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I’ve always had a secret desire for a penpal, even today. Recently I realized that the internet has replaced penpals, in a good way almost. I have so many long-distance friends that I’m able to communicate with on a daily basis thanks to the internet, and with things like Skype, it doesn’t feel like such a remote friendship. While I may have a nostalgic view of old-fashioned letter-writing, I’m glad I live in an era when modern technology allows me to have friends all over the world. Have any of you guys ever had an old-fashioned, letter-writing penpal, or do you embrace the 21st century’s version of long distance friendships? I want to hear about all your far-flung friends!
Barnaby!! But we all have to understand that people can be little crazy about their pets. As for pen-pals, well, for quite a while, I had an e-mail-pal. Her name was Paige and she’s from the USA (I’m an Indian). But we stopped writing a long while ago. And I haven’t had any other penfriends either.
Sahir. 8/17/14
Aww, that's great! I'm glad you emailed with her, even for a little bit.
 Emma  9/16/14
Cute! :) When I was a tween/early teen (saying that makes me seem so old... O_o ), I had numerous pen pals from all over the U.S. Now I have 4 or 5 who I write letters to, and quite a few face-to-face friends who I email, and one who I write both emails and letters to.
kelly 5/27/14
Aww, that's so sweet. It's good to keep in touch with people!
 Emma  5/27/14
Heehee. Barnaby’s mean. We all have weird hobbies that most of us like to keep secret. I’m glad Chapel is open about enjoying hedgehog poop disposal. Hats off to Chapel. (Oh, hey, that was an unintentional pun! Haha!)
Sahir. 5/26/14
Chapel is quite open about everything she enjoys, which is admirable!
 Emma  5/27/14
wait wha? what about the bowling thing. :( i wanna see how it ends.
karastar 5/22/14
It had an ambiguous ending!
 Emma  5/23/14
I have a friend a long way from me. We can only keep in touch through emails and letters. I hardly get to see her though
Angie 5/22/14
maybe you can set up a sleepover with her parents and hang out then
karastar 5/22/14
My dad says to wait until next year then we can think about it.
Angie 5/23/14
Aww, that's a shame! But it's nice you can keep in touch long distance.
 Emma  5/23/14
when i was in first grade, i had a penpal. my penpal lived in virginia but because it was a school thing, there were assigned dates to write letters and the class only got to write 2. i now really wish i had a penpal, one i could write letters to more than twice.
chat rouge 5/18/14
I know the feeling! When I was in elementary school, my class wrote to soldiers on active duty during the (first) Gulf War. Looking back, I think it was supposed to be a patriotic "this is what you're fighting for" exercise, but I thought we were getting pen pals, and was really disappointed when "my" soldier didn't write back!
Alex 5/22/14
Oh, I can see how you'd be disappointed by that! What a pity for a little kid to not receive a response!
 Emma  5/23/14
Aww, that's so cute! But only writing letters twice kind of defeats the purpose.
 Emma  5/23/14
Oh, I love being able to keep in touch with my far-flung friends on the Internet!

But I also send them letters whenever the urge strikes. A good handwritten letter simply cannot be beaten. Most of them respond to my letters by talking to me on Facebook, which is unfortunate... :'(
Harrison 5/18/14
A nice letter IS lovely, that's true.
 Emma  5/23/14
Haha....I used to write to pen-pals (in the same state, though) when I was younger....
Miss L.S.P 5/17/14
Aww, that's so cute!
 Emma  5/23/14
I... don't seem to have embraced the 21st century in that respect. I don't skype, I don't have a friendface or a twitter or anything... I just have a mobile phone that has had the same telephone number for the last seven years.
That having been said, I do have friends all over the USA and in Japan, people I have been friends with for over a decade (especially since the last time I was there to visit was in 2001). I do have an email address, after all.
Miles 5/17/14
Skype is really nice, I think, because it can make you feel like your friends are quite close by.
 Emma  5/23/14
I understand what you are saying. There were years where I didn't get any mail, but recently I've been writing letters to famous people I've interviewed and sending them photos to have signed, and there is an anticipation and thrill when you come home to your mailbox and find the photo and a letter! Its pretty much the only mail I get....except for bills. If you'd like, I'll send you more mail. :)
Sam Tweedle 5/16/14
But....when it comes to cyber-friendships, I love how it keeps us all together so quickly. I've traveled to a number of big cities and I meet friends everywhere I go, and if it weren't for things like facebook or e-mail I might have lost those very valuable connections. Its not as romantic as letter writing, but its practical.
Sam Tweedle 5/16/14
Yes! I agree. Sometimes romance (and nostalgia) needs to be sacrificed in the sake of what's practical.
 Emma  5/23/14
Aww, that's so sweet! I love receiving handwritten letters, personally.
 Emma  5/23/14
Oh, don't say that, Barnaby. Hedgehog poop disposal is definitely an interesting hobby. Weird, maybe, probably a bit gross, but very unusual.

We have a Big Sister-Little Sister program at my school, where every freshman gets a junior for a big sister (it's an all-girls school). My big sister graduated last year and went to work on a farm in South Africa. I got a letter from her Wednesday, so that was awesome! I'm working on a return letter which I will mail this weekend. :)
RowAn 5/16/14
That's so cool. That's a really interesting program, I think! Your "big sister" must be having a blast.
 Emma  5/23/14
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