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This is a reissue of a vintage Chapel strip – discovered in my “vintage Chapel” archives, circa 2010! The original comic was a 12-panel saga, which I’m now splitting up into two comics, so check back next week for the conclusion. There’s no shame in re-using old jokes. Past Emma can be just as funny as Present Emma, although Past Emma has no excuses for her lack of ability to draw human anatomy.
Chapel's outfit looks so cute!
OMG chapel looks awesome! I <3 her outfit -- the skirt is so cool!
(- _ -) 3/18/16
I love bowling it's so fun oh and I wonder if chapel will win this pleeeeeeeeeeease.
Emoji hero 5/19/15
Uh-oh . . . Chapel stepped over the foul line . . .
Peanutsfreak 6/1/14
 Emma  6/3/14
is she gonna finally win this one pretty please with chapel one top :) i love the ribbons
karastar 4/24/14
You'll have to see...and thank you!
 Emma  4/25/14
Hi Emma, I really really like the Chapel Chronicles! I draw comics too, and later on I'd really love to self-publish them. I was just wondering how you got the Chapel Chronicles (and Jam Days) published? Are they self-published? Which company did you use?


Em 4/22/14
I self-publish my comic books! For The Chapel Chronicles, I use a printer that can handle perfectbound books. For my minicomics -- like "Jam Days" and my new "Delays Expected," I lay them out myself and get them printed at a local copy shop. Feel free to click the "Contact Me" button below and send me an email for more detailed info!
 Emma  4/25/14
Chapel always looks cute, but seeing her using ribbons reminds me of my gf's: she's very into them despite being young woman in her early 20's (and also has long flowing hair and also wears glasses).
DrAngryEd 4/20/14
Ribbons are fun! Anyone can wear them, regardless of age.
 Emma  4/21/14
Chapel looks so cute! I hope she wins, but from previous experiences it seems that Fred always has some way of winning........
Miss L.S.P 4/20/14
True, he does...
 Emma  4/21/14
(Chapel's foot crosses the foul line)
(Going a full 'The Big Lebowski' here!)


Sorry, I had to say that. I hope you have seen that movie by now. it is a classic and a must see.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 4/20/14
Ha ha...
 Emma  4/21/14
I'm not gonna lie, Chapel looks adorable.
Emily16 4/19/14
Thank you!
 Emma  4/21/14
Shame she put her foot over the foul line :-p
Ivresse 4/19/14
Ah, I was wondering who'd catch that...
 Emma  4/21/14
My, she's quite the competitive one!
Nefarious Dr O 4/19/14
She is.
 Emma  4/21/14
I love Chapel's outfit in this one!
Sylvia 4/19/14
Thank you!
 Emma  4/21/14
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