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When I was coloring this comic, I noticed that the standard colors of Chapel’s nightgown – pale yellow and pink – are basically Marzia’s signature colors! So I decided to color Marzia’s pajamas blue, which is one of Chapel’s favorite colors to wear. This is a great technique that some cartoonists use to show when one character is adopting the traits of another character: they’ll start to wear the signature colors of that character. A book that uses this idea really effectively is my favorite-ever graphic novel, David Mazzuchelli’s Asterios Polyp.

Also, seeing Chapel’s hair all spread out in the last panel, we can finally understand how she gets her magnificent bedhead.
Emma, I started reading your comic a couple of days ago and I've almost read them all in three nights :) so my compliments. And I had a question about Marzia: would she have an Italian accent, or is her English perfect?
Zilla 12/19/14
After so long with Chapel's ultra-stylized feet, it threw me a bit to see Marzia with more realistic ones.
Totz the Plaid 8/10/14
It was funny to draw that, too. I struggled on whether or not to stylize Marzia's feet (or just put socks on her and avoid the whole issue) but I thought it would look pretty hilarious to have realistic feet next to Chapel's ones.
 Emma  8/11/14
I think this is so cute...They became friends so fast!! ^_^
Miss L.S.P 8/10/14
Well if you think about it, Chapel's probably pretty lonely...
 Emma  8/11/14
And now I am afraid to watch Chapel crying her heart out when they drop Marzia to the airport :(
DrAngryEd 8/8/14
HA! This is Chapel's world! Time flows differently here! That day won't have to come!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/11/14
 Emma  8/11/14
Aw, don't worry too much about that!
 Emma  8/11/14
Hello, Emma! I am sixteen years old and have recently discovered your comic strip from looking at Stone Soup's old blogs. I have been getting Stone Soup for a few years now and I always looked forward to your drawings and stories. It's too bad that you're too old to submit stuff now! You are an amazing writer and artist. My favorite things you've done for Stone Soup are the illustrations for "Working for Sparkle" and the story and drawings for "Seventeen Across." That story was AMAZING!!!

I love "The Chapel Chronicles." It is so funny! I love Chapel and Barnaby's relationship, and Rupert is so adorable. I love that you can see how much you've improved in drawing from Season One to Season Six (not that you weren't amazing to begin with)! My favorite comic strips are the ones with Chapel and Barnaby's Treehouse Book Club - I love when they were discussing Lord of the Flies and Harry Potter (I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan - every reference to Harry Potter makes me smile). I just got back from camp and one of my friends from camp reminds me so much of Chapel! She brought a different hat for every day of camp!

Your comics just keep getting better and better and funnier and funnier! Keep up the great work! I look forward to the next update!
Hannah 8/8/14
Hi Hannah! I'm so glad you found me from Stone Soup, it amazes me that people still remember my contributions to the magazine even though my last story came out over three years ago now. It's funny you mention "Seventeen Across," as that gave me the most trouble out of all the stories I had in Stone Soup...I must've written over a dozen drafts of it until I got it just right!

I'm so glad you like the Treehouse Book Club strips and that you've noticed the improvement. Three years may not seem like very much to most adults, but considering I was in 8th grade when I started my webcomic and I'm applying to college now, it's a BIG chunk of my life.

Your friend's hat collection sounds amazing! Thanks for your sweet words and I hope you keep reading and commenting. :)
 Emma  8/11/14
They didn't eat the cake! What madness is this?!?

On another note, Chapel is really, really pale isn't she?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/8/14
Same here on the cake. But maybe they just had enough with the cookies.
Besides, chocolate (or Nutella, who knows what that frosting is made of) tastes better on the breakfast.
DrAngryEd 8/8/14
Nutella is delicious...
 Emma  8/11/14
They're too busy having fun to eat the cake! And yes, Chapel's quite pale...it's that classic redheaded coloring. It's fun to contrast with Marzia's tanner skin!
 Emma  8/11/14
Chapel and Marzia bonding time!
Tom 8/8/14
Yes indeed!
 Emma  8/11/14
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