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In this strip, I wanted to subvert the typical trope of the tough, adventurous detective and the damsel-in-distress who comes to him for help. Girls like Chapel would make just as tough detectives as men! That’s why in this case, I wanted it to be Barnaby who was asking Chapel for help, rather than the other way around. Girls – you don’t have to be the damsel in distress! Be the detective instead!
oh yeah -- totally!
(- _ -) 3/18/16
I love the older/more realistic chapel in panel 3! She looks awesome!
coco 6/6/14
Ooh, I'm glad you like it.
 Emma  6/8/14
There should be a mini series of Noir comics....that'd be awesome...:)
Novelist-In-Training 5/14/14
Haha, maybe someday...
 Emma  5/23/14
Ooh, that would be fun...I don't know what the plot of the game would be, though!
 Emma  5/12/14
Maybe it could be a 'Chapel detective game' with a kidnapped Rupert, a mysterious villain named Fred, and Assistant Barnaby.....^_^
Miss L.S.P 5/20/14
I'm glad you like it!
 Emma  5/12/14
I really liked your b/w style for the noire-story, especially the way Chapel looks in the 3rd frame. This was a great story. I love it when we get glimpses of how her imagination shapes her reality.
Nefariousdro 5/10/14
Thank you, I'm glad you like it! And yes, that's what I aim to do for sure -- showing the process of Chapel's imagination through the visuals in the comic.
 Emma  5/12/14
Yay! Didn't Chapel's mom lose her reader glasses in another strip where Chapel dressed up as Sherlock?
Anyways, Great job Emma! The style is so cool, and I like the message that you're sending out...
Miss L.S.P 5/9/14
Yes, she did! I was wondering if anyone would catch that. Chapel's mom just CAN'T hold on to those glasses.

Thank you. I always believe in subverting tropes of the weak girl/strong man. It's just not reality!
 Emma  5/9/14
Yay first comment!
I love this Emma!
I like the last panel most of all.
BossestEver 5/9/14
Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it.
 Emma  5/9/14
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