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Chapel obviously has her priorities in order. Which would YOU choose – nachos, or enacting an elaborate plan of revenge?

In other news, we have the first Chapel cosplayer ever and new candidate for Best Chapel Fan Ever! 7-year-old Poppy dressed up as Chapel for her school’s Read Across America Day.Can you believe this costume?! She's got the wig, the hat, the black dress, the wire glasses, the book, and of course, a fabulous pose! This outfit is worthy of Chapel herself. I'm so honored! Thank you, Poppy!
Lala 7/23/14
 Emma  7/26/14
I have the same problem!! My friend is always beating me at bowling!!!!
Lala 7/23/14
Awww, that's a shame.
 Emma  7/26/14
Called it.
Peanutsfreak 6/1/14
You did!
 Emma  6/3/14
please let her win just this once or let her ball fall on Fred's foot that would be beyond funny
Titi 5/7/14
That WOULD be funny!
 Emma  5/8/14
I found your comic just yesterday and was immediately blown away! I love how much expression and personality you're able to create with just a few lines. Chapel resonates with me on so many levels. And it makes me happy how positive the atmosphere is... And how is it that all my favorite movies, books and shows are featured in the comic? Emma, you made my day!
Quizzie 4/28/14
Oh my gosh, I'm so happy you found the comic and you like it. I strive really hard to make this comic something happy and positive that people can look forward to, and that's great for all ages as well. And I DO like to feature certain things that I like...but in an unobtrusive way, so it doesn't disrupt the reading experience. Thank you so much for your kind words and I hope you keep checking back every Friday!
 Emma  4/28/14
That cosplay is adorable!
AliKira 4/28/14
I know, isn't it? I'm so impressed by that girl's costume skills!
 Emma  4/28/14
maybe the ball will roll off and get a strike or on Freds foot :D
karastar 4/27/14
Ooh, that would be just desserts...
 Emma  4/28/14
I gave webcomics up for lent and I really missed Chapel! On the plus side, now I have a few strips to catch up on all at once, so yay! Glad to be back.
RowAn 4/26/14
Oh, I'm so glad you're back! Congrats on sticking to Lent, though.
 Emma  4/28/14
Uh oh, Chapel left her ball in her seat. I bet it'll fall out by the time she comes back.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 4/25/14
Let's hope not!
 Emma  4/28/14
Normally Fred is very patient with Chapel. Perhaps bowling is his favorite game and he takes it pretty damn serious even on an eleven year old.
And talking about priorities: nachos AND a huge root beer jar.
I loved that cosplay! She looks adorable!!!
DrAngryEd 4/25/14
Yup. Add root beer to the list.
Ooh, root beer!
 Emma  4/28/14
She's not cosplaying as anything, she's just dressed up. And yes, nachos are always the priority.
 Emma  4/28/14
Oh wait, never mind -- I thought you meant CHAPEL was cosplaying something in this comic, and I was seriously confused!
 Emma  4/28/14
If I were Chapel I'd be dropping that bowling ball on Fred's foot.
Sam Tweedle 4/25/14
Ooh, that would hurt!
 Emma  4/28/14
Uug I have had that happen... also had my mother mark me a 0 score when I went to go the bathroom and apparently "took too long" so she didn't know if I was coming back or not... I mean what? you are my ride mother, I live with you ... > <
Tae 4/25/14
Oh no! That's awful!
 Emma  4/28/14
Totally the nachos. ^^
*Sigh* Fred you're so mean! It was an accident!
Miss L.S.P 4/25/14
It really was!
 Emma  4/28/14
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