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COMING THIS WEDNESDAY (yes, in two days) to a comic store near you: a brand-new Chapel Chronicles story called “The Hats of London” in four lush full colored pages! Ask for the newest “Dark Horse Presents” #28 to see a whole new, beautiful world of Chapel - exploring new worlds and new challenges for herself!

In a time when I have been very sick and discouraged due to my illness, the publication of this comic is the one thing making me feel better. I hope you'll share in this and let this new Chapel story bring you joy - just like it has for me - and share it with anyone in your life who might need a story of a girl overcoming her own doubts.

So, so glad to hear you're doing okay. Congrats on getting published!!
truantpunk 1/3/17
Well, I get to see this on Wednesday. Congratulations, Emma!
The nearest comic store to me is... out of state, and the nearest bookstore to my location is... 94 miles away, but I'll try to find a way to get my hands on it regardless!
Thank you for your work!
Miles 11/17/16
Can't wait to see your new book. We will go ask for it at the local book store tomorrow! I am glad your cartooning is bringing you joy, like you do for us.
Thank you so much for the sweet note! This made me feel incredible and I'm SO happy you're venturing out to find the newest Dark Horse. I'm not sure if this book will be in usual bookstores, but if you would like to find a comic shop near you, you can visit Comic Shop Locator and enter in your ZIP code to find a nearby shop.

:) Good luck and thanks again!
 Emma  11/16/16
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