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How were your Thanksgiving celebrations? I didn’t do much, just hung out with some friends – a good time was had by all, though. Chapel, of course, sees this holiday as just another excuse to dress up.
I love her hat!
PizzaLover 12/11/14
Thank you!
 Emma  12/12/14
Where is the new comic?!
? ? ? ! ! !
It's there!
 Emma  12/12/14
It's up!
 Emma  12/12/14
I have a hat just like that one! Rock on, Chapel!
ilovepie81 12/4/14
You do? Wow, that's so neat!
 Emma  12/12/14
I just started reading your online comics, and I have to say you're a really amazing artist! I go to the Nueva School and I got the first season at the Book Fair. For me I went to my grandparents. I also remember that from somewhere you said that you figured out in which teachers classes you could take your shoes off in, which ones are those?
Gavi 12/2/14
Thanks, I'm so glad you like my comics! I don't think those teachers teach at Nueva anymore, sadly, or else I'd give you advice!
 Emma  12/12/14
Love that hat! ;) Except for I myself wouldn't probably be bold enough to wear it!
Miss L.S.P 11/29/14
Well, that's Chapel for ya...
 Emma  12/12/14
Not fair, I want a turkey hat too! :)
I didn't do anything for Thanksgiving…
Keep up the great work, Emma!
Isabella 11/29/14
Thanks, Isabella!
 Emma  12/12/14
You can buy a turkey hat like that around Thanksgiving time every year for $3 at Target. ^_^
Crystal 1/14/15
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