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Originally, I was going to have this comic feature crepes – one of my favorite things to whip up for breakfast. About halfway through writing the script, though, I realized that crepes are obviously FRENCH, and wouldn’t be included in Marzia’s knowledge family recipes.

So what’s a girl to do? Ask my Italian mom for help, of course! My mother immediately suggested Eggs in Purgatory, and as soon as I heard the name I was sold. The actual recipe is more complicated than shown in this strip, and I implore you – don’t use canned tomato sauce if you try this at home! Marzia’s sauce would normally be hand-made, but she’s making concessions for Chapel’s ill-equipped American kitchen.

On another note, back-to-school time is here! Are you guys excited? I’m entering my SENIOR year of high school, if you can believe it, as well as the big bad world of college applications. Wish me luck!
I just re-read the entire Chapel Chronicles.
Hannah 8/21/14
Aww, I'm so glad!
 Emma  8/24/14
This is strange... I don't think I've ever visited this website before, but somehow it ended up in my bookmarks bar!
...I'm not going to remove it. Too entertaining.
Brynn 8/17/14
I'm so glad! I hope you keep reading!
 Emma  8/24/14
This is so funny! I love when Chapel says, "This is a little too gory for breakfast…". I love both her and Mariza's poses in the first panel.

Good luck in your senior year, Emma! I am going into my junior year in two weeks, and I am pretty nervous.

Also, I saw that you are looking at some art schools on the East Coast. That's great! I live in Hopkinton, MA, and there are lots of great art schools around Boston and the rest of the East Coast. Have you heard of Maine College of the Arts (MECA)?
Hannah 8/17/14
Good luck on your junior year! I'm mostly looking at schools in NYC, but I'll keep that in mind.
 Emma  8/24/14
i thought i'd pop back in real quick to just say hi! we've all grown so much since i last checked in (this comic looks amazing, emma. seriously, WOW)! if ava's still commenting, are you still subscribed to stone soup? if not, you might find it cool to know that a little girl in china wrote a letter complimenting your art (it's published in the new issue). that's sort of what reminded me to come back...i still miss you guys sometimes! awesome stuff, emma!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 8/17/14
Aww, so great to hear from you again! I hope you keep checking in periodically...!
 Emma  8/24/14
A little too gory....haha! I wish you luck in your senior year, Emma!
Miss L.S.P 8/16/14
Thank you so much! You must be excited for school, too!
 Emma  8/17/14
I am! Its exciting!! ^^
Miss L.S.P 8/20/14
I have a week or two before school starts!
Sam 8/16/14
Me too - I don't start until September, but I know most people go back around now.
 Emma  8/17/14
Oh yes, I can still remember my high school days. (No matter how much I try to forget them)

If you are really wanting to get into College, What school are you looking at and what degree are you aiming for? I might be able to offer some good ones in my neck of the world.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/16/14
I'm looking at art schools on the East Coast!
 Emma  8/17/14
In that case, I would offer up this advice for you to try out 'Hollins University'. It was originally a woman's collage, but recently went co-ed. It has a large, widely renown, and well supported arts program that has many options to choose from. And it's on the east cost. Check it out. You might like it.

Here is the website.
www dot
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/19/14
lets try that again.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/19/14
hollins dot edu
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/19/14
I've never heard of this recipe before! I'll have to try making it at some point. Good luck on your senior year!
Tom 8/16/14
 Emma  8/17/14
Ugh, Monday is the start of classes... it's a heavy load, because my University is relatively small and certain classes are only offered once every two years (I get to take two of them this semester, because two years ago another class like that which I needed for my major conflicted). Furthermore, every single class I am taking is writing intensive this semester; that includes my math class (Social Statistics, which, to be fair, is a research class).

I also need to start applying to grad schools.
Noooooo! I am not looking forward to this in the least.

Best of luck to you on your Senior year in high school!
Miles 8/16/14
Oh my goodness, that sounds so stressful! I'm sure you'll do great, though!
 Emma  8/17/14
Those kind of remind me of Huevos Motuleños, they also incorporate tomato sauce and are quite delicious.
Now I want to try Marzia's :)
DrAngryEd 8/16/14
Ooh, I love all egg dishes! Those sound great!
 Emma  8/17/14
And look and taste great!
DrAngryEd 8/19/14
Missing Link. Google Mexico in my Kitchen Huevos Motuleños :)
DrAngryEd 8/19/14
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