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Here’s a new comic, just in time for the holidays – yahoo! What’s YOUR favorite holiday to celebrate? How do you think Chapel will respond to this revelation?

P.S. – I’ve finished the bulk of work on my college apps, so updates will resume as normal! Thanks for your patience, and wish me good luck on getting into these schools. I’ve been working extremely hard.
I don't live in the USA so I don't celebrate Thanksgiving. It was my birthday not long ago though!
PizzaLover 12/11/14
Oh, happy birthday!
 Emma  12/12/14
I hope Emma updates this Friday…
I did.
 Emma  12/12/14
I love Thanksgiving myself. Time with family,cooking enough for an army,making my brothers help and if family can't gather its fun to take the food and eat with kids who can't be with their families for one reason or another.
I am grateful for this time of sharing and renewal. This time to spend and give thanks for the good and thanks that the bad aren't the worst.
Manza 11/27/14
I'm so glad you like Thanksgiving! It's a nice holiday.
 Emma  12/12/14
Where is the comic?
Yeah, I know, right?
Welcome back!! We've all missed you! My favorite holiday is for sure christmas. And yes, you know we're starting to get into the christmas spirit when all the carols start playing on the radio...
Simply Me 11/23/14
Thank you!
 Emma  12/12/14
Welcome back !!!! I'm so glad that your able to get back at Chapel Chronicles!!! I don't really have favourite holiday even though i enjoy spending Easter and Christmas with my family but if you do count April Fool's Day as a holiday then that's my favourite!!! ^_^
Logan 11/20/14
My favorite holiday is probably Halloween, honestly.
 Emma  12/12/14

I'm so happy we'll be receiving comics again! I'm sure you worked really hard! Thanks so much!
Miss L.S.P 11/15/14
Don't worry...she'll be back! And thank you!
 Emma  12/12/14
Take her to a fair, a school party or something, but give her the best week ever :(
DrAngryEd 11/15/14
Ha ha...we'll see what happens!
 Emma  12/12/14
Yeeeeeey! I've missed Chapel!! :)
I live in Italy, so I actually haven't celebrated any of these holidays since I moved here… :(
P.S. A really wierd thing: last night I dreamed that you updated, so I decided to check this morning and you actually did!!! :)
Isabella 11/15/14
Aww, I'm so glad! Thank you!
 Emma  12/12/14
Dun, Dun, DUN!

Ah! Welcome back Miss Emma!

Well, Thanksgiving has always been a busy time for me with friends and family. But Christmas as really died down for me. I'm just too old to get worked up over presents under the Christmas tree. Not that I get many presents anyway.

Still, I am thankful I am still alive to see another year.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/14/14
I'm so glad to be back! Aw, I'm glad you really enjoy the Thanksgiving times you get to spend with your family. My own relatives live quite far away, so I don't always get that luxury!
 Emma  11/14/14
Christmas is most definitely my favorite holiday. It just doesn't get any better to me than celebrating Jesus and spending special time with family. The Christmas candy's alright too. ;)

Also, I can't say I'm too surprised that Chapel happens to have a hat for every occasion... Haha!
Emily16 11/14/14
Christmas candy?! I've never heard of such a thing - now I feel horribly cheated! Anyway, yes, of course Chapel has appropriate headgear for all the holidays...she wouldn't be Chapel without it!
 Emma  11/14/14
Aren't candy canes Christmas candy? I tend to enjoy candy canes, though not so much the cherry ones. Funny thing, I discovered four mini candy canes from at least last Christmas in the pocket of my leather jacket just the other day. I have since eaten them. They were still okay.

As for favorite holiday... I'm not really sure. I guess I don't really do much for holidays. I suppose Thanksgiving? If I am not around family, I am generally around friends, though even Thanksgiving, I have spent several alone as well.
Miles 11/15/14

I'm a big Christmas nut, but over the last few years I've been attending some Jewish friends Passover dinners which has quickly become my close second favorite!
Sam Tweedle 11/14/14
Aw, that sounds amazing! All of our relatives live very far away so we can't do much for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but we still have a good time anyway!
 Emma  11/14/14
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