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Hi guys! I have some exciting news! I got into my top-choice college as an early admission applicant. I worked incredibly hard these past few months and it really paid off. Thanks for your patience with the sporadic Chapel updates. I’m super happy right now. I’m going to tour the various schools I’ve applied to before I make my final decision, but for now…it looks like there’s a very strong chance I’ll be living in Manhattan this time next year, studying at an art school in the city!

Anyway, this week’s strip is a bit interesting…what do you think will happen? Let me know in the comments!
Chapel your comics are the bomb!! Keep up the good work!!👍🏽
I aggre, they ar the bomb💣
Emoji hero 6/5/15
Fabulous Emma. Nice to know already that you are in your top pick! If you do come to NYC would love to see you.
Meanwhile, enjoy your trip back to Italy - I always do.
kc 1/5/15
I AM coming to NYC, for sure! I'm very excited.
 Emma  5/19/15
What a fabulous city to study, and grow up in. So many experiences!!!
I luv NY.
Pls stay in touch. kc
Congratulations!!! :)
PizzaLover 12/18/14
Thank you!
 Emma  5/19/15
yaaaay! congratulations, emma! i'm sure you'll have a wonderful time at college...it scares me just to be a junior in high school at this point, and i don't even want to think about the fact that i'll be in your shoes in a year! nevertheless, i'm so happy for you! i wish you all the success in the world <3
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 12/17/14
Thank you so much!
 Emma  5/19/15
Congratulations Emma! How exciting. New York is such a fantastic and inspiring city, which I know you know having already visited. I think the city will fit you perfectly. This news makes me incredibly happy!
Sam Tweedle 12/14/14
Thank you so much, Sam! Yes, I was there this summer doing a precollege program at the same school I just got accepted to. I've also gone there the past few years for conventions and I love it! I've been working SO hard lately and I'm really glad it paid off. Hope your holidays are going swimmingly :)
 Emma  12/16/14
That is great news, congrats!

Have to admit I'm not surprised you got accepted so quickly, though.

In the meantime we'll all get to sit back and see more of Chapel and cheer you on.
Nefariousdro 12/14/14
Thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words. I'm about to be on winter break, with this lovely news, and sailing into my last ever semester of high school...considering I started this comic in 8th grade, I really feel like you all have watched me grow up! :)
 Emma  12/16/14
Ohhh my gosh Chapel is back! Congrats on your early admission and have fun in Manhattan! <3
Ashley 12/13/14
Thank you so much! It's not set in stone yet that I'll be going, but 3/4 of the schools I applied to (including the one I got accepted to) are in Manhattan, so there's hopefully a probability that's where I'll end up.
 Emma  12/16/14
Miss L.S.p 12/13/14
Thank you!!!!
 Emma  12/16/14
Congrats on your college!! :)
Mmmm… this really is a curious comic! I can't wait to see Chapel in Italy!!
Isabella 12/12/14
I'm so glad you like it! And yes...things will be interesting!
 Emma  12/16/14
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