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Phew, I’m glad Chapel didn’t pick any of those other hairstyles! Even though her signature ponytails got messed up by the stylist, I think we can all agree that her standard ponytails are best. If YOU were Chapel, which other hairstyle would you have switched to – or would you have stayed with your standard?
I figure if you've got it, flaunt it. Chapel should have an Afro.
Purple Library Guy 8/12/14
Ha ha, I don't think that would work with her hair type...
 Emma  8/17/14
Lala 7/23/14
Thank you!
 Emma  7/26/14
Chapel's pixie cut looks just like my real-life hairstyle. Except that it's cuter on her. ;)
RowAn 4/26/14
I think ANYTHING is cuter on Chapel.
 Emma  5/2/14
Yay! Chapel's still out ponytail girl :D
whippedcream 4/5/14
annnnd I meant *our. Well, that'll kill the comment.
whippedcream 4/5/14
Yes! Ponytails forever...my hair's too short for them, but it's fun to draw Chapel in them every week.
 Emma  4/13/14
Emma,give Chapel a new brother(exactly like Barnaby!)
Rebel8 3/19/14
I think one brother's enough!
 Emma  3/22/14
Oh, you know Chapel's hair was really pretty in that strip were she got over-caffinated
Miss L.S.P 3/18/14
Yes, it was. She curled it there, with a curling iron!
 Emma  3/22/14
I, personally, would have chosen the pixie cut. I had one of those when I was six, but it didn't look quite as good as the one you drew. :)
NarwhalGirl 3/16/14
Ha ha, well - I did make the pixie a little TOO cute.
 Emma  3/18/14
You really think she would look good that way?!
Rebel8 3/19/14
What do you mean,Rebel8?It's awesome,and don't say any mean things anymore.
LrigLahwran 3/20/14
Maniacalgirl10 3/16/14
Thank you! You rock!
 Emma  3/18/14
Fun look at Chapel in other hairstyles. I think her regular hair actually fits her best, though.
Andy 3/16/14
Thank you, I agree. I wanted to show a "what-if" though!
 Emma  3/18/14
The pixie cut is so cute! BUT, I think Chapel would have much more fun styling and playing with her hair long. She looks awesome with curls, although from the look on her face she does not approve!
Drea 3/16/14
Yes, she has much more fun styling her hair this way.
 Emma  3/18/14
Actually, I sort of like the first one ... second is a bit too boyish, and the third ... well, it is Chapel's hair, after all.
Ha ha, yes!
 Emma  3/18/14
Chapel looks like Ron Weasley with the pixie cut. lol.
Mack 3/15/14
Oh my god. You're right.
 Emma  3/18/14
I'm torn between the retro perm with 80s flair, and the hairstyle she's always had. I think they're both cool.

I know! Chapel can keep her standard ponytails, and Barnaby can get the retro perm with the long red curls. Dilemma resolved!
Fathom 3/15/14
Oh my god, this is the best comment on this strip so far. If anyone wants to draw what they think Barnaby would look like with an 80s 'do, be my guest.
 Emma  3/15/14
a guy's 80's do? just look up Vanilla Ice in his hay days. THAT is a guy's 80's do.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/16/14
No, the one pictured here. Just as long as Chapel has it, only on Barnaby. If Chapel can model a boyish hairstyle, Barnaby should be able to model a girl's 80's do.
Fathom 3/22/14
Rebel8 3/19/14
I like the pixie cut!
Miss L.S.P 3/15/14
I made it a little cuter than I intended.
 Emma  3/15/14
Chapel's original style is of course the best, though....
Miss L.S.P 3/16/14
first square looks fine to me.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/15/14
The pixie cut is so cute!
KaiSpiral 3/15/14
It is...
 Emma  3/15/14
It makes Chapel look like a reverse trap.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/16/14
I think it's a little boring for Chapel.
 Emma  3/15/14
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