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The designs of the people in panel three are inspired by some folks I saw at Peet’s today…just as the arugula conversation was inspired by a different thing I heard at Peet’s! The moral of the story, Peet’s is the place to go for inspiration. (This is not a paid advertisement, but I WOULD like some free Peet’s coffee).
I haven't read Chapel comics in such a LONG time!!! It's good to be back! Great comics Emma :)
coco 4/16/14
I'm glad you're back and that you like the newer comics!
 Emma  4/21/14
WHOA. Where have I been? I disappeared and didn't even realize it... I'm still alive! And caught up on all the comics I accidentally missed!

Anyway: Wow, season 5 is moving along. Feels like yesterday we were waiting for season 3!
Emily16 4/14/14
I'm so happy you like it! And yes, the seasons keep passing...
 Emma  4/21/14
I love this one so much! Barnaby and Chapel remind me a lot of me and my cousin Sarah. There is twenty years between us but shes one of my best friends and we talk exactly like them. I always wanted a kid sister and Sarah kind of grabbed onto that role. I just love Chapel and Barnaby so much! I'd be curious to know how Chapel would react if Barnaby got a girlfriend. Sarah actually gives me the best relationship advice and I've even brought her to things to be my "wing man." :)

Again, I am struck by your facial expressions and body language of the characters. As the style evolves it is just more and more appealing. Love the way you drew Chapel in the final panel.

BTW - I'm not going to get into the whole "foodie" debate, but I love a good hamburger and eggs and milk and food in general. Not long ago I was at the mall and I encountered an old high school chum who introduced me to her teenage daughter who had just turned vegan and she was upset because she couldn't find anything to eat at the food court. I said to her "Listen kid - you gotta eat the cows before they eat you." I got a facebook message later that evening with the friend telling me that her daughter was so outraged and ranted all the way home that I was the worst person in the world. Through laughter I wrote back "Give her a copy of a Far Side book by Gary Larson. The cows are up to something. I swear."

Some people just don't get my sense of humor. :P
Sam Tweedle 4/11/14
i myself am vegetarian, but i find that hilarious :D
chat rouge 4/12/14
Sam Tweedle 4/12/14
Haha, laugh out loud ><
Miss L.S.P 4/12/14
Oh my god! Nostalgia trip time! I so loved Far Side when i was younger. it's a shame it had to end.
Dr Taxil Necrobane 4/13/14
Aw gosh, this is a sweet story about you and your friend! And I love the Far Side -- I'm glad you like it as well.
 Emma  4/13/14
That's so funny! I definitely like Chapel's version better. ;)
Isabella 4/11/14
Thank you! Her version is more interesting.
 Emma  4/13/14
The 2nd one is cooler. ^^
I like chapels expression in the last panel!

Miss L.S.P 4/11/14
Thank you! Me too :)
 Emma  4/13/14
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