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I’m really happy with how this strip turned out because the last panel can sort of function as a bit of meta-humor. In “The Chapel Chronicles” I purposefully keep the focus of the strip VERY limited – we see Chapel at home with her hedgehog and her brother, and we see very little else. The rather questionable souvenirs that Chapel decides to send Marzia are funny to me because, in the scope of this comic, that is ALL we know about Chapel’s world. The little souvenirs Chapel sends from her life show how the things I focus on in this comic – hats, the treehouse, her hedgehog – truly are SO important to Chapel that they constitute her entire worldview.
That's hilarious
coco 6/6/14
Thank you!
 Emma  6/8/14
Chapel should have pressed and preserved that leaf and made it into a book marker so it can be kept forever. Maybe a few viable nuts or acorns from that tree as well so she can plant them in France.

The hat she should say that it was one her early works and although, far from perfect, it is till a good hat. Also, should Chapel become a super star in fashion creation, that hat will become a collectable.

I am a bit off put by the stereo typing of hamburgers as the American food. It's not the one thing, just a part of a bigger grouping. The U.S.A. is mix of many sorts of foods.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/25/14
See, that's a much better idea for the leaf! Oh, and I know that about hamburgers, as does Chapel. She's just trying to pick something she thinks Marzia would recognize as stereotypically "American." One thing I love about U.S. cuisine is how much of a melting pot it is!
 Emma  5/27/14
Haha! I like it....
Miss L.S.P 5/24/14
Thank you!
 Emma  5/27/14
if i had a pen pal i would be very embarrassed because i have nothing to send her!!!! i glad she has something. Emma did you every have a pen pal?
Tianna 5/23/14
No, but I HAVE had lovely Chapel readers send me letters, which you can do if you click the "Contact" button!
 Emma  5/27/14
Your take on different cultural identities is very funny!

Being from Canada, when I go to the US I often bring jars of maple syrup for gifts to the people I see. The irony - I never have maple syrup in my own house! I also keep post cards of the Canadian flag on hand for international correspondence....but I own nothing with the Canadian flag actually on it. I guess I'm not very patriotic. :P
Sam 5/23/14
It's interesting for me, it's hard to think of specifically U.S. souvenirs that I would send to my friends out of the country. I'd probably tailor it more specifically to the area I'm in, since I live close to San Francisco, which offers up many interesting keepsakes.
 Emma  5/23/14
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