks! It was fun to experiment to get the right effect (as a result this strip took me SO LONG to color, though). And that's a lot of movies!
Emma 11/4/11
Yes, i bet it was fun. And i was only 2 movies- hp1 and city of ember.
Ginny Weasley fan 11/4/11
Oh okay. I loved the City of Ember book but the movie didn't get great reviews, so I never watched it.
Emma 11/4/11
too bad for the movie reviewers, its almost as good as the book.
Ginny Weasley fan 11/4/11
Huh, maybe I'll try watching it sometime.
Emma 11/5/11
Me encanta Chapel y soy su seguidora incondicional
Cami 10/17/11
¡Gracias otra vez!
Emma 11/4/11
What is sadder: Buffy Becoming Part II or Doomsday? Discuss.
Mad 10/17/11
Haven't seen Buffy Becoming yet, so my vote's on Doomsday.
Emma (admin) 10/17/11
New comments are awesome. (Steve asked me to try this)
Catalin 10/16/11
Thank you to our faithful comment tester Catalin!
Emma (admin) 10/17/11
As someone stuck catching up on the new Doctor Who series... I am deeply grateful for the reminder. XD
Noxy 10/15/11
Doctor Who is really addicting, especially when you have it on your iPod! Must...stop...watching...
Emma (admin) 10/17/11
Em, this is my favourite Chapel strip yet. And not because I can totally relate or anything. Nuh uh. Fabulous work.

PS. I wish Rupert was my tv buddy.
Barb 10/15/11
Thank you so much! I bet Rupert would be the best TV-watching buddy ever.
Emma (admin) 10/17/11
aw rupert's so adorable, emma...
miss stupid 11/13/11
i am an emma fan! (EF!)
miss stupid 11/14/11
me 2!!! emma u should have a fan club or something...
miss stupid 11/14/11
A fan club?! For me?! Wow, thank you!!! You rock!
Emma 11/14/11
i am sorry 2 post 3 things in a row, but emma i need 2 tell u something...yr awesome! (u know why i call myself miss stupid)
miss stupid 11/14/11
Aww, thank you! And I don't know why you call yourself miss stupid...
Emma 11/14/11
because i am stupid. :) :) :)
miss stupid 11/14/11
I don't believe that, but whatever.
Emma 11/14/11
miss stupid 11/14/11
Ha ha!
Emma 11/14/11
hey, wanna hear a construction joke?
miss stupid 11/15/11
i'm still working on it!
(GET IT!?!)
miss stupid :) 11/15/11
Aw, thank you!
Emma 11/14/11
My Buffy DVD is finally here! Time for a marathon! I wish Giles was the librarian at MY school. Oh no, Rupert. We shouldnt have watched Season 2, too. ITS SO SAD! AAAAAAAAANGEL! After 5 seasons, Buffy has to die for her whiny sister? Slayers do NOT have good job benefits. Awww HELL no. Slayers-in-training?! What about in every generation, ONE slayer is born? Season 7 is a travesty! CHAPEL?! Youve been watching TV for 6 days STRAIGHT! Have you even PEED?!
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