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Happy Fourth of July! Season Six starts officially next week. I was travelling the past few weeks and got to exhibit at Kids Read Comics convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan. While I was there, I taught a class at 826 Michigan, gave a talk, presented at the Kids Comics Revolution awards, and toured some local schools giving lectures. Now I’m all rested up and excited to be making comics for you guys again!
This is so cute. We all imagine stuff like this at some point, don’t we? Have you read ‘Anne of Green Gables’, by LM Montgomery? In the book, Anne’s always imagining herself and her surroundings different from what they are!
Sahir. 8/17/14
Yes! That's a great book.
 Emma  9/16/14
What you wear in the parade is not as important as the love of our country you have in your heart.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/9/14
 Emma  7/10/14
So glad we don't have to wait too much longer for the next season. You gave us such an amazingly good cliffhanger, that waiting for too much longer would be awful. Hope you had a great fourth of July weekend, and as usual, love the comic.
VampAmber 7/7/14
Thank you so much! I hope you'll like where the comic picks up for the next season...
 Emma  7/10/14
Happy [late] 4th of July! Chapel looks cute!
Miss L.S.P 7/5/14
Thank you so much! Happy holidays!
 Emma  7/10/14
Can't wait to see the new season of Chapel! Happy 4th!
Tom 7/5/14
Thanks, I hope you enjoy it!
 Emma  7/10/14
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