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Question: Did I decide to do a haircutting arc JUST so that I could draw Barnaby getting his head blow-dried? Answer: Yes. Check back in next week for the conclusion of Chapel’s ponytail dilemma! Will she get rid of her signature hairstyle? Discuss!
Lala 7/23/14
Yes, you can buy it if you click on the "Store" button above!
 Emma  7/26/14
I love how cute Chapel's "Annoyed Face" looks in the second frame!
Nefarious Dr. O 3/15/14
Thank you so much!
 Emma  3/15/14
Last pannel remembered me so much about a friend of mine who is ginger and curly and really loves fashion issues. The last pannel reminds me of her so much, that I even imagined what Chapel said with her voice... Simply hilarious!

About a new Chapel's Hair Style, I think that she doesn't need a radical change, just a massage and hair natural products, so it could look with less frizz and curlier (but not too much)
Adorian Til Geyser 3/13/14
Aw, that's amazing! I'm glad Chapel reminded you of your friend. And natural hair products are ALWAYS important!
 Emma  3/15/14
Don't do to much of an update on Chapel looks. We don't need a New 52 version of Chapel. Just sayin....
Sam Tweedle 3/10/14
Don't worry...
 Emma  3/15/14
No, it's signature!!
And her ponytails aren't atrocious miss hair lady!
Miss L.S.P 3/10/14
You're right, they're fantastic.
 Emma  3/15/14
You guy are obviously forgetting that Chapel is a huge Lady Gaga fan, so she's going to go for long straight and banged--that being Gaga's most frequent hairstyle.

The haircutter's only calling her pigtails atrocious because he's only seeing them from the back.
Mchan 3/9/14
Yes, that's true. The pigtails don't look too good from the back, as I have remarked in previous commentaries.
 Emma  3/9/14
You guy are obviously forgetting that Chapel is a huge lady gaga fan, so she's going to go for long straight and banged--that being Gaga's most frequent hairstyle.
Mchan 3/9/14
Hmm! You've thought this through.
 Emma  3/9/14
I agree with Dr. Taxil, as voluminous as Chapel's hair is I imagine taking off some length would make it spring up into fluffy curls!
Drea 3/9/14
She WOULD look good with a head of bouncy curls, that's for sure.
 Emma  3/9/14
I was trying to imagine Chapel with different hairstyles, and it turns out I just can't imagine Chapel with an afro... for that matter, I can't imagine her with anything but pigtails and straightened hair. So... STRAIGHTEN IT PLEASE POR FAVOR S'IL VOUS PILAÍT PYYDÄN
chat rouge 3/8/14
Ha ha! Afro Chapel would be extremely bizarre...
 Emma  3/9/14
curl chapel's hair! CURL IT!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/7/14
She's had it curled briefly before, but I don't think she'd go full-on perm.
 Emma  3/9/14
I think Chapel should get dreadlocks. :)
GreenGoat22 3/7/14
Isabella 3/8/14
That...probably won't happen, don't worry.
 Emma  3/9/14
Isabella 3/10/14
Why so much hate on dreadlocks?
PotatoWizard 3/12/14
Dreadlocks look amazing on certain people, but I don't think they'd work with Chapel's hair and style.
 Emma  3/12/14
 Emma  3/9/14
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