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Trickster Barnaby hasn’t really made an appearance since the beginning of Season 3, but suddenly he’s back in full force! In “Barnaby, Home at Last,” Barnaby tricked Chapel into thinking he couldn’t come home for his summer vacation because he’d lost his job at the hospital. As Chapel is REALLY starting to cry over the phone, Barnaby shows up at the door with a “Psych!” Chapel forgave him after he gave her one of her favorite things, a Philip Treacy hat, even though it was just a knockoff! When Barnaby pulls these kind of tricks, he’s not trying to hurt Chapel – he’s just trying to have some fun.

What do you think Barnaby will need to do for Chapel to forgive him THIS time?

Luckily, Marzia won’t put up with Barnaby’s tomfoolery, even though they’ve only just met! An alternative title for this strip would be “grown adult Barnaby Smith gets completely TOLD by a 12-year-old Italian girl.”
Oooo marinza is telling him off!!! Chapel is pleased. I will wonder how she and chapel will get along....... Can't wait!! :-D B-)
Chapel lover 7/17/14
Yes, me neither!
 Emma  7/23/14
I really like how there is finally a new character in the series other than barnaby and chapel!
Constellationforest 7/12/14
Thanks, I'm glad you like it!
 Emma  7/23/14
Too bad, Barnaby! It seems like Marzia and Chapel are new besties!
Miss L.S.P 7/12/14
Yes, bonding over standing up to Barnaby...
 Emma  7/23/14
This new girl get clued in quickly. I like that. Also I like that you are adding to the roster Miss Emma.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/12/14
Thank you, I'm glad you like the comic! Marzia doesn't take any tomfoolery from Barnaby.
 Emma  7/12/14
By the way, Are you going to keep up with the penpal letters Miss Emma?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/13/14
I wonder what sort of adventures the team of girls will get into this season!
Tom 7/12/14
You'll have to wait and see!
 Emma  7/12/14
It's cool seeing a new human character in the script! So used to seeing only Chapel, Barnaby, and Rupert.
Yes! It's fun for me to get to draw/write it, too.
 Emma  7/12/14
Ha, meant to say comic, not script. Too much theatre!
I think Chapel and Marzia are going to get along just fine! :)
Sylvia 7/11/14
Yes! Let's hope...
 Emma  7/12/14
Get 'I'm, Marzia!

I can appreciate a good prank, though, especially when it's a nice surprise like this (and not involving me getting wet or such like).
Harrison 7/11/14
I'm not sure what happened to my contracted "him," there. Do your comments have auto-correct, Emma? :O

Test: im
Harrison 7/11/14
No, I don't...
 Emma  7/12/14
Guess not. How confusing.
Harrison 7/11/14
I don't actually like pranks! I'm too gullible...
 Emma  7/12/14
Glad to see your back. Hope you've had a few great weeks and have been enjoying your summer.

Its very strange to see another human character in your strip after being so used to having only two characters (and a hedgehog) to play with. I'm looking forward to seeing how Mariza grows as a character and what its like for Chapel to interact with another girl close to her own age (Mariza seems a little bit older - am I right?)
Sam Tweedle 7/11/14
Yes! Marzia is slightly older -- she's 12, while Chapel is 11. It'll be fun to see how they evolve!
 Emma  7/12/14
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