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Just how different is real-life Marzia from Chapel’s ideal, imagined Marzia? How did Chapel not know that her penpal was coming to stay? Why does Barnaby seem so suspicious? All this and more answered – in Season Six! That’s right, this comic marks the END of Season Five.

To celebrate, I have a NEW book of the “Chapel Chronicles Collection” up on my store -- click the button up top to order! It’s a 200 page, full color paperback book, collecting Seasons One through Four along with never-before-seen special comics and an entire chapter devoted to the history of Chapel. Also new at the store: my minicomic “Delays Expected,” an autobiographical romp that recounts my disastrous first experience flying on a plane alone.

If you’ve been enjoying my comics – whether you’re a first-time reader or you’ve been here since the beginning – please consider picking up a copy of my books for yourself or for a friend! Your support, readership, & kind comments mean the world to me.
This is just adorable. I've been away for a while and I forgot how much I like your drawing.
GG 7/14/14
Aw, thank you so much!
 Emma  7/26/14
what if marziz's picture was on the second page?!
Mysteruis 7/2/14
Maybe it was....you'll have to see this week!
 Emma  7/2/14
what program do you use to draw this?
I draw it all traditionally with pen and paper. The only thing that is digital is the coloring, which I do in Adobe Photoshop!
 Emma  7/2/14
Whoa....elegant, mysterious, Marzia looks like a simple teenager...! Barnaby probably did get a second page...he probably knew all along!

Excited for season 6! It should be awesome!
Miss L.S.P 6/19/14
I so agree. I bet he did get a page!
Joan 6/19/14
You'll have to see this Friday...!
 Emma  7/2/14
Yes! I'm so glad you're excited!
 Emma  7/2/14
No new chapel :-(
I was traveling - I visited a convention and taught a lot of different classes! There will be a new strip on Friday.
 Emma  7/2/14
Awesome ending! I hadn't been to this site in a while, but recently went on a webcomic rampage, and I had to catch up. I'm glad I did! I secretly hope that Marzia introduces Chapel to Italian sitcoms that she becomes obsessed with, while Chapel attempts to explain Doctor Who in return.
Liv 6/11/14
I'm so glad you caught up! You'll have to see what happens with them...
 Emma  7/2/14
Hey, Ms. Emma, why do you draw Chapel's feet like that? Just personal preference? I've wondered why they still have that stylized look, while the rest of the comic becomes increasingly gorgeous.
ALL of Chapel, not just the feet, are stylized! My "normal" drawing style is much more detailed and realistic than anything in this comic.
 Emma  6/8/14
love chapels hair in the last frame
Thank you!
 Emma  6/8/14
You should add a blog to this website so we can see what new updates you have!
I have a facebook page (which you can click above to look at) that basically functions as a blog!
 Emma  6/8/14
Interesting, the penpals meet! I'm excited to see how the story unfolds!
Tom 6/7/14
Yes...it'll be an interesting ride!
 Emma  6/8/14
hmmmm chapels in for a surprise
Tianna 6/6/14
Uh huh...
 Emma  6/8/14
Whoa, I wasn't expecting this! Nice way to end Season Five.

Ooh, I will buy this book ASAP.
Harrison 6/6/14
Thank you -- I'm glad I was able to surprise you!
 Emma  6/8/14
I find this so cute
coco 6/6/14
Thank you!
 Emma  6/8/14
All I hope is that Marzia knows English fluently. Other wise, I'm just going to wait it out and see how she turns out to be like.

BTW, Miss Emma, did you get my letter?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 6/6/14
I haven't managed to check my PO Box for a few days (I'm in the midst of finals...) but I'm sure it'll be there!
 Emma  6/8/14
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